Robert Pattinson Locking Yourself at Home Reese Witherspoon

Since her boyfriend cheating scandal uncovered Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson disappeared. The latest news mentions star of ‘Twilight’ was holed up at home Reese Witherspoon.

The news earlier said Robert went partying with her friends. Reality the actor, 26, fled to a villa owned by his co-star in the film ‘Water for Elephants’ Reese Witherspoon in Ojai California.

In luxury villa worth U.S. $ 7 million or about USD 63 billion Robert tried to calm himself. But according to the source who was born in London was really shocked to know his girlfriend having an affair with director Rupert Sanders.

(The situation) is very chaotic. He (Robert) questioned everything, said the source as reported by U.S. Weekly.

Meanwhile Kristen Stewart is struggling to maintain affair. 22 year-old girl tried to contact Robert but his efforts in vain.