Justin Bieber ‘Girlfriend Perfume’ Being Sold Every Minute

The new perfume is released Justin Bieber is proved to have a strong allure. The proof which is named Girlfriend perfume is being sold every minute.

Justin Bieber 'Girlfriend Perfume' Being Sold Every Minute

Justin Bieber ‘Girlfriend Perfume’ Being Sold Every Minute

As reported by Digital Spy the Perfume Shop announced that this perfume is the best-selling celebrity perfume ever. In the opening week at least one bottle of perfume is sold every minute.

The perfume shop also revealed that the Girlfriend showed a remarkable increase in traffic in cyberspace. When compared with last year Justin perfume sales increased to 132%.

Traffic is incredible online once and with one bottle sold every minute it is safe to say that Bieber fever is still a phenomenon, said Michelle D’Vaz as public relations manager of The Perfume Shop.

Girlfriend Justin Bieber is available in a variety of volume, ie 30ml, 50 ml and 100ml. earlier the singer of this song boyfriend revealed that he was not interested in making perfume man.