Japan Embraced Miss Stores Selling Hugs Worth Rp 364 Thousand

There are many unique things in Japan. One may shop in Tokyo this. In the store you can pay Rp 364 thousand to get a hug for 20 minutes.Japan Embraced Miss Stores Selling Hugs Worth Rp 364

The store name is Soineya. The shop was defining itself as a place that specialized in selling friend to sleep. Surely sleep is absolutely nothing to do with sex.

Japan Today reported in this shop you can rest a little tired by paying a sum of money then sleep accompanied by a beautiful woman with a hug. This store offers the comfort of sleeping with someone without any or other intimate than a hug.

For those interested in getting into the store and try out their services prices offered are varied. To sleep with a cuddle for 20 minutes you have to pay 3,000 yen or about Rp 364 thousand. Whereas if you want for an hour it costs 6,000 yen or USD 735 thousand. As for consumers who want a long break for up to 10 hours the price is 50,000 yen, or about USD 6 million.

Soineya store will give consumers the extra price to pick your own what woman wants to be a friend of their sleep. Additional pricing also apply if you want to touch his head looked at each other and foot massage.