Robert Pattinson dating Shannon Woodward?

Robert Pattinson reportedly in a serious relationship with a former lover Andrew Garfield Shannon Woodward.

Robert Pattinson dating Shannon Woodward

Robert Pattinson dating Shannon Woodward

Robert who was embittered by cheated Kristen Stewart recently has begun to close to Shannon. The news circulating, Shannon had long admired Robert but Robert had been serious about Kristen.

Robert and Shannon really close to the center. Crush on Robert Shannon for years. But Robert always with Kristen, a source said as quoted by Contactmusic.

She understands what happened to Robert. Separated from Andrew Shannon after Andrew fell in love with co-star in the film Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone, continued the source.

Shannon wished they were more than just friends, continued the source.

Close friend Shannon Katy Perry had dinner with Robert Thursday (23/8). On the occasion Katy asked Robert to forget his pain and rushed to find a replacement Kristen.