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Adele seemed to really enjoy an increasingly global popularity after releasing 21 albums. Where the album managed to achieve sales of 9 million copies in the United States and became the 29th album in the history of a remarkable achievement.

Adele Album Wins 9 Million Loan coffee in the U.S
Adele Album Wins 9 Million Loan coffee in the U.S

A year after the album Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band GREATEST HITS compilation that became the album to-28 who won 9 million in sales, Adele's album 21 entered in the prestigious category.

Reported by contactmusic.com, Adele's 21 albums also recorded remarkable sales in the other chart, in addition to mastering the Billboard 200 chart.

Not only that, as long as 64 weeks, Adele topped the top 10 and managed to beat Paula Abdul album achievement, FOREVER YOUNG GIRL who is ranked second but have Alanis Morissette album Jagged Little Pill which still holds the record for all 72 weeks.

Although Adele achievement is so remarkable but previously had no track record from England to the top 10 in U.S. music history and it is the soundtrack of the movie THE SOUND OF THE MUSIC that managed to be in first position for 109 weeks.

 Russell Brand is in memory of his home life with Katy Perry. The comedian revealed he still loves her ex-wife's.

Russell Brand I Still Love Katy Perry

I still mencintanya as a human being But sometimes we feel in a relationship that can not be successful," said Russell, as quoted by Showbiz Spy.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married in October 2010. In December 2011 they parted ways because it has a difficult perselisisahn resolved.

Even so, the British actor does not regret marrying the singer of 'Teenage Dream' is. Marriage endured for 14 months they remain a wonderful marriage to Russell.

Not that I menyesel. I'm very happy to marry him (Katy Perry). Not You can make everything as desired," said the man was 36 years.

Sometimes some things have differences and you have to follow it and try to think what is wonderful about yourself and others, in any case," explained the bearded comedian

Kristen Stewart appearance in the film SNOW WHITE AND THE Huntsman not only riveting but also succeeded in changing the image of Snow White that seems to be more powerful weak but what would happen if Snow White was turned into a beautiful Snow Black?

Modify Dark Queen Kristen Stewart So Snow Black
Modify Dark Queen Kristen Stewart So Snow Black

That is what appears when a woman who is also acting in the movie TWILIGHT is present in the film premiere of SNOW WHITE and the Huntsman. As reported by The Sun on Tuesday (15/5) Christian seemed dressed in all black.

On that occasion, the Christian looks fun joking with the cast Queen Ravenna, which is also compact Charlize Theron wearing a black shirt. Laughter full of intimacy is clearly not we meet in the movie Snow White which they starred.

Whether intentional or not, they wear a costume theme is quite similar although the model is clearly different. With a transparent black dress both sworn enemies in front of the screen can still display their sexiness.

Surely not just the two of them who attended the show, In the midst of their compactness, Chris Hems worth is also a moment later joined fellow players and to show solidarity.

Shafie Denies Relationship With Zahida Rafik
Shafie Denies Relationship With Zahida Rafik

KUALA LUMPUR - The Minister of Rural and Regional Development, Datuk Shafie vehemently denied the allegations made by former driver, Noor Azman Azemi, which ties him to the payment of large sums of money to a woman artist, Zahida Rafik.

According to a written statement that we received earlier, Shafie explained that all that is written in the police report lodged by Noor Azman is not true at all.

He is also Vice President of UMNO also said that there were people who spread the report as malicious motivated political parties. Shafie also stressed that he would not hesitate to take legal action against any party to the continued slander and linking his name with the issue.

Zahida previously lodged a police report against Noor Azman said to have run a total of RM200, 000 funds the company after asking the driver is putting money in the account of his family-owned business company.

Noor Azman who "disappeared" before appearing to make a police report claiming that a cabinet minister to submit a sum of RM1.5 million to a woman artist who believed his former employers, Zahida.

(click here to read the article “Revealed: Zahida Rafik defended Minister“).

Speculation continues to be acute when some leaders of opposition political parties to distribute a press conference linked allegations with Shafie name as the minister who gave the money several times to Zahida in large numbers. Below is the full statement Shafie received today;

"I follow very closely a few reports in the media and local blogs that have linked my name to a police report by a man named Noor Azman bin Azemi (No. K / P: 740 214 146 237) No report, dated AMPANG/007017/12 March 13, 2012 which claims to work as a driver under me and associate me with the payment of money so much to an artist named Zahida Binti Mohamed Rafik, "he said.

"With this, I would say that everything stated in the police report is totally NOT TRUE and accompanying statements by individuals who distribute copies of police reports of malicious intent and purely political.

"Accordingly, I am prepared to take legal action against anyone who ceaseless slander me and associate me with this matter.


Thank you.

Dato 'Seri Mohd Shafie Afdal - Kuala Lumpur, 23 April 2012.

So far, Rihanna has always complained about the loneliness of her life without a lover. But now, she is rumored to have a relationship with a basketball athlete. Really?

Athletes Basketball Rihanna dating
Athletes Basketball Rihanna dating

As quoted by Contactmusic, 24 year old singer reportedly had a relationship with New York Knicks star named JR Smith. This was revealed when one of the sources seen both in the intimacy of New York.

"They were dating at the nightclub and seen holding hands. Rihanna spoiled in her arms and looks very close to him," said the source.

JR Smith was also known as a basketball athlete is controversial. Some time ago she was fined $ 25,000 for displaying pornographic pictures on twitter. Controversy is what makes Rihanna interested.

"He was very controversial, so do not be surprised if Rihanna love it," said one source.

During this time, Rihanna is always complaining of her loneliness without the presence of a lover but now, she is rumored to have a relationship with an athlete basketball. Really?

Athletes Basketball Rihanna dating?

As Contact music, the 24 year old singer rumored to have a relationship with New York Knicks star named JR Smith. This was revealed when a source of warmth to see them in New York City.

They were dating at the club night and saw each other hand. Rihanna pampering in her arms and looks very close to it," says a source.

JR Smith appears also known as a controversial basketball athlete. Some time ago he could fine $ 25,000 for pornographic to put pictures on Twitter. The controversy is what makes Rihanna interested. He was very controversial, that is why I wonder if Rihanna love it," says one source.

Both are equally great star to be reckoned with in the entertainment world. That's what probably started the rumor that they often quarreled. Now, they also spoke.

Jennifer Lopez  Cameron Diaz We Fight Hoax
Jennifer Lopez Cameron Diaz We Fight Hoax

As reported by Digital Spy, Jennifer Lopez insists that her relationship with Cameron Diaz had no problems. The same is expressed by Cameron, who was with Jennifer.

When interviewed on the show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the star both played in what to Expect When You're Expecting is laughing at the rumors. The reason, they feel that it is simply not true.

The media says that we will not talk to each other," said Cameron.

Cameron later also confirmed that the rumor was just a trick that media is always trying to find sensation. According to him, the media seemed never satisfied if not see a fight a fellow artist.

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Kim Kardashian back indulgence in her personal life after the wedding along with Kris Humphries entered the reality show, now the socialite is taking her new boyfriend Kanye West to guest star on the same show with her ex-husband of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashian'.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Go Bring Reality Show
Kim Kardashian Kanye West Go Bring Reality Show

Although Kim with Kris failed marriage and only lasted 72 days, she did not give back to show her love life on her reality TV show. However, its hot-bodied star pleaded not going to show affection by Kanye West.

I'm not going show scene in the bath together, drinking champagne or making out on camera like Khloe (Kim's sister) and Lamar," said the woman was 31 years old.

Since Kim got divorced, he said she did not want too much indulgence in her personal life, Women who have the fashion business to be more careful when dividing their privacy in front of the camera.

My heart is less guarded. First I showed myself too much. I'm almost ashamed to show my wedding, whether it's a camera or not," said Kim.

Kim is now possible to share more of her personal life with her lover Kanye West. Kim and rapper who also designed the clothes are not admitted if they had been dating but intimacy has shown no special relationship between them.

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Kristen Stewart is unlikely to forget the last sequel to the movie Twilight. Because, lover Robert Pattinson has received a puncture wound in her leg while filming the remake undergoing phenomenal.

Repeat filming Twilight Kristen Stewart Lame
Repeat filming Twilight Kristen Stewart Lame

22-year-old actress was injured while filming her first hunting scene after becoming a vampire.

Although wounded, Christians do not hesitate to repeat the scene to get good results. For him, first as a vampire hunting is very important. Therefore, she wanted to do it perfectly albeit with a limp leg.

Just to note, Twilight of the players back to Vancouver, Canada to undergo a re-shoot, although no additional dialogue, the director wants the image that are considered less.

I hurt my own two feet. I try not to wear high heels too. First hunting scene is so important; I want everything to be perfect. We all want to be so" Christian said, as quoted by Female first, Monday (05/07/2012).

Congratulations to new brides and grooms! Beautiful wedding Fasha Sandha actress, 28, with Rizal Ashram Ramli her lover aka Jejai, 36, will be held at a hotel in the capital and not in her own Fasha stated that prior to this. Council exclusive to the family and close friends will be held on the 27th of April is as shown in the wedding invitation card, which had been circulated.

Fasha Sandha & Aka Jejai Marriage on 27 April Congratulations!
Fasha Sandha & Aka Jejai Marriage on 27 April Congratulations!

While there is a rumor saying respsinya ceremony will be held on 29 April in Bali, Indonesia that involves only about 100 people, including family members and media.

According to the plan, couples romantic wedding dresses local designers touch I get popular, Rizman Ruzaini, while making up the face of the trust to be the bride had to be given to well-known beautician favorite artists, Tiar Zainal.

"We started slowly, as do their respective work schedules compact but thank God everything is finished." - Jejai

Who is an entrepreneur Jejai Fasha a woman who described her life complete. Hmm ...

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Who does not recognize that Jennifer Lopez is a superstar? But behind its popularity, it appeared that she was afraid of Britney Spears. What frightened him?

Jennifer Lopez & Britney Spears Makes Fear
Jennifer Lopez & Britney Spears Makes Fear

Apparently, the fear of women 42 years was caused by Britney hired as a juror X-FACTOR For Jennifer, the collaboration between Britney and Demi Lovato in the event that would threaten her show, AMERICAN IDOL.

I felt a little afraid of them ... It's a live event on TV, there are many pressures that we must live but I think they will do their best," said a woman who was familiarly called J-Lo is on the Sun.

However, the jury AMERICAN IDOL is still positive. Although the two rival musicians are not to be taken lightly but she is optimistic the show will remain successful.

Yes, just be yourself. I guess that's just really important to be yourself, not someone else who was not you," she said when asked about his message on Britney and Demi.