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Anara Atanes sexy in bed girlfriend of Samir Nasri,Sexy brunette, busty,without make-up,dressed in her special little lingerie

Anara Atanes Sexy In Bed, the Girlfriend of Samir Nasri Reveals Itself Naturally!

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Anara Atanes sexy in bed, Grabbed her Instagram account, the one Didier Deschamps has still not forgiven, was unveiled to the natural before going to bed … Sexy brunette provocative!

While Fanny Neguesha recently unveiled is absolutely hot in her swimsuit and offered an insight into her very busty, another WAG decided to play her sexy selfie and compete.

It was in her bed as muse Sorella wanted to appear without make-up, dressed in her special little lingerie soften Morpheus and Samir Nasri. Grabbed her Instagram account, the brunette provocative posted a picture on which she delivers her little face natural … Here is what the former French international has the right when she goes to bed. What sweet dreams, is not it?

Anara Atanes sexy in bed girlfriend of Samir Nasri,Sexy brunette, busty,without make-up,dressed in her special little lingerie

Anara Atanes sexy in bed girlfriend of Samir Nasri,Sexy brunette, busty,without make-up,dressed in her special little lingerie

Anara Atanes sexy in bed

In a recent interview with The Team, the coach of the Blues returned to the case Anara Atanes insults and said she could not forgive such an act and did not accept the apology BFF Karrueche Tran: “We can not let them say or write whatever excuse the response to hot, it’s too easy.” he had dropped.

Anara will not have the opportunity to insult France and its football team as there was a little more than two weeks, the young man of 27 years announced retire from international and therefore renounced the Blues.

Anara Atanes sexy in bed girlfriend of Samir Nasri,Sexy brunette, busty,without make-up,dressed in her special little lingerie

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Age 9 Months! Princess Victoria Beckham Offered So Model

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Daughter of the couple David and Victoria Beckham, Beckham Seven Harper has been able to attract attention from birth. Now, at the age of nine months, Harper began to be offered to be a model.Age 9 Months! Princess Victoria Beckham Offered So Model

As quoted from The Fash Pack Telegraph, Harper received his first modeling offer from a site that sells gifts for babies, Emily Sandford from the site immediately wrote a letter to Harper’s contract offer that.

“Both parents are fashion icons and we see no reason why you do not start a career in fashion since a young age,” it said Emily.

In her letter, she also told me how much since it first appeared in public; Harper already has the style and good taste. “You are the first choice for our advertising,”

Of course the letter was quite strange because Harper was just nine months and of course can not be read. Strangeness of the letter intensified so as she also expressed about the payment for these tiny babies.

“With regard to the laws of child labor, we can negotiate about the contract or pay directly with you. For that is why your father and mother had a copy of this letter. We would be very happy to talk with them about payment. We are prepared to pay large amounts of to make you our advertising model.

It is not yet known what David and Victoria Beckham’s comments about a letter offering the job to their daughter. Surely now the Beckhams are preparing for the handsome footballer’s birthday which falls tomorrow May 2nd.

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We thought Gisele’s 5-year-old model-turned-designer was slightly young niece, but it seems a you just can not get your career started young enough in the modeling world, ESPECIALLY if you’re a blood relation of the world’s hottest celebrity couple.

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Date Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Melorot Pants

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Funny incident experienced by rapper Kanye, West during a date with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Go out with Kim, Kanye pants suddenly fell slightly.

The incident occurred last weekend when Kanye and Kim out of the car. Both were recently in a restaurant having dinner with N62, the middle of Manhattan and walked into the apartment.

Kanye seemed to be wearing black leather pants with a jacket dipadamkannya and t-shirt. Apparently a pair of Balenciaga’s output does not fit snugly at the waist rapper who is also the designer.

When out of the car, Kanye slightly sagging pants. As a result the thigh and underwear he looks 34 years. Paparazzi that were stalking along Kanye Kim did not miss the moment.

Fortunately the incidence of sagging pants is not seen Kim. As quoted by the Daily News, Kim is walking in front of Kanye, fun showing off her smile to the paparazzi as she walked into her new lover’s apartment.

The news that blow, Kim and Kanye are now engaged. The engagement took place despite the star of reality show Keeping up with the Kardashian has not been officially divorced from Kris Humphries.

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Kris Jenner Kim Dumped Fear Kanye West

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It seems the relationship between Kim Kardashian with Kanye West feared by Kris Jenner Kim’s mother.

Kris Jenner Kim Dumped Fear Kanye West

Kris Jenner Kim Dumped Fear Kanye West

As reported by Contact Music Kris was so worried that if Kanye will go out of their lives especially Kim.

According to a source Kim had already depend on Kanye. So it would be very serious if left Kim with Kanye emptiness.

Kanye is so powerful control Kim. Chances are anything will do to make Kanye Kim was always on the side of the woman,” said a source who refused to be named.

Kanye is also reported to have changed little in the way Kim dressed. Still according to these sources the day of Kim’s style of dress more boldly and openly.

No wonder when I discovered the fact that Kris did my best to always be positive. she hopes her son was a nightmare come true

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Has Been Engaged

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Proximity Kim Kardashian and Kanye West apparently sweet fruit. Reportedly, the new couple’s relationship has been engaged.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Has Been Engaged

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Has Been Engaged and Happy Together

A source told Showbiz Spy that Kim is not officially divorced from Kris Humphries basketball player that will receive the fiancee of Kanye. Kanye seemed not to mess with her decision to undergo a more serious relationship.

“Kanye Kim applied for earlier this month And Kim immediately said ‘Yes’. But she (Kim) wants to live a long engagement relationship, she has learned that it does not want to get married,” said the source.

“They were a handsome couple. They have their own income and they have a way of working together,” added the source.

Kim also told the source that she wanted to have children. “she wanted to have a ‘small Kanye’ as soon as possible,” concludes the source.

Earlier, the star of reality TV ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’ was married to Kris Humphries. They decided to split up after 72 days of marriage.

While Kanye West previously dating model Amber Rose. Early last year, behind Amber reveals rift with rapper 34 years due to the presence of Kim Kardashian in the third person.

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Kate Middleton & Prince William Celebrates First Birthday Wedding

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A year is Kate Middleton and Prince William had married life. Celebrations such as what is done by couples who married 29 April 2011 at the Church of Westminster Abbey, London?Kate Middleton & Prince William Celebrates First Birthday Wedding

Reported by People, the couple are always looking compact that does not celebrate her wedding anniversary with a lavish party and special. The day before the wedding anniversary, on Saturday (04.28.2012) Kate and William’s wedding of their friend, Hannah Gillingham.

“The guests were present to make another setting such as royal wedding last year. So many people nearby who were there,” says royal photographer Mark Stewart, who also attended the wedding.

On Sunday (4/29/2012) right on the anniversary of her marriage and William, they celebrate it in a simple way. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was to go to their cottage in North Wales, UK.

This year, Kate and William are very busy with her royal duties. They often travel to various countries for a charity event, gala dinner or other official meetings.

Not seldom, brother of Pippa Middleton was abandoned by her husband to duty. Had circulated the rumor because it often left by William, 30 year-old woman feel uncomfortable.

Kate becomes jealous and very possessive. Reportedly, William was annoyed with her attitude.

Kim Kardashian Denies Kitchen scandal Updates

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Last weekend Kim Kardashian photo-like without cloth in the kitchen frying eggs was reportedly in circulation. But now Kim has denied the photos.

Kim Kardashian Denies Kitchen scandal Updates

Kim Kardashian Denies Kitchen scandal Updates

Kim’s denial was issued through her spokesman. “It’s not him. It’s obvious. There is absolutely nothing like him,” said spokeswoman Kim at the Daily Mail.

The photos were first reported by MediaTakeOut. According to the site, photo naked Kim before she was done breast augmentation surgery. The site was claimed to have proof of Kim’s breast surgery.

Reality show star that is known to have a hot body. According to Kim, a teenager’s body is curvy as now. To prove it, she never posted a picture of herself in 2008. In the photo, Khloe Kardashian’s brother had been to look atrrackted beauty.

To prove not perform plastic surgery, Kim also said she was ready to diving rays. It is prepared to do to prove that her ass is not the result of the operation.

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Make friends again?

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In the past, Lindsay Lohan is known as a close friend of socialite Paris Hilton. Both girls are often moved from one party to another party together.

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Make friends again

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Make friends again

After completing a cameo role in a series of music events ‘Glee’ on the weekend, Lohan was seen leaving the set to the Bar Marmont. In the early morning local time, the actress was sliding into a house to enjoy the feast that was held until morning.

According to, formerly Hilton is a friend of Lohan was also seen entering the house the same evening and the night before. This raises a presumption that the two girls are friends again.

Lindsay also made news odor problems while undergoing filming ‘Glee’. In addition to being late, she also did not know the part played by. Quoted from MSN Xin, a source said, “Lindsay is a nightmare. She delayed three hours and when it finally came, she did not want to be there,” she said.

However, a spokeswoman for Lohan, Steve Honig claimed it was just a misunderstanding. “The production team came to us and said the Lindsay at 2 o’clock after lunch. They want to shoot Lindsay at 3 o’clock, that’s why no one saw it. Hair styled and makeup done and start a new part at 3 pm.”

Gadis Bali Miss Indonesia 2012 New Winner

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Miss Indonesia 2012 event eventually led to a new winner. Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi, finalists from Bali won the title of Miss Indonesia 2012, Ines charm so prevalent since the beginning of the evening peak of Miss Indonesia event, held at Hall D2 JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta and last night.

This golf athletes managed to steal the attention of judges and television viewers through the questions that the Chairman of the Jury at the same time Miss Indonesia Founder, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo.

When competing with two other colleagues, Ovi Dian Daughter of Cathy and Jennifer Sumia East Java from Jakarta, Ines was so calm and confident answers.

“To convince the jury that chose you to be Miss Indonesia 2012, what other potential you can provide in addition to beautiful, interesting, and insightful,” said Liliana provide questions.

Fluently Ines who chose to answer using the Indonesian language to give a good answer, “I am talented in sports, Indonesia to promote not only of the arts and culture with my achievements in sport, as golf athletes, I can be the name of Indonesia,

Above the stunning answer, gold and silver medalist at the 2004 PON won the prestigious title as Miss Indonesia 2012, replacing Astrid Ellena. Meanwhile, I sat in the Runner up Miss Indonesia 2012 is the Ovi Dian daughter Cathy from East Java and Jennifer Sumia of Jakarta. Ines rid of 33 candidates from all provinces in Indonesia.

Album Photo of Gadis Bali Miss Indonesia 2012

A total of 33 finalists appeared on stage Miss Indonesia 2012, which was then selected 15 large. At this stage of the 15 finalists were tested with a number of questions from fellow finalists. From a presentation to the 15 finalists, five judges Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, Martha Tilaar DR, DR Harry Darsono, Ferry Salim, and Adam Chesnoff decided to select five finalists.

They are Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi from Bali Province, Ovi Aryani Princess Dian (East Java), Jennifer Sumia (DKI Jakarta), Natasha Gabriella (North Maluku) and Miss West Java Wisusena Adila.

The jury then determines the top three, the miss of DKI Jakarta, East Java and Bali. Miss Indonesia the third major candidate is then given the same question by the Chairman of the Jury Liliana Tanoesoedibjo. The jury finally decided Miss England, Miss Indonesia 2012 Ines.

Besides crowned Miss Indonesia, in the event it is also defined six categories of miss A special category, namely Miss Beautiful Skin Rafiqa achieved from NAD Soraya Azhar,
Patricia won the title of Miss Healthy Gunawan from Gorontalo and Miss Maria Gabriela Online achieved from Central Java. Just to note, Ines is a girl born in London, 5 September 1989, an athlete’s professional golf.

He became a champion of the Governor of Bali Cup golf tournament fans to be one of Indonesia’s national team golf. While Jennifer Sumia figure, is a woman holds a master’s degree from Melbourne University.

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Dulce Matuz Immigrants Most Influential People in the World

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Dulce Matuz now managed to live life as a politician as well as the United States despite the celebrity status of illegal immigrants. On the other hand, she also plotted to Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012.

Dulce Matuz Immigrants Most Influential People in the World

Dulce Matuz Immigrants Most Influential People in the World

Matuz an electrical engineering graduate of Arizona State University, Her name was getting dressed after officer’s cornered superpower.

Unmitigated, who cornered Matuz is President Barack Obama, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Senator John McCain. Didamprat three of them with harsh comments related Matuz Dream Act.

The law reads that will allow children of illegal immigrants to gain legal status after completing college or join the military units. However, until now Matuz not get the rights that echoed the Act.

U.S. immigration debate brings nightmare for Matuz. He also represented her generation to be recognized by taking college scholarships and graduate degree Cleaner electrical-engineering degree. After graduation she was confronted with legal obstacles residence status and chooses to fight for the right to live.

“When I was little, very difficult for people like me get legal status. I and other children defined as a criminal and should be deported,” Matuz as reported Tucson citizen.

To be eligible, the Matuz was founded at the same time as President of Arizona Dream Act Coalition. A social institution is a way that can be taken to obtain citizenship for illegal immigrants who have been educated to college or work in the military.

Fighting for citizenship status

Matuz first spoke as a student in 2010 in Arizona illegally. Two years earlier, she founded the Arizona Dream Act Coalition.

As founder and president, she wanted to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds to ask for the rights of citizenship campaigns. The reason, about 65 thousand students who graduated high school illegal in the United States each year are not recognized nationality.

These actions attracted the attention of actress and activist Eva Longoria to write Matuz life experience. Matuz not ashamed of his illegal status and never afraid of what will happen to him.

“We want to be recognized. There are 300 thousand Latin voters not registered as residents in Arizona. We also can not vote and a voice,”

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