Justin Bieber First kiss with Selena’s Amazing

Justin Bieber said, her first kiss with his girlfriend Selena Gomez is the best thing in his life.

Justin Bieber First kiss with Selena's Amazing

Justin Bieber First kiss with Selena’s Amazing

Yes, this teen pop icon Selena started dating since 2010. He admitted that he and Selena’s first kiss is magic although they had to do a little nervous.

My first kiss with Selena is the best thing in my life. We kissed in the car at the time. It’s really scary and spontaneous. Amazing,” he said, as quoted by Contact Music, Sunday (17/6).

This year 18 teenagers fall in love with Selena admitted that a year older than her age. Justin really enjoyed the relationship but do not want to indulge in public, especially in front of millions of female fans.

Love is like what? It was amazing. If you really love, you’ll be happy. That’s what I feel,” says the singer of this song Baby.

But I do not want to show it in front of my fans. I love my fans. That’s the privacy and should still be separated. I do not have a lot of things that can be hidden, so it was that I would hide. I’m happy. And I know the fans also like I’m happy.