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Make Up For the Veiling & Hijab Style

Currently, many women who decide to decide to veil. Style veiled women today can be practically very fashionable. Besides hijab style, makeup style that veiled Muslim women is no less cool.Make Up For the Veiling & Hijab Style

This is evident from still manages to look pretty and chic – they are veiled. Tips make up for the hijab as below may be used as a role model in the air make-up so that we can still look beautiful and attractive for wearing a headscarf:


This is the first step we have to do. Find halal label on each package of cosmetics that we use. Using halal cosmetics be able to make us feel calm, away from the flavor was – was so that will have a positive impact on our beauty radiant aura.


As jilbaber, surely we should be able to adjust themselves in the affairs of appearance. Avoid heavy makeup so we will look less in front of people. By choosing the color – the color of natural cosmetics, can help us to look more graceful


Cosmetics are waterproof and fade can help us be spared of her stick cosmetic ingredients that we wear on our hijab. But this time the community is still going on the pros and cons of the kind of waterproof cosmetics basic idea that if we use waterproof cosmetics so when we ablution, then the water will not get into the pores – pore us. If we adhere to these schools, then we should avoid cosmetics are waterproof, and replace it with the use of foundation and cream is thin.

4. Use Sunscreen / Sun Block

The main problem for the veil is the color of the skin is discolored due in part to exposure to the sun and partly covered in veil. To avoid this, we should use a sunscreen / sublock long as we were out of the room.


We certainly have a lot of collection of hijab. Whether it’s the shape, color, model, etc… Let’s make up adjust color with the color and model that we wear hijab. Sometimes at certain times (when attending a party) we need to the make-up is a little thicker but still must comply with the dress and veil we wear.

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