Lindsay Lohan I’m Sad When the Medical Team Was Cute

Inexhaustible the ‘stunned’ Lindsay Lohan make a scene. After experiencing an emergency, the Twitter account, Lindsay Lohan was singing about her salvation officers are less cute.

Lindsay Lohan I'm Sad When the Medical Team Was Cute

Lindsay Lohan I’m Sad When the Medical Team Was Cute

A Friday event (15/6) is to make networking celebrities and Twitter so excited. With unconfirmed reports that children of celebrities Dina Lohan, who fights against drug and alcohol addiction, it was immediately taken to the hospital.

But her spokesman denied, bloody Irish and Italian actress was admitted to hospital and said she was treated only in the hotel because of exhaustion and dehydration.

As reported by Reuters, because Twitter is, Lindsay, on Saturday morning (16/6), has its own explanation. After working for 85 hours in four days, staying up all night for the filming, we can be sure someone could pass out from exhaustion. “I wish they (medical staff who helped) were cute. Otherwise, it would make a really sad,” said Lindsay

Lohan is working on a television movie, Liz and Dick, the love story actress Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who was appointed to the movies