Foot Care Tips Spa at Home

Legs do not have oil glands that are useful for moisturizing, so you need to do a special foot care on a regular basis.

Foot Care Tips Spa at Home

Foot Care Tips Spa at Home

Instead of going to expensive places to treat foot spa, you can try to do foot care at home without having to pay expensive. Here’s how to get a foot spa treatment at home, as reported by Bold sky.

1. Remove Cat Nails

The first step to do is remove your nail polish. Use nail polish remover is acetone-free in order to maintain luster of the nails and the nail is not easily broken. Wearing nail polish remover containing acetone can make your nails look dull and rough.

2. Nail clippers

In addition to the foot is part of the body most often exposed to dirt giving rise to infection, long toenails are also prone to break. If you want to maintain the beauty and health of toes make sure your toenails cut short.

3. Foot Soak

Soak your feet in warm water, added a little salt so that the dirt can be cleaned easily. Let stand at the foot in warm water for 8-10 minutes.

4.Scrub / Brush

You can clean the dead skin on the feet with a soft bristle brush or pumice stone. Rub the pumice stone or a fluffy brush to foot slowly from the ankles to the back and feet. Do not miss also rub between the toes. After cleaning the skin off your feet from the attached, soak the back foot in warm water. Add a little baking soda in warm water followed by immersion foot massage 4-5 minutes.

5. Clean with Lemon

In order to look more white and shiny you can rub a cut lemon to the feet and toenails repeatedly. After doing all the stages of foot care wash your feet. Simply washing using clean water do not use soap because it can make the skin dry feet.

6. Moisten

To moisturize the skin of your feet can put olive oil almond oil or body lotion evenly over the surface of the skin of the foot. Let it sit for a few moments before walking or wearing shoes.

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