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Women would cut her hair when they want to have a new look. Actress Cameron Diaz haircut was doing it. But the post-hair cut shoulder length already exceeds, Cameron actually cried. Why?

Cameron Diaz haircut after hair cutting like good style

Cameron Diaz Nangis After Hair Cut
Cameron Diaz Nangis After Hair Cut

In an interview with Jay Leno on talks, 'The Tonight Show', the film stars 'Charlie's Angels' was said about the crying. "There is a slight misunderstanding. I told you just want to cut a little ... and it was as short as this," she said, demonstrating how her hair cut short, as quoted by the People.

Once shown how the shape of her hair after a cut, Cameron Diaz haircut, Cameron could not contain her grief. "I immediately shed tears and began to cry and I feel very sad," she said.

According to Cameron, for a woman's hair is very meaningful. The actress was born August 30, 1972 seemed to agree with the expression of women's hair is a crown. "For a woman of a sudden it's lost her hair, oh my god," she said.

Cameron told again; when she can not object to the person who cuts her own hair because it was the diving 'job' is. She also felt very guilty for crying over her hair was cut wrong.

She felt very guilty and began to cry. I was crying and some people cry," the story of Cameron. Not wanting to continue to make hair stylist nya feel guilty, ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake was writing an email.

A few days later I wrote an email and assured him that I would not kill him," Cameron said on Leno said, laughing.

At Cameron, Leno asked, why a famous actress chose to cut her hair with the help of her friend instead of going to the salon. According to the blonde actress, since she had always helped her friends and her mother in matters of Cameron Diaz haircut first hair cut.

Today we are going to help you get some simple beautiful hair style which you can make at home and they not only look beautiful but they look so classy too, and they don’t even as difficult as they look, so are you ready to get new looks:)

DIY Looped UPDO Diy Loop Ponytail DIY BRAIDED BUN DIY Ballerina Bun



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BEAUTY Natalie Portman has always captivates anyone. Nothing wrong with a lot of women who want to look like her. Natalie Portman's petite appearance is unique.

Beautiful tricks a la Natalie Portman
Beautiful tricks a la Natalie Portman

Although performed with natural makeup, a woman born in Jerusalem is to always beautiful look. Moreover, wavy hair style and give its full charm for those who see it. Well, if you want to look like her? Follow the following trick, as reported by Sheknows.

Protect your hair

Before starting pencatokan, spray a special spray on your hair. This will reduce the damage to the hair from the heat catokan tool. After that, separate your hair into sections and jepitlah to the top so you can work on the bottom first.

Use tools with high-temperature heat

Turn on the instrument at high heat, then roll the hair around the area of the tool. Try not to roll it up into the hair root in order to avoid damage. Disconnect after 30 seconds and do not touch it.

Repeat in all parts

Once finished with all the hair, repeat these steps on all the lower layers of your hair. This is to create the perfect hair waves.

Hair spray and set back hairstyle

After all wave-shaped hair, hair Arrange to make it more presentable. Spray hair spray to keep it beautiful style. Do not give too much spray as it will only make the hair stiff. Use just enough spray to keep hair look beautiful and natural

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Many women who have unruly hair. Ranging from how to tidy it up to make the hair look more stylish. Though the hair becomes a symbol of female beauty. For that, try the following manner so that your hair looks beautiful, as quoted from All Women's talk.

7 Tricks Managing Difficult Hair A Regulated
7 Tricks Managing Difficult Hair A Regulated
  1. If your hair is wavy or curly, the condition must be maintained as possible. Curly hair is more difficult to manage than straight hair. Therefore, note the condition and health of the hair to be easily arranged. You can try to make curly hair look more presentable, such as ponytail, pigtails two, or strapped to the side.
  2. Hair toner helps freshen your hair look dull and not so messy. However, hair neat all day so you can choose the model of a break off or if you have long hair braid.
  3. You must be diligent in washing your hair so as not to wrinkle. Smooth and shiny hair is the dream of all women. Add to this the other vitamins that keep fertility hair. Especially if you are a woman who move outside the house all day.
  4. Unruly hair that can be given volume to make it look better. Wash hair, then let it dry naturally. When dry, give texturing mousse makes hair volume, shape, hair texture feature as well as maintaining the arrangement.
  5. Wet the hair, then dry for 45 minutes. Comb your hair so straight as ever before given a blow on the bottom. Need a little time and practice a few times so that you can do it yourself at home. This makes the hair look more beautiful.
  6. Before my hair and do the treatment as well as identify the first condition your hair type. Starting from a good selection of natural masks for hair health a suitable moisturizer, conditioner what is supposed to be used. This method helps give the hair softness and makes the hair more shine.
  7. Branched hair is not good for hair growth. Maybe you've tried some of the vitamin to overcome the damage. However, it does not make the hair healthy and shiny. There is no harm if you cut the damaged hair. Perhaps in this way can make a better appearance and a more healthy hair.

Micro-Braided Side Bun Tutorial such cute hairstyle you can try in home....

Micro-Braided Side Bun Tutorial


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DIY Chain Hair UpdoI you like a style on groom, then pickup the ideas

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Naya Rivera unveils new color hairstyle at People's Choice Awards. Glee actress sported a dark pretty blond with a little more brown roots, the young woman had some lighter highlights. Naya Rivera unveils new color at People's Choice Awards

Naya Rivera Unveils New Color Lighter Highlights with Pretty Blond Hairstyles Naya Rivera Unveils New Color Lighter Highlights with Pretty Blond Hairstyles-01 Naya Rivera Unveils New Color Lighter Highlights with Pretty Blond Hairstyles-02 Naya Rivera Unveils New Color Lighter Highlights with Pretty Blond Hairstyles-03

We do not really know why but this year we want to pass the packet to the Eve of New Year's Day 2014. So we made a selection of 10 hair accessories to keep you ultra glamorous.

New Year 2013 or Hair Accessory To Be Glamorous

How to look glamorous without going to far? Here's the question we ask ourselves as we approach the eve of New Year's Day 2014. Several solutions are possible: you can opt for a very strong makeup to contrast with a more sober outfit as a skater dress black, opt for a hairstyle very worked as a braided bun or simply put a hair accessory that will make you beautiful wish. Why hair accessory is a good option?

New Year 2013 or Hair Accessory To Be Glamorous

On the one hand it is suitable for everyone as it is both practical and workable and secondly, it helps to dress up and twist the simplest outfits. The hair accessory is intended glitter and worked this winter and can also divert attention from a hairstyle or hair color failed, as Gaelle became red in the Sticks in Las Vegas. In this type of situation hat and cap are good allies but the hair accessory is more glamor and chic For you, we have found 10 super feminine hair accessories.

New Year 2013 or Hair Accessory To Be Glamorous

The headband is now also common in our look as elastic and declined by the greatest artists, which is why we offer you 4. Each will find account offers a version with a delicate braided headband brick that you can decline so 70's with the hair down or making more chic braid on the side. Followers of flowers and sequins find their happiness with the flower headband and black sequins H & M headband or oriental sequins Adeli Paris.

Most prefer the pretty gold bow with ribbon on March Cherries, perfect for falsely ingenuous style & Girls who want to impress with accessories imposing love the headband feathers in Nice head, the maximum node silver sequins Claire's or the headband Baroque River Island near headband velvet Baroque Dolce & Gabbana. Choose the most discreet about it the elastic nails and accessories bun both Topshop and Pieces. Eve appears under the sign of glamor and glitter this year and hair accessories like piece vital to look successful. Which would you choose girls?

Here are some ideas hairstyles for New Year hair look. The short, long, curly or the still smooth enough to celebrate New Year's Eve.What Hairstyle For The New Year Hair Look?

Choosing a hairstyle for New Year Hair Look

Between the choice of dress, makeup and any preparations Eve is verging on hysteria. No need to take the lead for so little. I've prepared a small selection of hairstyles to celebrate with great pomp in the New Year.

Short Hair for New Year Hair LookShort Hair for New Year Hair Look

It begins with a short haircut style flapper slightly asymmetrical. It changes the (too) classic chignon and then once spent 2014 New Year hair look, we may well go back to work without her sneer nice colleagues. A simple comb and you're ready.

Evening Hairstyle for New Year Hair LookEvening Hairstyle for New Year Hair Look

Says hairstyle exception and if we turned into the Hollywood star for a night? Some curls beautifully designed and that a beautiful hairstyle for 31.Stunning hair for New Year Hair Look

For the holidays why not opt for banana chignon an absolutely stunning hair but impractical. That said; why not ask for help from your stylist and you girls on what hairstyle you cracked?

Short hair styles for teens. Have you heard this? Then it's time for the facts. Short hair styles are better suited to women over 50 years.Short Hair Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Women over 50 tend to stay away from short hair as it is for them to mod but the short pixie hairstyle is undoubtedly a timeless style.

1. Bob

A short haircut for men and women in which the hair is usually cut right to the head and some jaw-length often with a fringe at the front.

The short bob hairstyle is very popular all ages but is perfect for women over 50 years because it's the perfect length to fit women over 50 years. Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren are some of the big celebrities that go back to basics with their retro bob hair styles.
Short hair styles can easily be brightened with inverted tips. Whether it's for symmetric or uneven layers of art is to spend time at the opposite tips. This add volume and texture to your hairstyle.

2. Flip Hair Shag Hairstyle

A hairstyle where the hair is cut in slightly uneven overlapping layers downward from the crown sometimes with the hair at the front and back hairlines left longer than the rest. Flippen allows for a youthful attitude.
Use a drop of gel or wax to the tips for successfully flipping course and spiky looking. Jane Fonda is a great example.

3. Short pixie hairstyle

A short tapered haircut for girls and women first popular in the 1960. It can be a bit tricky to find the right hair pixie hairstyle to choose if you are over 50 years old. However, evidence that her hairstyles that there is no age in her hairstyles.

Those who desire a low-maintenance and fashionable her hairstyle should consider the above sporting her hairstyles.

Try different styles from formal to the more groovy variations. Short hair styles to suit most women over 50 years.

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