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3 Hair Trends Spring & Summer 2012

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Bored with the current hair color? Want to look with different hairstyles? Before the change, just look at the first hairdressing trend spring / summer 2012 L’Oreal launched a new, themed fancy Sompteux or meaning.

Odie Gilbert a professional hair stylist, make three-inspired styling of the fashion show famous fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel and Alexander McQueen., often collaborate hair of the models, who wore a fancy dress collection fashion house.

Hairstyle trends developed Gilbert is also inseparable from fashion trends, as these are an integral part. Hair trends for Spring / Summer this time, Gilbert inspired clothing made from soft like silk, the use of fur and lace detail.

Those elements are then realized through the collection of hair coloring, cutting and styling style for Spring / Summer 2012 Color Collection Sompteux said Yola Sutjiotomo group product manager L’Oreal Professional in hair trends show Sompteux event on March 7, 2012.

Curious as to what arrangement? Here are three hairdo that you can make an inspiration to make the crown look different and more stylish.

Mademoiselle Hairstyle Popeline

Mademoiselle Hairstyle Popeline

Mademoiselle Hairstyle Popeline

Flowers are always able to highlight the delicate impression of a woman. With great interest is the representation of women and feminine elegance. It is also shown by the color of bright hair colors glow with a subtle degradation.

Donna Hairstyle Taffetas

The use of dark red accents is a classic look. But the arrangement is more daring; this classic style can look more unique.

Organza Hair Style Lady

You can make a classic bob cut even more elegant with the color game. Just add accents of blue and purple highlights. Not to forget the beautiful details that make the wings bob hairstyle is not boring.

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Top Summer Hairstyle Trend for 2012

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Summer can be greeted with a new style and appearance. Your hair can be a new magic to the trendy style of the pieces of the summer.Top Summer Hairstyle Trend for 2012

Let’s peek haircut hype this season


Pieces of a bob again shine again this summer. Bob cut to add volume at the back will make you look unique.


Fringe pieces to be hype and stylish this season. Look for pieces of this model variations by adjusting the structure of the face. Long bangs Melawati eye pieces will make you look hot impressed.


Layer piece has always been an idol for the hair style. These natural pieces can be made with different hairstyle, hair styles in curly or straight. Jennifer Aniston is a famous icon with a layer haircut.


Crop hairstyle is a short haircut. For this year is more structured, with asymmetrical cuts and pieces like ‘bowl’ will be increasingly popular. Ringkes haircut and style is easy to set this increasingly edgy look with makeup.

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Hair Care Anti-Aging

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Such as wrinkles free skin, silky hair is something that you overlook when you are a teenager. But, a time when in their 30s, you may begin to notice that your hair is beautiful as usual

Hair Care Anti-Aging

Hair Care Anti-Aging

Stubborn gray hairs began to appear like a gang of graffiti artists, and hair that had become shabby Megar, dry and paralyzed, no longer responsive to styling products that you normally use.

1.Do not despair

The scientists were investigating, how to change your hair as you age, observing how the hair is affected by external factors (such as sunlight and heat setting with temperature) and of the factors (such as hormonal changes) that may affect the luster and texture of hair.

The result, says Steven Shiel, of Pantene hair care expert who holds a doctorate in the field of organometallic chemistry, a series of engineering and maintenance of anti-aging products have emerged to help our hair to maintain luster, luxuriance and her penchant.

Here is the best way to maintain the appearance of your hair, whatever your age, whether 24, 34, 44, or 64 years.

2.Generating Return Highlights Youth

Many years in the sunlight, the use of chemicals and hairdressing tools that will provide heated hair cuticle and create an uneven surface that absorbs light.

In addition body oils that enhance the natural sheen to be reduced when you are in their 30s and above.

As people age sebum production decreases. That led to the scalp and hair becomes more dry, says Shiel.

Restore luster every time you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to make it a habit to include. Find materials containing cetyl alcohol and simethicone – which keeps moisture and luster – and a deep conditioning treatment that you can use once a week.

To directly improve the light hair, use a spray end of the tune shine as last step in your grooming routine.

3.Creating a More Hair Dense

If the men see them getting back hairline and a bald head, women experience hair thinning is more comprehensive because each hair fiber diameter shrinks after decades. Maybe you noticed, for example, need to double wrap hair band to tighten the bonds of your hair in a ponytail.

Your hair texture changes. While shrinking hairs may be soft and lame and likely will go down if the hair shampoo or conditioner you use too heavy, says Shiel.

Products designed specifically for fine hair contain ingredients that are gentle cleanser removes scalp oil deposits, dirt and styling materials used that can cause hair loss.

If you crave a more bushy hair then apply styling mousse in your order says hair expert John Gray author of The World of Hair.

Mousse contains the largest concentration of cationic polymer a compound called Gray as “magic bullets” (magic bullet) if you want a thin strand of hair that looks thick.

Color your hair believe it or not can actually make the hair look thicker, healthier, and dimensional. That’s because cat hair cuticle lift thicken each hair fiber. Highlight hair memegarkan even more by creating a contrast between light and dark tones.

4.Processed hair with Chemicals for Babies

Help because the color makes hair look thicker and you do not just change the hair color when you paint or highlight them – you also change the hair structure.

Dyed hair has more negative charge; making the hair becomes rough, dull, and more susceptible to damage. The first defense is to use hot tools hair stylist carefully.

Use a heat protective product before you blow dry or straighten (flat iron) your hair. Set the instrument at the lowest temperature that will help get the hair you want without burning your hair.

The second line of defense is to use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for colored hair. Shampoo and conditioner that contains UV filters to protect your hair against solar rays – which can fade and change color to highlight as brass – and moisturizing ingredients to restore and soften the rough cuticles.

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History of The Bob Hairstyle

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Her hairstyles come and go but one of the most popular and classic of all her hairstyle is called bob hairstyle. The bob is one of the most classic of all her hairstyles.

The beauty of this style is that it is flattering to many face shapes. The bob hairstyle first came into vogue in the 1920s when the flappers and a number of film stars the popular were.

One of the film star who has most identified with the Louise Brooks bob hairstyle was. Louise Brooks was a beautiful, dark-haired actress who was best known for starring in many silent films such as the Roaring Twenties. Louise Brooks became known as a free fashionable woman and a “trend setter”. This was true for her films and her classic bob hairstyle.

While the bob hairstyle never quite went out of fashion, did it disappear after the popularity of the silent movies was over? The bob hairstyle, however, experienced a major resurgence in popularity in the 1980s, particularly when the Olympic ice skating star Dorothy Hamill wore a stylish bob hairstyle at the 1976 Winter Olympics.

The bob hairstyle has regained popularity in the 1980s, mainly due to the enormous popularity of Dorothy Hamill over time. It seemed that people just do not get enough of this classic style and sometimes it seemed that the bob hairstyles everything you saw on the street.

The bob hairstyle is perhaps not as prevalent today as it was in the 1920’s and 1980’s but the bob is still one of the most popular hair styles for women of all times alive. Many women love the bob hairstyle because it is one of the easiest hairstyles to care. In addition, the bob hairstyle be adapted to almost any face shape – flat, round, heart shaped, oval. This versatility makes the bob to one of the most durable of hairstyles.

A good stylist will soon be able to get the best type of bob hairstyle for your face to determine. A classic bob hairstyle is low maintenance making it perfect for busy career woman or someone who has less time for her hairstyle.

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Choppy Haircuts a Nice and Beautiful

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Change the appearance of a person’s haircut. Most of the short or medium hair cuts are adopted because they are easy to manage, but a long wavy hairstyle is also easy to maintain such a short haircut. Long wavy hairstyle look great, especially in Asia girls with long hair and black eyes.

This hair style makes them look more attractive and stunning. Style does not require you to use a chemical hair relaxer and you can choose from a variety of dyes to achieve the desired look. Because natural hair is the most suitable for the style.

Long wavy hairstyle is good for young people because according to the tattoos and the mode of dress. While the hair styling curly hair long you should keep certain things in mind: always use high quality products, this style works on the hair and any low-quality product that will give a bad effect.

If you want to get wavy hair in long hair and then ask your stylist to use a razor to cut your hair. This will highlight the nature of wavy hair style. Layering should be done in accordance with the long hair.

Long wavy haircut style is durable because they are too aerated so that the sweat in your hair will leave you with a nice clean smell in your hair. So, if you really sweat a lot then this is the style for you. Various products available in the market that will assist you in making this hairstyle.

Before making a hairstyle, you should take in consideration your hair texture, choose to manage and shape of your face. Bob cuts, layers and pieces that are suitable for thin hair like their hair to create volume. Similarly haircuts for thick, coarse hair is different.

Haircut varies according to face shape as well. If you have a round face then you should cut your hair in a style that gives you a longer look. If you have a long face and then adopt a haircut that gives a broader view.

Haircut you add a lot in your personality such as adding in your personality. Long wavy hairstyle for square face shapes. Wavy hairstyle look glamorous if your hair color. This is a good haircut if it suits you.

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Shampooing Not Just Wash Your Hair

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When a trace of hair care products aisle at a supermarket, we’ll see a lot of shampoo with various formulas for different hair types.

Shampooing Not Just Wash Your Hair

Shampooing Not Just Wash Your Hair

All shampoos are not the same but there are major differences between products designed for every hair type and to produce a different appearance, said Steve Shiel a leading scientist hair doctorate researcher in the field of organometallic chemistry.

Shampoos contain different types and levels of active ingredients designed to moisturize, outlining tangled hair add volume and provide many other benefits.

You should not buy shampoo because it interested in the packaging. But consider also: What is your hair type? Are you in the mood to try to change the appearance of hair styles in total?

1.Thin hair and Smoother

Remnants of styling products dust or dirt on the hair or applying too much oil can make the hair thin and fine-textured hair loss in volume. Use a volumizing shampoo formula can make hair look more clean and beautiful thick and fluffy.


Thick hair is easy to become dry and dull. Therefore, it is important to use a shampoo that can moisturize the hair. The secret does not use too much shampoo.

Thick hair has many pores and absorbent products simply pour the shampoo for a coin in the palm of the hand. To clean the residue pile on the type of hair use a mild shampoo once a week specifically designed to remove residue.

3.Shampooing Tips

If you start your daily activity with exercise you should wash it every day. However, if you love the results and blow dry to retain its beauty longer should reduce the frequency. Make sure you wash your hair before your hair is too dirty because dirt particles can damage the hair while combing.

No need to worry about your hair will be damaged if you wash your hair every day. Shampoo your hair will not break because the shampoo is manufactured today are not lifted cuticle, said John Gray author of The World of Hair Colour.

With harsh shampoo formulas that are used in the past sometimes the hair gets really tangled making it difficult to disentangle. Currently matted hair after shampooing is rare since most modern shampoos are accompanied conditioner that protects hair.

When you’re ready to shampoo first of all focus on the scalp hairline behind the ears and around the forehead. In these areas is often the accumulation of sebum or oil from your hair. Then proceed to wash it down to prevent the opening of the cuticle layer that can cause hair tip branching.

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Considered Damaging Hair Style Rihanna Eyes!

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Although it is often too vulgar, but Rihanna’s fashion sense proved much embraced by the fans. But who would have thought that turned out to be Rihanna hairstyle can damage the eyes. How?

Considered Damaging Hair Style Rihanna Eyes!

Considered Damaging Hair Style Rihanna Eyes!

As reported by the Dailymail, research shows that hair style that is often displayed Rihanna oblique impact was less good for eyesight. Of course, not just Rihanna who uses this hairstyle. Artists such as Justin Bieber and Frankie Sandford are also fans of the emo-style hair.

Angled hair like that pointed out as the main cause of eye damage called Amblyopia, commonly known as ‘Lazy Eye’. This disease causes a patient’s eyes can not see clearly, so it must rely on a single eye.

Indeed, experts agree that the style of emo hairstyles skew is a major cause of this disease. Thus, any teen hair style that mimics the potential experience this disorder.

If young emo cover their eye with angled hair all the time, the eye can not see well. If it occurs at a young age, it will trigger a amblyotic, said Andrew Hogan as the representative of the Society Optometris Tasmania.

So, be careful!

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3 Steps to Awesome Prom Hairstyles

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Prom season is here! In just a matter of days, you must be prepared to look beautiful on this important feast. It’s before attempting a new style or changing the model bangs, first prepares your hair so perfectly beautiful and prom-ready with 3 easy steps below.

3 Steps to Awesome Prom Hairstyles

3 Steps to Awesome Prom Hairstyles


  • Two weeks before the prom, do two things:
  • Combing the hair using your fingers.
  • If the finger is not stopped or hindered matted hair, proceed to the next step.
  • Combing the hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  • When the hair was matted, it means you need to redefine the beauty of your hair!


Hair can be arranged so that perfect prom time later, find out first is because it causes the hair becomes dry and rough texture, so it easily tangled hair, unruly and many flyaway hair. Now, proceed to the next step to a solution.


To overcome the problem of your hair, plus look beautiful on prom night, do not hard, really! Enough to start a new habit of wearing Sunsilk Soft & Smooth Conditioner after every shampoo, to maintain the condition of the hair is always smooth and soft so perfect and easy to manage. Here’s how:

Having clean hair after shampooing with shampoo, wipe the conditioner starting from the center to the lower end of the hair (avoid applying it from the base of the hair, because just will make the hair greasy and limp fast, you know!).

Wait for 1 minute before rinsing the hair, conditioner that can absorb up to every strand of hair. After that, rinse thoroughly.

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Starred Hair with Hair Mask

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Sure you want instead of having a healthy and shiny hair? was not necessary to the salon to get it because now you can do at home with a homemade hair mask.

Starred Hair with Hair Mask

Starred Hair with Hair Mask

Avocado and banana mask

Benefits: to restore luster to hair and menutrisinya strong and healthy.


1/2 banana
1 egg
1/2 of an avocado
2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons buttermilk
3 tablespoons olive oil


Mash bananas eggs and alupkat in a small bowl until smooth. Then enter the honey buttermilk and olive oil Setelh all is well blended apply on hair from roots to hair ends. Let stand for 30 minutes then wash with shampoo and rinse with water.

Use regularly every two weeks to keep hair healthy glow.

Yogurt hair mask

This type of mask is suitable for dry and curly hair because this mask can make a smooth and hair retain moisture.


1 egg whites only take
1/4 cup yogurt with no sense of the original
1/4 cup mayonnaise


whipped egg whites until frothy then insert the yogurt and mayonnaise blended. Then wet your hair first then apply a mask on your hair gently with a massage. Your hair with a shower cap cup for 30 minutes then wash with shampoo and rinse with cold water.

If you routinely use, at least once a month then your hair will retain moisture longer and does not dry too dull.

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Learn about Hair Care Mistakes

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Some women always pay attention to health and beauty of their hair. However, there is little wrong when performing hair care.

Learn about Hair Care Mistakes

Learn about Hair Care Mistakes

A well-known hairstylist Sean Hanna found some hair care mistakes often made by women who make the ‘crown’ it becomes beautiful. As reported by the Women’s Everything, the following explanation.

1. Regular Cutting Hair

Most women do not regularly cut their hair because they want to grow it. This can lead to hair tip branching and damaged delaying even growth. Therefore, the cut ends of your hair regularly every two or three months, both for the health of your hair.

2. Not Using Conditioner

Not a few women who do not want to use hair conditioner for fear of being so greasy. Though applying conditioner after applying shampoo will make hair shiny, smooth, and unbranched.

3. Using a shampoo that is keeping with Hair Types

You need to consider the content contained on hair care products before using it, such as shampoo and conditioner. Every woman has a type and a different hair texture. If you are unsure which product is selected it never hurts to ask a product that fits your hair type to hair stylists. Do not forget to always check the content of the product before buying.

4. Not provide water when Using Shampoo

Hair looks dull if you pour shampoo directly to the hair and then rinse it basalah. The proper way is pour the shampoo into your palm and add a little water. A mixture of water and shampoo to make more foam that works to release the active ingredients in the product so dirt and husband on the hair can be lifted perfectly. Afterward rinse thoroughly.

5. All Strands Hair Coloring Coloring at Home Today

Perhaps you are one of the women who frequently do coloring hair at home because it is more flexible and not spending much money. You also apply the hair color throughout the hair. If you do it often can be dry and damaged hair. To avoid damage try to apply hair dye on the roots as well as in certain parts of the color has faded.

6. Hair comb from roots

Combing the hair from the root is often done by women so hair does not tangle. This was repeated so that it can make hair fall out. In addition to breaking up the root the cuticle layer (the outermost layer of the hair) can be damaged.

7. Rinsing Shampoo or Conditioner with Hot Water

Using hot water when rinsing the shampoo can damage the hair and scalp. Hot water can also stimulate the production of oil so that your hair becomes limp fast. Use water to rinse your hair a little cold or warm water.

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