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Miranda Kerr

Women, Buddhism
20 April 1983, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Miranda Kerr was born in Sydney but raised in the small town of Gunnedah, New South Wales. Her parents named Therese and John Kerr. She was a model from Australia. Miranda is known by the public since he became one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, Miranda is the first Australian participating in Victoria’s Secret ads. Miranda began her career as a model when she was 13, she won a modeling contest hosted by Dolly magazine and Impulse fragrances.

Miranda Kerr studied Buddhism, it is believed that we are all responsible for bringing peace and harmony in the world As part of the faith, every morning and evening Kerr practicing yoga and meditation. In 2003, she was dating Adrian Camilleri But because Kerr hit a case then ends the relationship. She also had a relationship with Jay Lyon, vocalist for the band Tamarama.

In late 2007, Kerr began a relationship with Orlando Bloom, a member of SGI. Eventually they were married on July 22, 2010. Now they both have been blessed with a son who was born on January 6, 2011. They named Flynn Bloom Chishtoper.

Miranda organic foods in maintaining health, She said she chose to give priority to organic foods as much as possible, to be healthy he has more energy and she loves spinach, avocado, green vegetables, and broccoli, Miranda also diligently doing yoga and palates to keep her body in order to stay ideal.


Miranda’s career began in 1997 when she entered the contest in Australia model search hosted by Dolly magazine and Impulse fragrances. In early 2004, he entered into the NEXT Model Management. Since then, she often used for the promotion of famous brands such as Alex Perry, Baby Phat, Lisa Ho, and Ober Jeans.

She has also been on the cover of Elle magazine, Australian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Advertising Portmans, Bonds, and Veet, in early 2006, she appeared on the last episode of the TV show Project Runway. In the same year she signed a contract with Maybelline cosmetics factory New York famous.

Following her success with Maybelline, Kerr became in 1007 the first Australian model who was offered a contract by Victoria’s Secret replace Gisele Bundchen with that she became the first Australian to be Victoria’s Secret Angel is fixed. After being Angel, she was noticed by an Australian department store, David Jones. In 2007 she officially replaces Megan Gale as the iconic David Jones.

In 2008, Forbes magazine put Miranda in the tenth position in the list of models of income in the world, with earnings of $ 3.5 million. Since 2009, the often appear in magazines such as Rolling Stone Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, CS, Sunday Magazine.

In 2009, Miranda had posed nude for the magazine Rolling Stone. Miranda racy poses chained to a tree because she wanted to draw public attention to the koala. Miranda commented that about 80% of koala habitat has been destroyed since Europeans came across the Australian continent sad thing. Just stay 100,000 koalas left in Australia. Miranda Kerr said that the cover for Rolling Stone is something that is really great, and she was pleased to be part of the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

In October 2009, Miranda issued beauty products organic skin nurse named Kora, Kora name itself is taken from Tibetan meditation tradition. May 2010, Miranda entered at number nine of the 10 biggest earning models by Forbes magazine. She has also been entered in the 100 sexiest women in the order of 36 FMH is on the order of 56 in 2010 and in 2009. September 2010, she became the first model of pregnancy and in the broad on the cover of Vogue Australia when she was six months pregnant.

Products Victoria’s Secret products are advertised by Miranda himself are: Victoria’s Secret swims Catalogue, Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Enchanted fragrance, Bra Commercial Wireless Angels, Angels Air Push up Bra Commercial.

Modeling Agency

IMG Models-New York
IMG Models-Paris
IMG Models-Milan
Chic Management
Traffic Models-Barcelona

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Women, Islam
October 5, 1989, JakartaASMIRANDAH


Asmirandah born in Jakarta on October 5, 1989, Actress, commercials, music video director, singer, and songwriter, all is her profession. As a multi-talented woman, Andah, greeting familiar, would attract the attention of many men. However Andah rarely reported in close to him seriously.

Engaging love the location in one of the soap opera that starred, Asmirandah is currently in a relationship with actor Harlino Dude. They claimed to have undergone a serious relationship, even though they have not been willing to disclose about their wedding plans.


Dara Ayu began skyrocketed when starring in soap operas FEELS THIS is? And LOVE SMU 2. After that, she starred in several soap operas such as hanging WEDDING, LOVE, LOVE SUPREME, SUPREME LOVE 2, YOU STILL beloved, WULAN, HEAVEN-MU, BABY DOLL, and MELODY. Andah also has been a Rexona ad star, Pang key Chocolate, Chocolate Gery and Suzuki Spin.

Not only adept at acting in front of the screen glass, soap star SEKAR also starting to break into the director. For starters, Andah, nickname, will be directing the video clip newcomer bands, Robin Hood, Unmitigated, even Andah also a duet with Robin Hood and a model of video clips in a single Wrong Kita.

Seriously in the field of music, Asmirandah then a duet with the song Dude Harlino Flowers Love. In 2011 also, Asmirandah release a single creation inspired by its proximity to the Dude Harlino. Song titled Me Fall Hearts have completed the process of shooting a video clip in the Pejaten 1 October 2011.


* HAJI Qomar
* THIS is WAS?
* YOU STILL beloved
* LOVE sheen Kamila
* FROM bow down prostrating


* Radja – Hate Me Love
* Captain – Angel of Love
* Robinhood ft Asmirandah – We Wrong
* Dude Harlino ft Asmirandah – Bunga Bunga Love


* WILD (2008)
* When Love 2 (2009)
* IN LOVE mihrab (2010)


* AC Ad Sharp
* Advertising XL Whatever your style
* Advertising Fatigon C Plus
* Coca-Cola (Friends Cute & Friends Fun)
* Gery Cokluut
* Gery saluuut
* Rexona
* Pucelle
* Suzuki Spin
* Vitacimin
* Hero
* Red Bull
* Axe
* IM3 (Indosat)
* SkinWhite
* Mito
* Bontea Green
* Pioneer
* Pharmaton Formula
* Mountea (with Rinto Harahap, Gita Perry)
* Head & Shoulders


* Star Mild Hits (RCTI, 2008) / prod. RCTI

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Women, Islam
September 1, 1989, Jakarta

Name Jelita Septriasa or commonly known as Acha Septriasa skyrocketed when starring HEART. Graduated this 2004 cover girl plunged into the world of acting through the film WHAT LOVE appearing as supporting players Sandy Aulia.

But at that time the name Acha little known until bids come from the production house Servia to be one of the main characters with Nirina Zubir and Irwansyah.

Outside of her acting career, music career and the couple’s daughter Rita Emza Ahimsha Sagitta is even more sparkling. By bringing the movie soundtrack HEART sung with her lover at the time, Irwansyah, who is also her co-star in the HEART, make publicly known the name Acha more.

Not only in Indonesia, the name of the girl was born 1 September 1989 is also popular in Malaysia. Even the songs that brought duet with Irwansyah like Closer, My Heart and Lovers Women, occupying the top list of radio in the country.

February 2008, Acha left Indonesia to study in Malaysia. It is then forced to Irwansyah rarely met with; in addition to rest of the world is Entertainment.

In the end the relationship and Irwansyah Acha previously always ended too intimate. Distance excuses this pair breakup that occurred in July 2008.

Acha name became stuck at the end of 2008, for allegedly being behind the turmoil third person households Pasha and Okie. Despite having done a press conference related to this issue, but did not dispute the Pasha had given a special birthday gift to Acha, even now granting Pasha Watch was kept by Acha.

Acha back into the media spotlight in early April 2009, The photos looked like him, looking sexy and a little bit sexy circulated widely on the internet. However it turns out, the photo was a picture of his brother who looked like him, Juwita Marsha, who is a new artist.

Lecture Acha lived in Malaysia turned out to be halted for a moment. This is because, Acha solo album and is finalizing a contract on one story, Therefore, despite opposition from her parents, Acha daring break from college for the sake of existence in the world of entertainment homeland.

Apart from Irwansyah, Acha is now in a relationship with a man who is not of the celebrity. However, Acha did not want to reveal the identity of his girlfriend who was studying at London.

Mid-August 2009, the star of IN THE NAME OF LOVE is off her latest solo album. The album was titled DECISION BE a mini album, which only contains four songs, I wish What Else, About Us, Decision Heart, and you’re my fault molester. Not just release a new album; in 2009 she was playing in a comedy KRAZY CRAZY KREZY.

Not only the acting and the singing, Acha expanded into the world of the presenter. She lined a GREAT presenter Luna Maya replace on leave.

Starting 2010, Acha opened with the release of her latest film, SSSSTT … MAKE ME SAVINGS. Here she lined up so the main character, accompanied by Julia Perez and Ayu Azhari.

April 2010, Acha back making achievements. After going through the casting, this beautiful artist managed to get a chance to appear in a new movie Hanung Bramantyo, THROUGH THE DREAM. Acha will be paired with Fedi Nuril, handsome actor starring in the hit movie Hanung Fahri earlier, PASSAGES LOVE. Acha dedicate this new role for the silver wedding anniversary of her parents.

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Kate Moss

January 16, 1974, Addiscombe, England
Kate Moss


Katherine Moss or more commonly known as Kate Moss was born in Addiscombe, England on January 16, 1974.
The other side of the star that once dated actor Johnny Depp is known as a star who often deals with drugs. London Daily Mirror on 15 September 2005 issue of ever displaying images Moss who was under the influence of cocaine. The image is said to be taken in the middle of recording with the band Baby shambles, the group led by her boyfriend Pete Doherty.

Kate Moss married with her fiancé Jamie Hince in Oxford shire, South East England on July 1, 2011.


Supermodel who has been named as the Model Of The Year (Model Most Famous) by the British Fashion Awards were initiated her career since the age of 14 years, beginning when meeting with Sarah Doukas of Storm Agency at the airport John F Kenedy while home on vacation from the Bahamas.

Top World Model in Action at the 2012 Olympics Closing

Nine models of the world’s top action at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony on Saturday (12/08/2012) London time, or Sunday (8/13/2012) morning in Indonesia. They waddle on the catwalk showcase leading UK fashion designer.

1. 9 Top Model 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

9 Top Model 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

9 Top Model 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

This is the ninth top British model which was worldwide in the closing of the 2012 Olympics. They are Stella Tennant, Lily Cole, Karen Elson, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lily Donaldson, Georgia May Jagger, Jourdon Dunn and David Gandy.

2. Kate Moss 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Kate Moss 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Kate Moss 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Kate appeared to steal the design of Alexander McQueen dress.

3. Naomi Campbell 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Naomi Campbell 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Naomi Campbell 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Naomi also wore a dress by Alexander McQueen.

4. Lily Cole 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Lily Cole 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Lily Cole 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Model that has worked for Vogue at the age of 16 years work of Erdem dress.

5. Lily Donaldson 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Lily Donaldson 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Lily Donaldson 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Victoria’s Secret model 25 years old is wearing a dress from Vivienne Westwood.

6. Karen Elson 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Karen Elson 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Karen Elson 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

The iconic British brand, Burberry model is also used by the singer.

7. Stella Tennant 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Stella Tennant 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Stella Tennant 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

Short-haired models bloody British aristocracy waddle in the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony of Christopher Kane fashion show.

Kendra Spears Interview

The 24-year-old American woman adorns the cover of Vogue in July 2012. In the interview, the beauty of Seattle talks about her fitness routine and comfortable clothing with eye-catching details

The American model Kendra Spears Cover Model of the July 2012 issue of VOGUE

The American model Kendra Spears Cover Model of the July 2012 issue of VOGUE

You are seeing on the cover of the latest Vogue.

Yes, the shoot was great! The collaboration with photographers Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer is always easy and fun.

One difference to your beginnings in the modeling business what do you feel looking back?

The work I do now, feels so different to that in my early days. At the beginning, as I had for days not shooting, I went to auditions and have lived in an apartment with other models. Now I myself have relationships with models, photographers or stylists set up. The work shows more exciting.

What projects inspire you as a model?

My favorite jobs are those that lead me to places I would not have come otherwise.

How do you keep yourself fit while traveling?

I do three times a week cardio, stretching every day and I always stay to eat out well and especially when I travel. Fortunately, I love fruits and vegetables. This makes it easy to eat healthily.

You meet many people and places. How you hold all your impressions?

I always carry a notebook with me and write about it about interesting people, new countries and beautiful experience. But I’m no pictures, because during my work done enough of it (laughs).

What clothes can be found in your luggage. What is your fashion style for characterizing?

I have a tendency to smooth, comfortable clothes with eye-catching details. I like neutral colors, less light colors.

What’s next in your agenda?

Next I’m going to Savannah, a place where I would have never seen myself, if it were not for the work. And then it goes to Paris for the couture shows.

If we were to spend a day in your hometown of New York, How would make it?

A free day in New York would stroll through the city, drink coffee and talk with friends who are in town and stop by some shops. Should let him finish it, of course, always with a great meal!

Runway Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2012

Runway Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2012

Backstage at Lanvin at the Paris Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2012

Backstage at Lanvin at the Paris Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2012

Top Ten Best-Paid Models

The business magazine “Forbes” has published its annual list of highest-earning models. No longer there: Heidi Klum, the carrier has changed according to the list from model to full-time businesswoman gold for Gisele:

Gisele Bundchen

Income per year: about 45 million dollars, Contracts including Esprit, Versace and their own beauty and fashion collections. Among the cosmetic line “Sejaa Pure Skincare” and “Ipanema” Shoes

The undisputed lead in the sixth consecutive year, Gisele Bundchen, the highest-earning models list.

Kate Moss

Income per year: about 9.2 million dollars. Contracts including Longchamp, mango and Rimmel

The Brazilian recorded in the year 2011/2012 an estimated income of about 45 million dollars, thanks to the modeling jobs for Versace, Esprit and its own beauty and “Ipanema” footwear collection.

Natalia Vodianova

Income per year: about 8.6 million dollars. Contracts with lingerie including Calvin Klein Euphoria and Etam

By far follows in second place, Kate Moss and the account grew by 9.2 million.
Thereafter: Natalia Vodianova with 8.6 million, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes $ 7.3 million and 6.9 million dollars.

Adriana Lima

Income per year: about 7.3 million dollars. Contracts with Victoria’s Secret, among other things, Mavi Jeans, and Donna Karan

Since 2007, Heidi Klum is not the first time represented in the rankings. The leaders justified the withdrawal of its transformation from model to “Full Time Woman Business.” The consolation prize for which is expected according to “Forbes” is now official full time business woman but consist of numerous dollar bills: An estimated $ 20 million has taken the 38-year-old and would therefore, like last year, behind Gisele Bundchen in second place.