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120 Brands & Talented Designers Exhibition Ramaikan Asia Model Blueprint

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Blueprint, sales of fashion exhibition in Asia, held back As one of Asia Fashion Exchange program in 2012, this event featuring 120 designer and brand Asia that must be known.

120 Brands & Talented Designers Exhibition Ramaikan Asia Model Blueprint

120 Brands & Talented Designers Exhibition Ramaikan Asia Model Blueprint

Exhibition held at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore will be exhibiting a collection of Pre-Spring of the designers and the best brand in Asia and the world. 40 percent followed by the designers and brands from Singapore, and the rest of Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo and others.

Blueprint is intended that the convening of the Asia designers get the opportunity to introduce his collection at the international level. The exhibition that was held for four days from 17 until May 20, 2012 was divided into two functions.

April 17 and May 18, Blueprint ‘Tradeshow’ is only open to buyers from various countries. In the meantime, consumers can enjoy even more brands and designers from the date of 19 to 20 May. Blueprint ‘Emporium’ will bring more than 200 designers and fashion brands.

There are several internationally renowned designer names and Asia that followed the Blueprint. They are Timo Weiland of New York, Yeojin Bae of Melbourne, Maria Francesca Pepe of London, Dressed-undressed of Tokyo and Juma of Toronto.

In addition, there are also some designers and brand Indoneia which also follows the exhibition which is sponsored by Lee Hwa Jewellery’s. Some of them are Alleira, Nikicio, Capital T, Coloriot, Havehead Footwear, Kandura Porcelina, ISIS, Tulola and Some are thieves.

According to watch list etcfashion blog, there are many designers and brand with interesting work. One of them the London-based designee Ostwald Helga son. For Autumn Winter 2012 collection, she presents boxy sweater cut combined with a crinkled skirt at the bottom. Boyish but still chic!

For accessories, jewelry such as bracelets, rings and bow tie Carrie K’s work is attention. Made from molten metal, a series of accessories that are large and chunky it remains light when used.

Brand Japan, Ojaga design offers a colorful accessory ipad case, briefcase, purse hair tied up bermaterial camel and cow leather. Finally, a collection of plastic bags and leather works including works Baggu a ‘must to watch’. Selection of fluorescent colors make these bags a series of increasingly attracting attention.

3rd International Young Designers Exhibition of Work in the AFC

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The fourth day of asia fashion exchange event not only enlivened by the Blueprint trade show. But also enlivened with a fashion show of young designers International.

3rd International Young Designers Exhibition of Work in the AFC

3rd International Young Designers Exhibition of Work in the AFC

Demonstration entitled ‘Future Fashion Now’ was created to support designers and brands who want to develop that quality is increasingly recognized world wide. On Thursday (5/17/2012), Esther Perbandt, Timo Weiland and Yeojin Bae got a chance to show off their latest work at the Audi Fashion Festival tent located on Orchard Road, Singapore.

Fashion show begins with the collection Fall / Winter 2012 from designers from Berlin, Germany, Esther Perbandt. Designers are known for edgy design style gives a touch of rock on the range of clothing.

Seen from a corset tops overalls drapes and accessories that were dangling gold chain detail. But there are some overalls that still look ‘ladylike’ feminine detail thanks to games such as drapes and cut backless.

After Esther, the fashion show was followed by a collection of Timo Weiland. For her latest collection, the designer who had become specialized investment bankers such material featuring the canal feminine with lace, chiffon and silk.

In matters of color, Timo and her partner Alan Eckstein chose a soft color palette combined with neon. For example, such as gray with a green highlighter or dusty pink with a purple light. Although quite attractive in terms of color, but the game actually refreshes the eye motif Timo.

“You could say my design style characteristic of the print game. I like the textured material that combines with other materials with exciting motives,” Timo said when interviewed on the show Blueprint wolipop a degree in Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore, Thursday (17/05/2012).

The last designer showcased her work is the Korea-Australia-blooded designer, Yeojin Bae. A simple silhouette so Yeojin strength. Collection of minimal detail does not appear boring because Yeojin managed to choose an attractive pastel colors.

10 Bazar Photo Exhibition Mode Atmospher Blueprint

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Blueprint is a fashion product sales exhibition in Asia, which is part of the Asia Fashion Exchange 2012. Take place on Thursday (5/17/2012) yesterday, what kind of mood the most anticipated event of the Singapore fashion fans? Listen here.

10 Bazar Photo Exhibition Mode Atmospher Blueprint

10 Bazar Photo Exhibition Mode Atmospher Blueprint

1. Entrance

Event held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore was held over four days beginning from March 17 until May 20, 2012.

2. The Opening Ceremony

As one of Asia Fashion Exchange program in 2012, Blueprint, too, is supported by the Singapore government, Seen sales and industry ministers in Singapore to deliver a speech at the opening of the Blueprint.

3. Crowded

The atmosphere of the exhibition on the first day was quite crowded, seen a few buyers and journalists to frequently asked questions with designers and brand owners.

4. Accessories Collection

Here’s one of a collection of accessories that attract attention. Carrie K designers create bracelets, rings and bow tie made of molten metal that is very light.

5. Other Accessories

Many designers and brand Asia who creates incredible. One is Ojaga design. Japanese brand offers colorful accessories made from cow and camel leather.

6. Bag

Baggu bags are brand enough to attract attention. In addition to its selection of material and unique shape, the game makes neon colors Baggu bag collection became more conspicuous.

7. Ostwald Helgason

London-based designer offers a series of multi-colored clothing. One of the highlights is cut boxy sweater combined with crinkled skirt at the bottom. Boyish but still chic!

8. Timo Weiland

The former investment banker is one of the young designers whose names are already taken into account. Timo is identical to the print collection, is now taking inspiration from the style of the 90s grunge era for his latest collection.

9. Isis

Indonesia one of the participating brand in the exhibition displays the collection of sales of fashion products in Asia, Blueprint is Isis.

Fronted by Andrea Brand Risjad it offers a range of clothing in all black with texture and detail that is not unusual.

10. Nikicio

Not only Isis, another brand that Indonesia also enlivens the Blueprint is Nikicio. If the previous collection fashion show full of color, now Nikicio again offer a black dress with a pattern of ocean waves.

Celebrate the 30th Birthday, Guess degree Modem Installation in Senayan City

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30 years ago, the Marciano brothers launched a brand focused on denim collection in California. They slowly managed to steal the attention of America with a collection of hot jeans, complete with an ad campaign that is not less sensual touch of black in white.

Celebrate the 30th Birthday, Guess degree Modem Installation in Senayan City

Celebrate the 30th Birthday, Guess degree Modem Installation in Senayan City

With DNA characters ‘hoty, wild and adventurous’, created the name Guess who is always featuring hot female icons to date. Beginning with the use of the figure of German model, Claudia Schiffer and change according to season.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary, Guess Indonesia held a single fashion show in the atrium of Senayan City, Wednesday (16/05/2012). The iconic theme is selected and displays the return figure Claudia Schiffer in a video ad. Singer Dewi Sandra also helped enliven the show with the two newest songs.

In addition to entertainment fashion show of the latest kolesi Guess and a single performance Dewi Sandra, this brand also featured a fashion installation in the atrium Senayan City. Selana lasted five days to 20 May, will be enlivened with a preview fashion, entertainment, mannequins and DJ performance.

Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the session as the nail polish and photobooth pictures in particular. The theme of ‘How to be a Guess Girl’, visitors can know how to look hot style Guess who packed the all-round hot dress, dared to draw the attention and glamor are striking.

Latest Reviews of Chanel Fashion for 2013

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Karl Lagerfeld recently Chanel Cruise 2013 collection showcases the latest in the Palace of Versailles, Paris, France. A condensed collection will feel the 18th century it seemed to combine the theme of a futuristic style of the movie ‘The Fifth Element’ by ‘Marie Antoinette’.

As to whether the collection?

1. Shades of Blue & Denim

Demonstration opened with a series of dresses in shades of blue and denim skirt silhouette is ultra feminine. Consistently displayed a white casual shoes as an accessory in most clothing.

2. Pastel tinge

Pastel colors are also presented to give the impression of a typical soft material in the channel the tweed. The modelpun wearing some stylish pastel colors Bob wig so that it looks fit the theme.

3. Cap width

Collections are designed for this holiday season, do not complete if not wide, presenting a large cap. Consider also the form of briefs ditansformasikan typical 18th century into a full lace shorts.

4. Skin-round

Imaging is not only sweet girls, some of the collections seen dedicated to the riders, such as black leather jackets and pants that applicable sparkling sequins.

5. Men’s Clothing

Of the total 71 dress that was exhibited, also slipped three menswear collection. One of them brought the plant sprinklers are wrapped with leather sewing typical Chanel oppressed.

6. Evening Gown

Presented in evening gown of silk chiffon silhouette stacks. Lightweight, waving and blessing the full sophistication of the applied print motif on the front of the dress.

7. Black Wedding Dress

There is also a collection of black dress shirt model of long white tail attached. Unique because it combines the feel of casual, sporty and gothic.

8. The angel wings

Playing with the structure of the shoulder, the white dress is designed to resemble the wings of angels. Suitable for brides who want to be different at her wedding.

9. Daughter of Mick Jagger

Among the models, there were also the daughter of rocker Mick Jagger, Georgia May is a model wearing a halter top and mini skirt trimmed with frill detail.

10. The Maestro

Closing the show, the designer, Karl Lagerfeld suit with plaid tops. In contrast to the usual appearance dressed only in black and white.

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Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

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Some people, the name of Nicola Formichetti may not have been so familiar but keep in mind that he is the creative brains behind the fashion house Thierry Mugler meat dress and Lady Gaga’s phenomenal as to what course of his career?

Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

The 34-year-old man has a multiracial family background, Japan and Italy. So do not be surprised if childhood Nicola – Nicola Formichetti friendly greeting spent between two cities, Rome and Tokyo.

Initially, Nicola did not know that he has exceptional talent in the field of fashion. In 1997, he moved to London to study architecture because it did not fit the interests and expectations, the man once known as the ‘Party Boy’ that did not complete his studies.

Nicola started a career in fashion by becoming the art director and head buyer for a boutique named ‘The Pineal Eye’. According to him, began his career in fashion should begin by working in a boutique or shop.

“If you love fashion, I think it’s a good idea to work in a boutique or shop. You can learn about how to display the arrangement of the store, until the fashion business itself,” said Nicola at the talk show ‘In Conversation with Colin McDowell Nicola Formichetti’ in Asia Fashion Summit, one of Asia Fashion Exchange event program 2012, at Raffles City, Singapore, Tuesday (15/05/2012).

After working in the boutique, Nicola tries his ability in the magazine. Stay in the context of fashion, he became a contributor to the magazine Dazed & Confused. Nicola’s job opportunities to work in other major magazines, such as V, Another Magazine, Arena Homme +, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Homme and VMAN.

Incomplete for Nicola if not learn from fashion experts. Therefore, the man who was born May 31, 1977 did not miss the opportunity to work with several designers and exclusive fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni.

Nicola’s name became more known, especially when he was a fashion consultant and create a meat dress for Lady Gaga. Nicola met the singer of ‘Edge of Glory’ is currently shooting the cover of V Without the need for a long time, cooperation between the two ensued since 2009 and lasted until now.

Now, Nicola believed to be the creative director for fashion house Thierry Mugler. Initially, he had rejected such a prestigious position. He felt that the name of Thierry Mugler is so big in the fashion world. Nicola was worried that ‘mix his hands’ could disappoint.

To me, he (Thierry Mugler) is God in the fashion world. He is my favorite. I had declined the offer because he felt could not do better than him but friends convinced me to want to do it,” explains Nicola.

For a moment he refused, much of the media who wrote that Nicola entry into the house Thierry Mugler fashion brand from Paris makes it increasingly becomes the subject, one of them, since selecting Rick Genest – the man who tattooed his face with a skull image – as a model.

Doing much work as he does now, does not make Nicola overwhelmed. He claimed that it was enjoying his work. According to the man who likes to perform with a monochrome outfit, the secret lies in you.

You must feel. Everything you do must come from us, not others. You can copy any design but ultimately it back to yourself each. There are so characteristic touches on any of your work,” added Nicola.

Tom Cruise Hot Pose With Two Hot Women

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Who does not recognize the Hollywood star’s good looks and charm of this one? Despite the age of 49 years but he was still able to subdue the hearts of the girls beautiful and hoty.

Tom Cruise Hot Pose With Two Hot Women

Tom Cruise and two

That’s what apparently wants to find the magazine W in order to promote Rock of Ages. As reported by the Dailymail, Mission Impossible star looks hot posing with two beautiful and hot woman.

In the photo, Tom really looks masculine with tattoos who meet her. In addition, black eye-liner and a number of accessories make the rocker Stacee Jaxx similar.

Two blonde-haired woman played by Edita Vilkeviciute and Abbey Lee Kershaw also increasingly gives the impression section in Tom with a seductive pose, anyone would be made jealous by the action of this Tom.

In addition to posing with two hot women the husband of Katie Holmes is also doing the pose alone. One pose is also impressive as he stuck out his tongue and finger-style metal.

Hermes Bags – Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

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Are you willing to mortgage your favorite Hermes bag when things are financially squeezed? If the answer is yes, you are not alone as more and more women who mortgaged fashion collection for the money.

Hermes Bags - Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

Hermes Bags - Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

A woman in England, Jessica Humphreys received a prize of a Hermes bag from her husband two years ago. She always wanted to wear them and never let go. Works as an interior designer, she never thought that her husband would be in financial trouble.

With school fees and charges purposes other life, she was forced to give up the bag Hermesnya mortgaged. Feel prices will fall dramatically if the bag was auctioned on the eBay site; she received information about special pagadaian luxury goods.

Not just any pawnshop, The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) launched an interesting study in Dailymail, that there was an increase of 15% since last year will pawnshops luxury goods. This is usually done to save a business or sudden debt.

An acceptable fashion goods ranging from designer dresses, accessories such as sunglasses to shoes, the number of people who opened the site is increasing given the pledge of the more number of women who need money fast.

I never consider any mortgage until I heard my friend to pawn two Chanel handbags and temporally dress. I just knew it was not just a house and a car that could be money but everything in my closet can also be the money.

Jessica only took 10 minutes to fill all the letters in the contract upscale pawnshop named Prestige Asset Finance in Weybridge, England and she immediately accepted the money needed according to the value Hermesnya bag.

Unfortunately with this upscale pawnshop, if a customer can not complete the transaction according to the applicable time period, then the fashion items will become the property of her pawnshop and sell directly to buyers who are interested in buying a suit with flowers.

American designer Diane von Furstenberg to do the same in 1971 to launch a clothing collection by way of pawn a diamond ring, Unlikely that he mortgaged the ring can make a wrap-dress fashion business was successful and became a producer of millions of dollars.

Jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

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Now no longer function as a heating jacket body, Jacket look more unique and interesting, the one fashion item that makes it so the fans game mode this year.

jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

Jacket with floral design blooming like Roberto Cavalli, it is precisely when paired with your plain clothes.

L’Uomo Vogue editor, Giovanna Battaglia seems to know how to make the LBD (Little Black Dress) that does not look boring. She was wearing a purple jacket with peplum detail.

In the collection of spring / summer 2012, Prabal Gurung present intersect blazer jacket with flashy colors and shiny materials, like satin.

Biker-style jacket no longer look pretty grim. Kinder Aggugini make biker-style jacket with a solid match the bright neon colors.

Metallic color is becoming a trend in the 2012 season. So do not be surprised if Giles cut blazer jacket featuring a silver color.

Detail feathers or fur can provide interesting texture on your jacket. Simple clothes can seem overwhelming at once.

Exciting addition to the appearance of a jacket accented with a touch of art deco. Green and gold jacket Gucci’s work is the right choice.

Besides being a fashion statement, the two colors of MaxMara jacket provide simple yet chic look.

Tom Ford Denies Collaboration With H & M

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September 2011 and then, heard the news that Tom Ford will be collaborating with retailer H & M but recently, the American designer has denied the rumors.

Margaret Van Den Bosch, chief creative officer at H & M International had declared his intention to hold a collection of Tom Ford in his latest project. “I can say, I do not mind,” said Margaret.

At that time the Tom Ford does not give any explanation about the desirability of cooperation of H & M but a lot of speculation that H & M may not be working with Tom Ford because the 50-year-old designer was known only interested in working on projects that are ‘private’ and withdraw from mass production.

It seems that the speculation is true. Tom Ford also thinks the news is a funny thing. He also explained that until recently, he never spoke with the H & M on the collection of co-operation or any thing.

I have never had a conversation with the H & M. I am very happy doing what I do now. That makes my spirit right now is everything that is best: the stitches best fashion fabrics, best quality and unfortunately or fortunately, it all takes huge cost, “said Tom Ford, as quoted by Grazia UK.