Kelly Osbourne 250 Thousand Dollars For Manicure

On the night of the prestigious event in 2012 Emmy Awards, 23 September, Kelly Osbourne seems to amaze with mauve dress Zac Posen designs. Without guessing the price the dress looks fancy Body emcee The Fashion Police E! The increasingly slim it (this is not the era of “Papa Do not Preach”, right?). However, there are clearly more luxurious than the dress.Kelly Osbourne 250 Thousand Dollars For Manicure

Daughter of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne using super deluxe manicure for 250 thousand dollars. What makes it expensive? Excerpted from The Insider beautiful in every finger manicure Kelly acquired from the womb lining Azature 267 carat diamond. Luxuries is what makes the dress Kelly is not the main focus again on the red carpet moments award the best television in America.

Before the event Kelly was an expression of joy through her Twitter account, MissKellyO, (I) will do the manicure and nail polish for 250 thousand dollars from azature, impatient and proud great!”Kelly Osbourne 250 Thousand Dollars For Manicure

With all that high-priced not the results appear “normal” in front of reporters’ cameras? But at least on the red carpet this time you do not see it appear in public with make-up that messes like in this photo.