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Maybe because it was too dear, Angelina Jolie would do anything to make Brad Pitt happy. Launched by Digital Spy, Jolie reckless spending of $ 1.6 million or about 14 billion to his fiancee.

Angelina Jolie Buy $ 14 Billion Helicopter For Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie Buy $ 14 Billion Helicopter For Brad Pitt

That kind of money used by Jolie to buy a helicopter so that Brad Pitt can learn to drive the tool, surprisingly, the helicopter was given the absence of a birthday or anything, purely as a gift.

Their house in France has a helipad. So there's nothing wrong if Jolie bought a helicopter to give a surprise to her future husband," said a source.

The source went on to say, "Even though Brad Pitt has a license to drive a helicopter but he needs some training classes to begin in the near future. Training was done to anticipate things that are not desirable"

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Actress Sienna Miller had one use hair coloring. When it does, to deal with emergencies that Sienna use with tomato sauce. Why tomato sauce?

Sienna Miller Rely Tomato Sauce At One Hair Color
Sienna Miller Rely Tomato Sauce At One Hair Color

Sienna tells the story, the problem of the worst hair ever experienced when she tried to paint the crown was a brown color. When the ex-boyfriend Jude Law has chosen to use henna.

"I think I'm smart because it's natural. But it was even so the worst thing I ever did because everything (henna) stuck to the hair root (follicle) that nothing more could be included," she told Marie Claire magazine quoted as saying by Daily Mail .

"I ended up using tomato sauce for color removal kehijauannya," Sienna added.

Henna is a herbal hair dye made ??from plants. Usually henna is used by some indigenous people in Africa to dye skin, hair, and nails.

Not once was it, an error in the dress she'd ever done. Once the movie star says 'Factory Girl' was, she never failed to get the desired effect while using false eyelashes.

"I've made ??a mistake when wearing false eyelashes, which actually makes me look sad, puppy-eyed look," she said. Though Sienna wanted to be like other women when wearing false eyelashes, the eyes became more dramatic look.

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Actress Eva Longoria openly about her divorce with basketball player Tony Parker. In an intimate conversation in a TV show, Eva blatantly says that the cause of damage to household relationship is infidelity.

Open-aperture Eva Longoria Ex-Husband Infidelity Problem
Open-aperture Eva Longoria Ex-Husband Infidelity Problem

Star of the series 'Desperate Housewives' was decided apart from Tony in 2010. The news first broke, Eva immediately divorced him because she was the Frenchman caught having an affair.

Now, speculation is revealed truth. During an interview with photographer and former British actress, Amanda de Cadenet in the show "The Amanda de Cadenet Conversation With", Eva admits that her ex-husband's infidelity that made him decide the knot.

37 year-old woman said as quoted by Contact Music, "People usually assume there is something wrong with the woman: 'Oh, her husband having an affair means she can not sexually satisfy her husband ...' Why should there be a reason for cheating? It's certainly not because of me. "

Eva leaves Tony after reading hundreds of text messages sent to her ex-husband of another woman on his cell phone. After knowing that her husband was unfaithful, Eva got to thinking, "It's me less hot? Less beautiful? Less smart?"

The actress who is also the restaurateur added, "With so many questions, I have to stop thinking and conscious action, 'No, do not start (thinking) like that.' Because you will be trapped in the circle and can do things that no-no.

Since the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton is more often seen with classic clothing that does not accentuate her body but lately she dared to look hot.

Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot
Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot

People pay attention to any changes that make her look more daring now. First, she shows the beauty of her feet when attending a dinner party last week. At that time she wore a Roland Mouret dress that has a slit. Previously she had never dressed a like.

Kate returned to the show a little hot for the second time on Friday (5/11/2012) ago while attending the BOA Olympic Concert at Royal Albert Hall, London. She wore a Jenny Packham dress design. The dress is made from lace, showing a little back. First, if you wear similar dress, she would cover it with a cardigan or blazer.

Not only that, Packham dress also exposing her neck. V collar dress usually worn by Kate not to be too low to the chest.

One more change than she showed last week's Kate. Duchess of Cambridge was dared to wear shoes with peeptoe models. To be present at the two events mentioned above, she wore high heels Jimmy Choo sandals. Reasons for this choice seems to violate the norms of the foot of the kingdom. So far, the Queen Elizabeth and the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, always wear closed shoes with low-heeled.

Some time ago, Lady GaGa announced the shocking news about the split from Taylor Kinney but now, he faced the fact that contrary to the public instead.

Lady GaGa - Taylor Kinney's fiance
Lady GaGa - Taylor Kinney's fiance

As reported by The Sun, photographer Terry Richardson, which is actually a close friend GaGa upload a photo via twitter. In the photo, it appears the singer of song Born This Way is currently exhibiting a row of rings on her fingers.

GaGa show off the ring action may not be anything. It is more surprising is the caption written by Terry who explained that the ring is worn GaGa engagement ring.

"Gaga showing off a new engagement ring!" Terry wrote.

This picture, in the end make the public wonder about the relationship status GaGa and Taylor Kinney. Terry and GaGa itself is known to be close. Some time ago, GaGa was even upload a photo of her was showing off her chest when she was with Terry.

Kim Kardashian is already used to look hot but this time she seems a little too much in the style of clothing that she wore. Too much like what the heck?

Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple
Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple

As reported by The Sun, Kim was wearing clothes that are too thin when present in the inauguration of a new business in Canada. Despite wearing a bra but the bulge in the chest was still clearly visible.

At that Kim seemed to be wearing chocolate themed clothing. In addition to wearing a belt decorated with chocolate, Kim was also wearing a brown shirt slicked thin with a number of accessories.

Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple
Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple

On that occasion, Kim appears accompanied by her girlfriend, Kanye West but while Kim seemed cheerful and a faint smile on the media crew, Kanye even put creepy face without a smile adorned.

Kim himself is present in Canada in order to launch a new venture opening jewelry. In addition to inaugurate her new business, Kim is also promoting her latest jewelry products in the region.

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Anne Hathaway is a professional artist. Once willing to cut her hair short, she is now 29 years old is willing to lose weight drastically. Want to know the results.As reported by the Dailymail, the crazy diet that looks very well when the Devil Wears Prada star was enjoying a holiday in Miami on Friday (11/5) last.

OMG! Anne Hathaway Skull Life So Changed
OMG! Anne Hathaway Skull Life So Changed

Body which contains it is now beginning to become very thin.On that occasion, Anne seemed to be wearing a black bikini. Instead of sexiness Anne show, bikini that actually show the public how his body was only bones

Shortly after the water content to play on the beach, Anne began wearing T-shirts that can cover at least the frightening scene. The all-out this diet lived for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.

Anne certainly not the first artist on a diet all out like this After Kate Middleton is on a strict diet before her wedding to Prince William, Demi Moore also looks like a skull when the household lives with Ashton Kutcher overwritten infidelity issues in 2011 and

(diameter / laugh)

Mainstay of supermodel Tyro Banks sentences every start the show "America's Next Top Model" is probably familiar to your ears. Reality show that aims to find young girls who are gifted to be an international model is so successful that Tanganyika been running for 8 years, 18 seasons running, and created local versions in more than 100 countries. And this year, Asia will be one of them.

Nadya Hutagalung Guiding Ready Asia's Next Top Model
Nadya Hutagalung Guiding Ready Asia's Next Top Model

Asia's Next Top Model is a "branch" latest top model series which gives an opportunity for Asian women for a career in the international fashion industry, together with models from Europe and the United States. to guide this event as well as the main jury, chosen model / actress / presenter famous Nadya Hutagalung.

Former VJ bloody Indonesia - Australia is not a name familiar to the public Asia. In 2000, he was selected as one of "Asia's Leading Trendmakers" by Asia Week magazine and is on the same list with the Dalai Lama, Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fatt. the magazine also menobatkannya Female Magazine Singapore as "Singapore's Most Gorgeous Woman.

"There are so many beautiful women in Asia who want to try out the catwalk in Milan and Paris. Event aims to find them, educate them and guide them towards a successful career as an international model," said Nadya about Asia's Next Top Model.

Yahoo! Indonesia was talking with a woman who lives in Singapore is about Asia's Next Top Model and model of Indonesia about the opportunity to compete with the top model of the world. Consider the following interview.

Yahoo! Indonesia: As the host Asia's Next Top Model, I can not help you surely will be compared later with Tyra Banks. Was prepared for it?
Nadya Hutagalung: Host not just a top model Tyra Banks. There Elle Macpherson on Britain's Next Top Model, Sarah Murdoch in Australia there, and so forth. Each country is guided to different people with different characters and each brings something unique. I could not fully replicate what Tyra did despite what she's doing it so well that the event is a success all over the world but I believe each host has something unique and special that can be contributed to the event.

About you will be a jury that like?
I'll be honest jury. Actually no different from Tyra and the other judges. I want to be an honest judge, delivering the real thing be it good or bad thing, so participants can get a lesson that will be a stock in the course of their career in the modeling world.

Is the model of Indonesia can exist in the world fashion industry alongside models of the U.S. and Europe?
I think Indonesia has begun to attract the attention of the world, and this event is a good opportunity for them to get exposure. That's why I asked the women in Indonesia who are ambitious to be a model, or the women who often gets advice "you should be a model" of many people, this is an opportunity for you.

But why an international model that came from Indonesia, or Southeast Asia, the numbers are so little?
I think it's part of the trend, yes. But Asia now has begun to enter the radar. If we see the runway in America or Europe, there is always a model of Asia. The world needs a model from Asia to represent the women of Asia and to represent what is happening in this world.

Who is your favorite model of Indonesia?
Izabel Jahja. She was a model professional and Indonesia are very well build his career. She is one model that I know and have extensive knowledge.

How to remove the assumption that the model was just a tall woman, pretty but not smart?
As women, we must strengthen ourselves with science. Just look at Tyra Banks, she was successful as a model and businesswoman but she was still studying and had just graduated from Harvard Business School. I do not think it's true that the model merely physical. We must prove that we also have other qualities. I always advise women to have a backup plan, something else to do besides modeling.

Nicky Hilton clothing line ever demanding business partnership with a U.S. $ 5 million, or approximately USD 46 billion. The cause, she feels cheated and abandoned by her business partner is.

Nicky Hilton Prosecute Former Business Partner Fashion Rp 46 M
Nicky Hilton Prosecute Former Business Partner Fashion Rp 46 M

Sister of socialite Paris Hilton has claimed that the Asher Group is responsible for the failure of the fashion business he took over in 2006. At that time, 28-year-old woman signed a cooperation contract with Elihayu Asher Cohen and Nicky Hilton Group to launch a Worldwide and their superior products on the market under her name.

According to Nicky, as reported by Contact Music, Elihayu Cohen and Asher Group pledged to provide USD 44 billion to fund operations. They also guarantee will give Nicky a salary of Rp 2.3 billion, plus an increase of 10 percent each year.

But a lawsuit filed in LA County Superior court, Nicky Asher Group states that it has failed to keep the money worth Rp 44 billion is. Socialite who worked as a fashion designer was insisting she had never received any money from them.

Nicky also accused them of spending money a company owned for personal use are not important. In the lawsuit, he stated that Asher Group has spent up to Rp 83 million a month to pay a personal assistant who thinks only "using most of his time to take care of personal matters Asher and other tasks that are not associated with NHW business."

She also claimed that the act of Asher and Cohen are not responsible for it has led her company is not going well. Nicky must make a 'clean up the mess' they have caused.

Jessica Simpson's happiness seems to be many times over. How could I not, after welcoming her first daughter, Drew Maxwell Johnson, now he ketiban windfall.

Jessica Simpson Baby Photos for Sale USD 36 Billion
Jessica Simpson Baby Photos for Sale USD 36 Billion

As reported by the Dailymail, one of America's biggest magazines, People Magazine, rumored to be buying an exclusive photo baby Jessica is priced at $ 800,000 (more than Rp 7 billion). The news was first advanced by one source at Women's Wear Daily.

Although the amount is arguably the most fantastic but the posted price was clearly smaller than the price that had received Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie. While J-Lo agreed a price of $ 6 million for photos of Max and Emme, Angelina finally gets revenue $ 11 million after selling photos twins.

However, there are other sources who say that the figure $ 800,000 is too small to Jessica. As a result, he was talking to Weight Watchers for a deal price of up to $ 4 million (more than (36 billion).

However, not all celebrities are willing to sell her baby photos to the media. Artists such as Beyonce Knowles and Aishwarya Rai, furiously rejected the media who wish to purchase exclusive photos of their daughter.