Kate Middleton & Prince William When Meets Ex-girlfriend

Prince William and Kate Middleton their friend’s wedding last weekend. Not unexpectedly in the event they both met two former girlfriends respectively.Kate Middleton & Prince William When Meets Ex-girlfriend

Kate and William came to their first school friend’s wedding, Alice St John Webster that was held in Taunton Somerset. The event seems at once so a reunion event for Kate and William.

The kingdom was the couple not only reunion with friends but also a former girlfriend respectively. William instance he met with two ex-girlfriend Olivia Hunt and Rose Farquhar. Two women mentioned going out with the prince before Kate Middleton get the handsome man’s heart. Olivia is still single.Kate Middleton & Prince William When Meets Ex-girlfriend

While Kate at weddings she also met two former lover Willem Marx and Henry Ropner. Willem is still single was once called the Duchess of Cambridge is the love of his life.

While Henry close to her as the beautiful woman breaking up with William in 2007. At that time, William and Kate break up for 12 weeks.

It’s funny to see Wills and Kate spent the night with four ex-girlfriend met at once, said a source who attended the wedding.

When it comes to marriage Kate appears wearing a dress with flowers of Beulah London. While the prince wearing a suit and tie with a dress that matched the color of his wife.

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