Robert Pattinson With Kristen Stewart Want Twitter Trackbacks

Robert Pattinson does not seem like long parted with Kristen Stewart. Star of ‘Twilight’ was also rumored to be reconciled with the lover.

Robert Pattinson friendly greeting – known to upset the result of an affair with director Kristen Stewart made the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Rupert Sanders. However he had made it through that phase and thinks to do with Kristen reconciliation.

During the first few weeks of furious Rob to Kristen because it is destroying everything they have angry Kristen because of public shame anger at Rupert, said the source as quoted from Showbizspy.

But now he was beginning to wind down and really think about his relationship with Kristen. He considered everything, added the source.

Some of Rob’s friends think that you should leave the 26-year actor Kristen for having betrayed him. But some other friends say that they have a special connection, so advise Rob to give Kristen a chance.

He really considers all things and yet to decide what is best now. Rob is a man who easily nervous and awkward he will promote his film but refused to discuss his personal life because he was not ready and did not want to say anything that will be Rob regrets making, concludes the source.