Robert Pattinson Reese Invited to Stay in His House

Reese Witherspoon Robert Pattinson invited to stay at the ranch house after knowing Kristen Stewart Robert betrayed love.

Citing femalefirst Friday (3/8), a source told the site Radar Online said, Reese Ryan Phillippe cheating scandal over an affair with Abbie Cornish. So when I heard about Kristen cheating Robert Reese tried to ensure good-fine.

Reese knows what it feels like falling apart. So Reese felt deserved invited Robert to stay at the ranch house. Added Reese who became close to Robert after both starred in Water For Elephants.

Source others say, Reese was trying to manage the future Robert, Reese and her husband Jim Toth Robert calmness and just giving shelter away from the pursuing paparazzi.