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Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

Some people, the name of Nicola Formichetti may not have been so familiar but keep in mind that he is the creative brains behind the fashion house Thierry Mugler meat dress and Lady Gaga’s phenomenal as to what course of his career?

Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

The 34-year-old man has a multiracial family background, Japan and Italy. So do not be surprised if childhood Nicola – Nicola Formichetti friendly greeting spent between two cities, Rome and Tokyo.

Initially, Nicola did not know that he has exceptional talent in the field of fashion. In 1997, he moved to London to study architecture because it did not fit the interests and expectations, the man once known as the ‘Party Boy’ that did not complete his studies.

Nicola started a career in fashion by becoming the art director and head buyer for a boutique named ‘The Pineal Eye’. According to him, began his career in fashion should begin by working in a boutique or shop.

“If you love fashion, I think it’s a good idea to work in a boutique or shop. You can learn about how to display the arrangement of the store, until the fashion business itself,” said Nicola at the talk show ‘In Conversation with Colin McDowell Nicola Formichetti’ in Asia Fashion Summit, one of Asia Fashion Exchange event program 2012, at Raffles City, Singapore, Tuesday (15/05/2012).

After working in the boutique, Nicola tries his ability in the magazine. Stay in the context of fashion, he became a contributor to the magazine Dazed & Confused. Nicola’s job opportunities to work in other major magazines, such as V, Another Magazine, Arena Homme +, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Homme and VMAN.

Incomplete for Nicola if not learn from fashion experts. Therefore, the man who was born May 31, 1977 did not miss the opportunity to work with several designers and exclusive fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni.

Nicola’s name became more known, especially when he was a fashion consultant and create a meat dress for Lady Gaga. Nicola met the singer of ‘Edge of Glory’ is currently shooting the cover of V Without the need for a long time, cooperation between the two ensued since 2009 and lasted until now.

Now, Nicola believed to be the creative director for fashion house Thierry Mugler. Initially, he had rejected such a prestigious position. He felt that the name of Thierry Mugler is so big in the fashion world. Nicola was worried that ‘mix his hands’ could disappoint.

To me, he (Thierry Mugler) is God in the fashion world. He is my favorite. I had declined the offer because he felt could not do better than him but friends convinced me to want to do it,” explains Nicola.

For a moment he refused, much of the media who wrote that Nicola entry into the house Thierry Mugler fashion brand from Paris makes it increasingly becomes the subject, one of them, since selecting Rick Genest – the man who tattooed his face with a skull image – as a model.

Doing much work as he does now, does not make Nicola overwhelmed. He claimed that it was enjoying his work. According to the man who likes to perform with a monochrome outfit, the secret lies in you.

You must feel. Everything you do must come from us, not others. You can copy any design but ultimately it back to yourself each. There are so characteristic touches on any of your work,” added Nicola.

Tom Cruise Hot Pose With Two Hot Women

Who does not recognize the Hollywood star’s good looks and charm of this one? Despite the age of 49 years but he was still able to subdue the hearts of the girls beautiful and hoty.

Tom Cruise Hot Pose With Two Hot Women

Tom Cruise and two

That’s what apparently wants to find the magazine W in order to promote Rock of Ages. As reported by the Dailymail, Mission Impossible star looks hot posing with two beautiful and hot woman.

In the photo, Tom really looks masculine with tattoos who meet her. In addition, black eye-liner and a number of accessories make the rocker Stacee Jaxx similar.

Two blonde-haired woman played by Edita Vilkeviciute and Abbey Lee Kershaw also increasingly gives the impression section in Tom with a seductive pose, anyone would be made jealous by the action of this Tom.

In addition to posing with two hot women the husband of Katie Holmes is also doing the pose alone. One pose is also impressive as he stuck out his tongue and finger-style metal.

Hermes Bags – Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

Are you willing to mortgage your favorite Hermes bag when things are financially squeezed? If the answer is yes, you are not alone as more and more women who mortgaged fashion collection for the money.

Hermes Bags - Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

Hermes Bags - Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

A woman in England, Jessica Humphreys received a prize of a Hermes bag from her husband two years ago. She always wanted to wear them and never let go. Works as an interior designer, she never thought that her husband would be in financial trouble.

With school fees and charges purposes other life, she was forced to give up the bag Hermesnya mortgaged. Feel prices will fall dramatically if the bag was auctioned on the eBay site; she received information about special pagadaian luxury goods.

Not just any pawnshop, The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) launched an interesting study in Dailymail, that there was an increase of 15% since last year will pawnshops luxury goods. This is usually done to save a business or sudden debt.

An acceptable fashion goods ranging from designer dresses, accessories such as sunglasses to shoes, the number of people who opened the site is increasing given the pledge of the more number of women who need money fast.

I never consider any mortgage until I heard my friend to pawn two Chanel handbags and temporally dress. I just knew it was not just a house and a car that could be money but everything in my closet can also be the money.

Jessica only took 10 minutes to fill all the letters in the contract upscale pawnshop named Prestige Asset Finance in Weybridge, England and she immediately accepted the money needed according to the value Hermesnya bag.

Unfortunately with this upscale pawnshop, if a customer can not complete the transaction according to the applicable time period, then the fashion items will become the property of her pawnshop and sell directly to buyers who are interested in buying a suit with flowers.

American designer Diane von Furstenberg to do the same in 1971 to launch a clothing collection by way of pawn a diamond ring, Unlikely that he mortgaged the ring can make a wrap-dress fashion business was successful and became a producer of millions of dollars.

Jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

Now no longer function as a heating jacket body, Jacket look more unique and interesting, the one fashion item that makes it so the fans game mode this year.

jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

Jacket with floral design blooming like Roberto Cavalli, it is precisely when paired with your plain clothes.

L’Uomo Vogue editor, Giovanna Battaglia seems to know how to make the LBD (Little Black Dress) that does not look boring. She was wearing a purple jacket with peplum detail.

In the collection of spring / summer 2012, Prabal Gurung present intersect blazer jacket with flashy colors and shiny materials, like satin.

Biker-style jacket no longer look pretty grim. Kinder Aggugini make biker-style jacket with a solid match the bright neon colors.

Metallic color is becoming a trend in the 2012 season. So do not be surprised if Giles cut blazer jacket featuring a silver color.

Detail feathers or fur can provide interesting texture on your jacket. Simple clothes can seem overwhelming at once.

Exciting addition to the appearance of a jacket accented with a touch of art deco. Green and gold jacket Gucci’s work is the right choice.

Besides being a fashion statement, the two colors of MaxMara jacket provide simple yet chic look.

Tom Ford Denies Collaboration With H & M

September 2011 and then, heard the news that Tom Ford will be collaborating with retailer H & M but recently, the American designer has denied the rumors.

Margaret Van Den Bosch, chief creative officer at H & M International had declared his intention to hold a collection of Tom Ford in his latest project. “I can say, I do not mind,” said Margaret.

At that time the Tom Ford does not give any explanation about the desirability of cooperation of H & M but a lot of speculation that H & M may not be working with Tom Ford because the 50-year-old designer was known only interested in working on projects that are ‘private’ and withdraw from mass production.

It seems that the speculation is true. Tom Ford also thinks the news is a funny thing. He also explained that until recently, he never spoke with the H & M on the collection of co-operation or any thing.

I have never had a conversation with the H & M. I am very happy doing what I do now. That makes my spirit right now is everything that is best: the stitches best fashion fabrics, best quality and unfortunately or fortunately, it all takes huge cost, “said Tom Ford, as quoted by Grazia UK.

Pashmina Style With Plain Or Embroidered Pashmina Small

One of complement and complement the clothing that women are often used pashmina. Indeed pashmina just a piece of cloth shaped but if you can combine them properly then the result will make you look more beautiful and fascinating.

Pashmina Style With Plain Or Embroidered Pashmina Small

Pashmina Style With Plain Or Embroidered Pashmina Small

There are several ways you can apply for the appearance of the style, see below.

When you wish to wear a pashmina, you should pay attention to the material. Especially for those of you who are wearing Muslim clothing. Avoid pashmina is made of organdy or rigid material because it would give the impression of distance between the head and shoulders bobbing.

Pashmina is too long will give the impression of the body look even shorter. So it would be better if wearing a pashmina to suit your body shape and made of chiffon or silk.

If you want to wear patterned pashmina, you should mix with plain clothes to look more cool and stylish.

If you want to wear a sequin-studded pashmina or monte, mix with plain matching blouse to look more prominent motif.

But if you want to wear a busy patterned dress, then you can match with plain or embroidered pashmina small.

For those of you who wear glasses, you should avoid patterned pashmina too crowded. Because too many lines around the face it will give you the impression of less than perfect appearance.

Do not ever stop to express your appearance Kreasikan pashmina that has been seen worn with a new look, like made into a Moslem or a long skirt. Whatever style you show, adjust to the shape of the body.

Local Designer Collection 8 Present Latest in Metro Dept Store

The work of the designers country now has more roles in his own country, even in the middle of a flood of foreign fashion brands. This is evidenced by the Metro Department Store in collaboration with 8 designers of Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (IPMI) in the Spring 2012 collection campaign for the month of May.Local Designer Collection 8 Present Latest in Metro Dept Store

The event aims to support the development of the Indonesian fashion industry as well as providing alternative fashions for fashion lovers.

The event, titled “The Designer’s Enchantment” Indonesia is renowned designers followed, among them Ari Spectra, Denny Wirawan, Liliana Lim, Syahreza Muslim, Tu tee Child, Valentino Napitupulu Within Budimulia and Yongki Budisutisna. They presented a series of collections of ready-made clothing (ready-to-wear) which will be marketed in the Metro Plaza Senayan.

Each of the collections offered by the course designer has its own characteristics. Ari Seputra for example, displays a collection inspired by the flowers. The entire collection will be full of flowers and accent elements which are then combined with the use of fabric lace, chiffon and jacquard While the color is, on average dominated by pastel and black.

While Denny Wirawan theme of ‘Geometric Batik’ by using the batik motifs such as geometric lines in black and white boxes are combined with bright colors like red, orange and yellow. There is a little touch of polka-dot motif as an accent that makes the design more interesting.Local Designer Collection 8 Present Latest in Metro Dept StoreMotive is a box, line, triangle, there are also round. For sweetener I wear polka-dot pattern with bright colors that stand out. Because the colors black and white batik So these bright colors for her balance. Series of special collections for sale at Metro this, I make it there are about 50 sets,
While making the circuit designer Muslim Syahreza collection themed ‘Romance Gradation’. Fabric used is chiffon, satin, taffeta, lace and florist Corsage collection as inspiration and beauty to make the classic style. Color palettes are used include pastel, purple, green, yellow and beige are graded by color matching or contrasting like maroon, black and gray

Newest Collection Color Clear Spice MAX & Co

Bright colors and floral motifs are always identical with the feel of summer and spring. So do not be surprised if the MAX & Co… Released a new collection of predominantly bright palette and floral.

Newest Collection Color Clear Spice MAX & Co

Newest Collection Color Clear Spice MAX & Co

Thursday (5/10/2012), held at Portico, Senayan City, Jakarta, the exclusive Italian brand held a trunk show that begins with floral design activities. In such fashion MAX & Co.. series featuring urban fashion with a touch of preppy (city sleek).

Sleek city look characterized by the presence of channel shift dress motif combined Ducts large asymmetrical black coat. There is also a pair of overalls or a jumpsuit-called colored shirt worn with a tangerine.

To be worn by anyone, MAX & Co.. Purpose of matching bright colors, such as fuchsia, yellow, tangerine with a palette of neutral such as beige, black and white. Thus, the explosion of bright colors in a dazzling performance that will not see.

Newest Collection Color Clear Spice MAX & Co

Newest Collection Color Clear Spice MAX & Co

Meanwhile, a limited collection of MAX & Co.. Note presenting a series of slightly different fashion. A subsidiary of MAX MARA Fashion Group was launched in 1986, offers a feminine dresses with sweet details such as wrinkles, layer, and ribbons.

Soft colors like beige, dusty pink, pastel blue and floral thicken the impression of ‘girly’. Coupled with the game of lightweight materials such as silk satin, chiffon, taffeta, organza, and georgette Twill. Gelepai any detail on the dress gives a dramatic impression on the appearance.

Jakarta Towards a City of the World Fashion

JAKARTA belantika began to show his strength in international fashion, A growing number of foreign designers showing their collections.

Jakarta Towards a City of the World Fashion

Jakarta Towards a City of the World Fashion

In recent years, Jakarta often played host to many designers just asing, Sebut event of Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) which will stage the authorities of the modes Asia, Europe, and Australia, from Bernard Chandra from Malaysia, Ashley Isham from Singapore who enliven JFW lalu.Begitu year also with Tarun Tahliani, Malini Ramani of India or Akira Isogawa, Jayson Brunsdon, Eileen Kirby and Aimee Christie from Australia.

Do not miss Justin Smith of England in collaboration with Oscar Lawalata and an alumnus of Berlin Fashion Week and the designer duo Mexico, Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin. Not only the stage JFW, event Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF) which will open the curtains in the coming days also frequently visited by international designers among them the duo Saksit Pisalasupongs and Phisit Jongnarangsin of Tube Gallery label from Thailand.

It shows that Jakarta has its own charm as a fashion capital in the realm of Southeast Asia. In the eyes of the international fashion industry, Jakarta regarded as a new fashion capital. Even so, Jakarta is slowly showing its potential as a fashion capital mandiri. Tidak only has the potential of human resources, Jakarta is also blessed with a complete industrial chain from upstream to downstream.

Poppy Darsono designers have revealed that Indonesia actually had all the materials and resources needed to enter the international fashion industry. However because there is no link in it, the industry chain is not formed sempurna. Adapun that made Indonesia the current fashion, the new limited home fashion industry.

We can go there but previous fashion Indonesia should be used to industri.Sementara switch, the current fashion we are still in the stage of the home fashion industry,” said the founder of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs (APPMI) this. Despite the distance is far, it does not mean that represented Indonesia Jakarta should be discouraged hati. Buktinya stage more and more actors who looked at Jakarta international fashion, as both a stage show as well as potential markets.

Frank Werner from the Goethe Institute, which brings the designers Berlin to Jakarta, said a lot of enthusiasm for Berlin designers showed their collections before a consumer Jakarta. “Their enthusiasm is very high, there are a lot of Berlin Fashion Week designers who want to participate so we must make the selection,” he explained.

He mentioned that the five designers chosen to show their collections in Jakarta are also interested in expanding its market into the realm of Asia, one of Indonesia. How could I not, as a target market, Indonesia certainly has great potential, given the population of more than 230 million people with average income levels throughout the year amounting to USD2.271 or equivalent to Rp21, 7 million. Consequently, many retail and reasonable fashion offenders targeting Indonesian market.

While in the field of marketing, the figures were certainly fantastic for per capita income is one important indicator in measuring the market. Theoretically, if incomes rise, people’s purchasing power also means meningkat. Teori it is also true for the fashion industry. Actors do not miss the fashion of celebrating the opportunity to increase their sales Brigitte Franken of Berlin Moon label claim Jakarta is the first stage in Asia.

Therefore, I am very excited, nervous all at once waited for a response from Jakarta fashionista,” he said. The Moon is fronted Berlin Franken and his partner, Christian Bruns, presenting a diverse collection of futuristic minimalism packed in a breath. In fact, Ashley Isham, Singapore-based designer business in the UK, said Jakarta has always been a favorite spot for a gig. “I am always amazed and touched by the positive reaction fashionista Jakarta to my collection,” said Isham.

10 Designers in JFFF Single Degree Show 2012

STAGE fashion in Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF) 2012 will be livelier. A series of designers not only showcase his work in the parade but also packs a single show.

10 Designers in JFFF Single Degree Show 2012

10 Designers in JFFF Single Degree Show 2012

In addition to a party filled with culinary and cultural event JFFF 2012 also enlivened by the performance mode. In such event, a number of designers from the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs (APPMI), Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (IPMI) as well as independent designers participated.

In addition to displaying works beautifully in a parade a country renowned designers will showcase their designs in a single show presentation.

This year, there are 10 designers who will hold a single show in JFFF 2012,” said An war A Salem, Executive Chairman of Jakarta Fashion & Food, 2012 in Harris Hotel & Convention, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, recently.

Those who will hold a single show, among Raden Sirait, Sebastian Gunawan, Defrico Audy, Anne Avantie, Hengki Kawilarang, Moses Widyatmodjo, Denny Wirawan, Stephanus Hamy, Sally Koeswanto and shocking Oktaviano.