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Miss World 2013 Finalists Know your Expected Textiles Bali

Holding of the Miss World event in Bali in 2013 and 2015 brought pride for Indonesia. To support the promotion of the island, the finalists will be expected to know more about Balinese products and souvenir items.

Miss World 2013 Finalists Know your Expected Textiles Bali

Miss World 2013 Finalists Know your Expected Textiles Bali

Plan of convening the Miss World in Bali not just a mere discourse, the international event will be held in Bali in 2013 and 2015. It is based on the resolutions set forth in the signed MoU and joint CEO of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo and chairwoman of Miss World Organization and the International President of Variety, The children’s Charity, Julia Morley in Jakarta recently.

In response, Ketut Keneng Bali Provincial Government as the Public Relations welcomed the plan.

Obviously we are very proud and grateful to have been entrusted Bali elected to place the delivery of Miss World 2013 and 2015. It is hoped this can develop the potential of tourism arts and culture, “he said when contacted via cell phone Okezone, Tuesday (05/08/2012).

The existence of the plan not only led to pride alone but also great expectations for the Bali extensively.

Hopefully Bali not just be a place to be, if possible they may know of textile products, as well as the participants will be able to demonstrate a souvenir of Bali concluded.

Tula Paulinea Figure of Literary Contostavlos Women 2012 (Profiles)

Time we provide a collection of photos of the sexiest women in the world of 2012 is the literature of Contostavlos. At present the literature Contostavlos Palin was selected as a woman in the world sexy version of FHM issue.

Tula Paulinea Figure of Literary Contostavlos Women 2012(profiles)

Tula Paulinea Figure of Literary Contostavlos Women 2012(profiles)

Possible for us people of Indonesia, the name was common enough literary Contostavlos except for those who like international news update. Here are brief profiles of the world’s sexiest women 2012 figure of literary Contostavlos.

Born July 13, 1999 whose full name is Tula Paulinea “literary” Contostavlos name is often known as a literary mononumously.

Early literary career was as the writer of songs and actresses in England.

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Tips for Choosing Jeans Pants for Teenager Girls

Jeans fashion is one of the most frequently used, so there’s no harm in investing, especially if it’s just jeans and fits on your body. It will be very useful when you mix and match clothing.

Here are 8 rules regarding the selection of jeans

1. Investing in Dark Jeans

Dark jeans give a slimming effect, classical and never timeless. In fact, a pair of jeans can be worn for semi-formal event can also be worn to casual events. Match with a simple tank top for a casual event or for formal events wear feminine blouses, blazers and shoes gorgeous pump.

2. Be Careful with the Muffin Top

Muffin top or the waists that “spill” folded on top of the waistband of your jeans hint jeans are too tight or too low. Look for jeans model “low rise” that fits in the waist or below the umbilical cord. Do not rely on size, because the size of regular and low rise pants is different.

3. Washed denim worth a try

Black pants are able to streamline, but the jeans with a dark color and is made somewhat opaque with bleach and whickering can also form an attractive and hot impression.

4. Beware there is a peek

One of the common mistakes made is to let her panties “peep” from the sides of the waist of her jeans.

5. Try jigging

If you’re the type who likes to skinny jeans, try jigging. Similar skinny jeans but has more power than skinny stretch jeans because its power, jegging gives you easy to move and not give the impression of “exploded”.

6. Beware of excessive

Jeans with a tear here and there indeed was a trend. However, be careful to choose this kind of gossip underwear. Do not be too much to choose tear on pants. If you’re the type who likes to embellishment, select the shape and size can still be tolerated, do not overdo it. Remember, less is more.

7. Choose the right length

Proper length pants will help your legs look long and lean. You should notice the shoes are used. If using high-heeled shoes, then select the lower end of the hernia pants at the bottom of the ankles so that your legs look more level.

8. Style is most appropriate for the body Bantu

Trends come and go but something that looks good on you never dies styles. See the shape of your body and notice what’s right for her.

– Boot-cut jeans a slightly flared bottom is generally appropriate for anyone.
– If you are petite, a pair of jeans with a model of the pipeline would be better. Avoid boot cut because it will make your thighs look fat.
– Unless your body like a supermodel, matching pair of skinny jeans with a long top or tunic.
– Problems with the stomach long or short legs, stay away from low-waist jeans.

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19 Agree to Use the Model Editor Vogue Healthy & Not Thin

One of the world’s leading fashion magazine, Vogue, has made a strong statement. Now they make a commitment not to use models that are too young and thin in their magazine.

19 Agree to Use the Model Editor Vogue Healthy & Not Thin

19 Agree to Use the Model Editor Vogue Healthy & Not Thin

Quoted by the Telegraph Fashion, Vogue magazine editor there are 19 from around the world have agreed and signed an agreement not to hire models younger than 16 years and the models are seen to crash diet or too thin.

The agreement was made to prioritize the health of its models. They are also guided to change the perspective of one of the ideal posture. The agreement will be featured in the upcoming June issue of Vogue magazine with the theme “The Health Initiative”.

The 19 editors who signed this agreement of which are from Vogue France, Germany, China, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Korea, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, India, Japan, Taiwan, and United States.

Six-point agreement has been agreed which include

1. Vogue magazine will not hire models under 16 years old or who appear to have eating disorders. Vogue will only hire models that in their view, healthy and can help promote a healthy and ideal body figure.

2. Vogue magazine asked the agency not to send underage models. Casting director was also asked to check the identity of the model before being accepted to cooperate with the magazine.

3. Vogue will be holding a mentoring program where senior models to provide advice and inspiration to the model of the new recruits about the importance of maintaining a healthy body.

4. Vogue magazine will encourage producers to create the conditions or healthy work environment, including healthy food choices and respecting privacy. Vogue also encourages the models to not often come too late.

5. Vogue will encourage designers to consider the consequences of making a small outfit, which makes the selection of a limited model for the photo shoot.

6. Vogue is determined to be the ambassador to deliver the message those healthy bodies.

Create a Collection Accessories, H & M Recruits Anna Dello Russo

Japanese Vogue fashion editor, Anna Dello Russo is known in the fashion world because of her eccentric style berbusananya. She always wore a dress exactly like the looks on the runway stage.

Create a Collection Accessories, H & M recruits Anna Dello Russo

Create a Collection Accessories, H & M recruits Anna Dello Russo

Now she is back making her debut in collaboration with the Swedish fashion retailer, H & M to create a collection of accessories. With a sense of glamor and fashion are likely too baroque, she spawned a collection of accessories ranging from; jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, bags and a stroller.

Launched by the Huffington Post, H & M is usually collaborate with the designers are now choosing ADR (short name in the world of bloggers) to create a collection of accessories. Personal style is shown to have fans and inspire many people.

“This is the first time H & M fashion editor for designing the collection. This is an important evolution in fashion,” she told the official website of H & M. She also added that by being a director of style has an important accessory in nature. Harapanya is with this collection, people can have fun and change the day became more fantastic.

Reportedly this collection will be available throughout the 140 H & M outlets worldwide October 4, 2012 to come. 140 H & M outlets worldwide are predicted to be enlivened by the fans editor who confessed to never wear a shirt more than once.

Important Part Of Women’s Accessories

For most women accessories or items that are part and parcel of the fashion. Many women who have a dependency on accessories, without accessories, some women feel less confident, although only accessories such as watches though.

In other words, accessories can make a woman feel better, more confident and fashionable. No matter the weight or body size, accessories can be used by all people, young and old.

Usually combined with the use of accessories or clothing that we wear costumes, In addition, you do not need to drain the bag to have accessories.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of beautiful accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, hair accessories, etc. at low prices.

Accessories can make a woman appear with an impression of elegance beauty and more feminine without excessive wear.

Like the scarf is in use Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O. with glasses and Elizabeth Taylor with her jewels. These women know how to use the right accessories.

Elizabeth Taylor With a monochrome colored sleeveless overalls, black and white and a little jewelry, she manages to look stunning all the people in each event attended.

Aristotele Onassis once said about her wife, Jackie O. she said, “I do not know dikemanakan clothes she had bought. I’ve always seen wearing blue jeans.” True. Jackie O. only memadankannya with strappy sandals and a flash he can appear so tempting.

Proven that women have an important relationship with accessories, Such as choosing a loved one, choose accessories must also comply with the desires of your heart and what it can reflect the identity of her true identity.

Likewise Audrey Hepburn looks different with the scarf wrapped around his head, the hat and the waist, though she always wore a simple to use as Turtle neck with black pants or sleeveless blouse But Audrey was able to look beautiful and fascinating.

Excessive use of accessories might make a woman look excited, manor and whatever it’s called.

For that, use the accessories to exactly fit your typical, by not imposing the will, influenced by those around us.

And when you use accessories such as necklaces and bracelets are big and exaggerated, should remove one to keep so you can look beautiful without appearing completely redundant.

Show that the accessories you can look more confident elegant and enchanting beauty.

SHe is a Stylish Airbag Helmet for Bicycle Riders

For security reasons you sometimes have to sacrifice performance but with this one tool you can stay safe as well look stylish while cycling. What is it?

SHe is a Stylish Airbag Helmet for Bicycle Riders

SHe is a Stylish Airbag Helmet for Bicycle Riders

Two students from Lundig University, Sweden designing airbags that can bubble when the accident occurred, Airbag is made specifically for cyclists, it is stored in the thick collar that can be worn anytime.

How it works, the airbag in the collar will automatically ballooned in a matter of seconds when it detects strange movements of the wearer through the sensor. So, when the user touches the floor, his head was protected by an airbag made of nylon resistant asphalt.

Interestingly, the airbag is ‘hidden’ in the collar that looks almost like neck warmers. The collar is available with various designs, such as silk paisley fabric, faux fur and bridal white.

Helmet maker named ‘The Hovding’, saying that they make the safety equipment from a different angle. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, claims to have created a helmet that is not visible, can be used as fashion accessories but still provide protection like a regular bike helmet.

The idea of making ‘The Hovding’ comes from the Swiss government’s new regulations on the obligation to wear helmets for children under the age of 15 years and the extension of the law for adults. Haupt and Alstin took the initiative to make a helmet that interesting, do not make people forced to wear, and stylish.

To complement its sophistication, ‘The Hovding’ also has a black box that can record voice and data at the time of the accident will occur. So other people can find out what happened to the cyclists who had an accident. Interested in having they?

Women Appear Most Hits at Age 35

Many people assume that the style of dress is influenced by their age. It seems it is not entirely wrong. According to the study, the age of 35 years is their time performing the most stylish women.

A recent survey conducted in Britain by a British clothing brand, the CC found that women reach the ‘peak’ of its power in terms of confidence, style of dress and image, at the age of 35 years. In fact, three out of four women say berbusananya tastes so much better after the age of 20.

“There is the assumption that your appearance and dress sense of being on the ‘peak’ when you are in their teens or early twenties but this study shows long before you find the right style and image for yourself,” said spokesman CC Elite brand to the website Daily.

In the same study, also found one in three women surveyed felt that her best start since the age of 30 years, while one in ten felt it at the age of 40 years. In addition, celebrity Helen Mirren touted the maximum display when he was 66 years old.

Lady Gaga Hair Wear Dresses Coming Concert in Hong Kong

Singer Lady Gaga returned to the show with an unusual style of dress, coming to a concert in Hong Kong, Gaga posing with purple hair dress.

Lady Gaga Hair Wear Dresses Coming Concert in Hong Kong

Lady Gaga Hair Wear Dresses Coming Concert in Hong Kong

Gaga was wearing a dress when arriving in Hong Kong last weekend. In the country she will hold a tour of ‘Born This Way Ball‘ for four days.

As quoted by E! News, while posing in front of cameramen and fans, Gaga wore a long gown made of purple hair. She combined the dress with gloves and a white colored cap. Not to forget the similar colored platforms shoes adorn her feet.

Dresses of hair had previously been used Gaga when present at a party in London, then in January 2011, When she chose a dress of black hair.

An accessory of Hair has also been worn to fly to Japan in December 2011. Her head was decorated with the ribbon from your hair looks.

Looks like there will still dresses the hair of other charged the singer of ‘Alejandro’ it. Considering he still will hold at least 110 concerts in various parts of the world in this 2012.

Musicians Create a Ring Shaped Miss V

Creativity does not recognize boundaries. The more unique and strange a work, the faster the creator of the work is gaining popularity.Musicians Create a Ring Shaped Miss V

A stream of in die women musicians named Grimes (real name is Claire Boucher) is known as the young talents in the music world on the rise. Creativity is not only limited to creating music but also in designing accessories.

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Canadian musician is a lot of praise since launching her first single in February titled ‘Oblivion. Now embarking on a new debut, she was with his friend, Morgan Black who is a sculptor to create a line of jewelry.

This jewelry looks like an oval-shaped plastic toy in pink neon, translucent white to black. However, if considered carefully, there is something quite surprising, the shape that resembles the female genitals.

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This line is called ‘Pussy Rings’ and Grimes added: “Yes, they look exactly like the name suggests: a ring-shaped vulva. You wear, in your fingers. In public, Merke comes in three colors including ahem, pink. Beyond that, no which can be explained again to the bar tenmanmu friends ask why you wear it, “as reported by NYmag.