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Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Organdy dress to wear material can be used as a new style in your appearance. The characters that appear transparent material can be worn as fancy dress.

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Organdy is a thin transparent material and shiny becomes her own appeal for festive purposes. The material is lightweight and stiff yet fluffy with soft colors.

Many costumes that require bright colors and bubbling effects utilizing this material character.

Excess of organdy material is lightweight with a smooth and flat finish. Yarn construction is also seen clearly with the end result is stiff. Usually formed of a plain woven fabric of fine cotton warp and 100s 150S composition of feed.

Organdy silk is a thin transparent material with clear fabric. The fabric is strong and durable as well as stiff as a dense tangle of yarn
Usually made of silk organdy rayon nylon or polyester. Often used as a main ingredient or other coating material to a fitted blouse or loose.

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses0.0

You can also make a dress or evening dress to look different. This material is also used as a coating material to create the main volume and do not wrinkle.

At a wedding dress with layered organdy is an attractive option because it has enough volume to give the impression of moving with both feet at once.
If you want a model of bubble sleeves a layer of organdy will give shape without looking heavy. Is also often used as a lining in that dreamy dress pins but not thick.

Try to reflect the colors are strong and brilliant. It will be able to make your fashion style is more varied.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Indonesia is a country that has woven fabric as a legacy for generations in various regions. Cain is also a commodity culture that continues to grow.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Weaving dreams Indonesia (CTI) has continued to introduce weaving to modern society with the aim that Indonesia has always been known woven fabric from generation to generation. CTI hook this time three young designers who transform weaving Bali, and Lombok Sambas be ready to wear clothing that modern and fashionable.

Priyo Oktaviano, Didi Budiardjo, and Ari Seputra are designers who participated in exploring the beauty of the woven fabric is shown in the annual event of Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF) in 2012 at the Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta with a series of collection, titled Heirloom.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Herloom means something that is antique and valuable that has been passed down from generation to generation. These three designers were even produce beautiful works and in accordance with the changing times.

Priyo Oktaviano example. she took the theme of ‘Kawaii Bali’ which was inspired by the beauty of the island, Bali. In her collection, explores the shocking war-war woven Bali. Natural color of the clothes that made a shocking piece of clothing that is edgy and modern like a mini dress with halterneck detail and variety of dress body fit that describes the character of Indonesian women are graceful, elegant, and uphold their culture.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

While Didi Budiardjo, just add a touch of Chinese, Malay, Arab and Hindu in every design. With the theme ‘Aurum Cantus’ with a song called gold Didi describes songket Sambas like to hear the strains of the sound of interwoven gold threads that form the motif.

Didi creates a variety of clothing with urban style and modern that can mix and match. she put forward the motifs of roses and flowers Patience continues in her collection. Color violet, orange, red and gold are Didi choice.

about Ari also displays her work in the form of clothes ‘stomach’ and the belt ‘Anteng’. The series was inspired collection of distinctive clothing elements Lombok. Chose the theme ‘Unity’, Ari raised woven fabric woven Lombok and utilize a variation of the various regions such as binoculars motif ocik, subhanale motive opaque erot, god motif belt, and the calm belt motif combined in a line of modern designs that are tailored to the dynamics of today’s lifestyle without losing the element of tradition.

Want to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Lady Gaga Got Angry Residents Thailand

On arrival in Thailand Lady Gaga had expressed his desire to buy a fake Rolex watches brand. Whether just a joke or not but desire Gaga Thailand makes some people angry.

Want to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Lady Gaga Got Angry Residents Thailand

Want to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Lady Gaga Got Angry Residents Thailand

“I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready to create 50.000 Thai monster scream. I want to get lost in the night market and bought a Rolex (watches) is false, wrote the singer of ‘Marry the Night’ as quoted from NY Daily News.

Gaga was tweets directly reap the disappointment of her fans in Thailand. They were offended because of ‘evil’ country that likes to produce counterfeit goods into the world spotlight.

We are more than you think wrote DJ (Disc Jockey) from Thailand Surahit Siamwalla. As a result of the tweet Gaga, Surahit had to cancel plans Gaga concert in Bangkok on Friday (5/25/2012) ago.

Surahit Besides there are other Thai citizens who feel disappointed. she also accused the 26-year-old singer had insulted the nation.

she came to our house instead of admiring even insult us said one commentator on the Thailand site Pantip.

Matters regarding fake goods seem so attracted the attention of Gaga. Before arriving in Thailand Gaga also had a chance to comment the same thing when she was in Hong Kong.

I love this City. You can work out and buy a Birkin (Hermes bag model one) is false in the same way” Gaga wrote in her Twitter account.

Latest Innovation Bra Can Save the iPhone

Bra is believed not only useful to support the breast alone but also to increase confidence. But now, the function of a bra increases, namely as a place to put the iPhone.Latest Innovation Bra Can Save the iPhone

Bra which features a pocket on both sides it was created by two students from Washington University, named Kyle Gentry and Bartlow. Name of the bra is called ‘The JoeyBra’ was inspired by children kangaroo named Joey.

Not just a place where iPhone, ‘The JoeyBra’ can also store credit card and room key. In her official website, bra ‘bag’ was designed with the comfort and use leopard skin pattern. Available in various sizes, ‘The JoeyBra’ promo priced at U.S. $ 19.90 or approximately USD 185 thousand.

Prior to creating “The JoeyBra ‘and Kyle Gentry Bartlow first conduct a survey to 200 female students. From the results of the study, 95 percent of women have difficulty storing the phone when going outside the home and 75 percent lost their mobile phones when it will go outside the house.

According to Gentry, “The JoeyBra ‘designed to make the upper arm without touching the bag area. He even explained that the bags will still be able to keep your iPhone well, even if the wearer is cool partying.

Gentry and Kyle Bartlow has more ideas to expand the design of ‘The JoeyBra’. One of them, a sports bra to keep the battery if the phone keiitimewaan of usage needs to be recharged.

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

Excellent performance and are not exclusive to wear short skirts or long skirts just loh …! Trousers could be an alternative and can make us beautiful and even more freedom in doing the activity.

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

There are many advantages if we are wearing pants. One of our feet will seem longer and can hide the flaws that exist on your feet.

Provided, however, we are good at choosing which pair according to the posture, the pants can make your body look more beautiful. There are several options following trousers may suit your body shape.

For the bottom flat, try to choose trousers tight jeans. Model stitched pocket on the back yoke. Use a stretch material to help accentuate your curves. Avoid baggy pants.

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

If your body contains a solid, use trousers with straight cut leg, flat front of the classical model according to the size of your waist. If your body is high, then use a pair of pipe model is rather wide.

If your body is large, select the end of the pipe pants, trousers a bit narrow in the calf and slightly widened at the thigh. Avoid pants with cuffs at the end of the pipe and the end of the pipe narrow pants.

If your body is short, wear pants with a straight pipe in front of the crease line. Pants try a little longer, then use high-heeled shoes.

Wear a shirt or a shirt whose color is commensurate with your pants, so that your body look taller. Avoid cuffs and wide pipe pants.

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

For the body is straight, male model underwear is perfect for this body size. Flat front pants, straight from the waist to the tip of his pants and falls right in the foot. Choose a pair of pipe slightly widened at the end of the leg and the pants that fit at the hips.

Wear a wide belt with a low-cut waist, hips and breasts that look more curvy. Avoid tight underwear model.

If you are a big belly, the size of the pants legs should straight, flat front with no pockets. Pair the pants with a blouse that is longer, so that your buttocks seem small and slender legs.

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

If you want a loose waist, choose a pair of tailor models on the thighs and rear. Do not use a wide waistband is less than 1 inch. Avoid belts are commensurate with the pants, pleats or pockets paste.

For those of you who have a short waist, to create the impression of a longer torso choose a flat front pants with a slightly dropped waist.

Wear pants that are longer and mix with a small heel shoes. Use the tops and jackets that are more long term. Avoid knickers, waist-high model of the waistband and put on the thickest part of the stomach.

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

Ngantor Beautiful with Long Pants

In contrast to the long-waisted, classic models that correspond to the waist, slightly higher pant leg straight, rather narrow and without cuffs.

Use a slightly longer pants with high heels will give the impression of long legs. Match with a blouse or short jacket. Avoid tight pants or a bear.

Greater the lower body, select a neat tailor pants, flat front, wide leg pants that can provide space enough room for hips and thighs. Use a small waistband.

A rather loose pants can help balance the silhouette. Avoid the use of a pocket, the bottom of the pant leg is too wide or too narrow, high waist or drop waist cut models.

5 Tips for Caring for Leather Bags & Wallets To Not Fast Damage

Purse or wallet with a leather base material favored by many people because it looks more luxurious and elegant Prices of products made of leather fashion also usually not cheap.

5 Tips for Caring for Leather Bags & Wallets To Not Fast Damage

5 Tips for Caring for Leather Bags & Wallets To Not Fast Damage

Because the price is not cheap here, it would be a pity if your purse or wallet leather is not treated properly. Most products of this skin require special attention in order to maintain its quality and long lasting.

But what often happens, the longer it ages the skin, the more vulnerable are the ingredients of the oil, dust and damage due to UV rays which in turn will eliminate the moisture. To treat a collection of handbags and wallets of your skin, here are some tips that quoted from the Type F:

1. Detergent

To clean your leather collection, look for cleaning materials that it would make your skin collection of waterproof material and moisturize the skin, as well as repel stains. You can find these materials from your own kitchen, like vinegar, baking soda and olive oil. If you are collecting branded handbags and wallets, usually the seller will offer special products to clean and moisturize the skin material.

2. Basic Cleaning Made Leather Collection

Pour a bit of hand soap to the micro fiber cloth and then rub the soap in a circular motion to the collection of your skin. Circular motion is useful to remove impurities from the skin layer. Use a little water to make it a little frothy but not too wet. Afterward, use a micro fiber cloth to clean the soap (no need to use water) and wipe it dry. For materials such as leather shoes, do not use soap but use vinegar.

3. Cleaning Stains

If your leather goods stain, you can rub alcohol solution and water directly on the stained section. Or you can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove these stains.

4. Special Material Leather Conditioner

To clean and soften leather, mix the vinegar with two tablespoons of olive oil, rub the mixture into the collection you want to clean skin, then let stand for overnight and wash in the morning. If you have a conditioner for the skin, pour a few drops of conditioner and olive oil on a micro fiber cloth. Apply the conditioner is on the surface of the skin and wait until all pervasive.

5. To Avoid

When cleaning and providing a leather conditioner for you, avoid the use of products containing Munk oil, petroleum oil, petroleum solvents, silicone or other similar oils. Substances contained in these oils may stain or damage the leather. Also, avoid products that could potentially leave stains that are difficult to clean.

Prior to use tools such as special cleaners and conditioners bag, you should do a little test whether conditioner is completely safe and leaves no stain on the skin.

5 Bags Designers the Most Used Celebrity Season

In the spring of 2012 and any designer handbag from the most to be a celebrity game? Telegraph reported that there were five bags of spring’s most widely used celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Katy Perry.

5 Bags Designers the Most Used Celebrity Season

5 Bags Designers the Most Used Celebrity Season

1. Celine Nano

Handbags Celine designer Phoebe Philo’s work so many women’s dream, one of them is Celine Nano. Mini-sized practical bag to carry around.

2. Rihanna & Nicky Hilton

Two of them rely on celebrity handbags Celine Nano in style. Nicky is a bag combines tartan shirt and leather shorts. While Rihanna wore a more casual, like it had been exercising.

3. Prada Pryamide

Prada handbags are sold from £ 1,800 – £ 2,450 or about USD 27 million – USD 37 million. The elegant bag combines three different colors, black, white and gold. There are also other versions of these bags in different colors.

4. Miranda Kerr & Katy Perry

Miranda looks more elegant with Prada handbags nude colored Pryamide it. While Katy seen a blue bag to mix and match it with her coat.

5. Chanel Bag Boy

Chanel chose the model and socialite Alece Dellal as Bag Boy campaign commercials. Bag worth £ 1,635 were made with a personal highlight Della.

6. Astrid Berges-Frisbe & Poppy Delvigne

Poppy Delvigne use the white version of this Boy Chanel bag, the color of the bag to be seen in contrast to the all black clothing. While the actress and model Astrid Berges more casual look with a Chanel bag combines sequins jacket.

7. Ralph Lauren Saddle Shoulder Bag

These bags are so many celebrity favorite because of its simple and suitable for use anywhere. Bags Ralph Lauren Spring / summer 2012 are on sale for £ 950.

8. Jessica Alba & Taylor Swift

Jessica chose brightly colored bag to accompany him for a walk. While Taylor Swift, saddle bags combine blue with polka-dot dress.

9. Mulbery Del Rey

Brand bags Mulbery specifically released them for the singer Lana Del Rey. Paper bags creative director Emma Hill Mulbery is indeed a classic postman bag model.

10. Sienna Miller & Jennifer Lawrence

Sienna and Jennifer includes two celebrities who fell in love with the bag Mulbery Del Rey. Sienna appears in the photo wearing a red version of the bag, while Jennifer khaki color.

Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe

Jenna Talackova finally recorded history (23). Yes, she became the first transgender participants are allowed to join the Miss Universe competition (Queen of Universe) for regions of Canada.

Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe

Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe

Although not to bring home the crown but its presence had led to the debate and the attention of many.

Saturday (05/19/2012) evening last week, a man who has legally changed its identity as a woman, to compete with 61 other contestants.Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe-

Pretty good accomplishments, Talackova escaped into 12 large. But she was knocked out when driving into the top five. With blond hair and fantastic body, she had competed in bikini contests and formal wear.

Of course, her steal the show. The audience was often greeted him warmly. When she appeared on stage and greeted the audience cheered.

Only, Miss Universe crown was given to Sahar Biniaz (26). She was elected to represent Canada at the Miss Universe to be held in December.

Talackova born a transsexual man and chose four years ago, Participation in the Miss Universe was dismissed as not born a woman.

However Talackova not broke. She hired a famous lawyer, Gloria Allred, to keep her company filed a lawsuit to be included in these activities.

Her efforts were fruitful. Donald Trump, the Miss Universe organizing activities, finally rectify the existing rules since last month and allow transgender people took part in the event.

Miss Universe through the party organization in Canada’s official website states that Talackova allowed to take part with the records meet the requirements by attaching proof of legal recognition in the jurisdiction in Canada and meet the standards set by the organizers of other international competitions.

Responding to the results of the competition, Gloria Allred says that Talackova need not grieve. “After all, he’s still a winner so far,” he said.

She won a victory ‘herstoric’ civil rights and I think it’s far more important than anything.

Talackova is the son of the father and mother from Czechoslovakia native Canada. She said that she felt from the beginning is in the wrong body.

Before following the Miss Universe, she had also competed in the Miss International Queen 2010 Tiffany Competition for transgender and transsexual women in Pattaya, Thailand.

In a video interview for the contest, she said she lived as a woman since the age of 4 years and started hormone therapy at age 14. New at the age of 19, she decided to change the gender in total.

The controversy surrounding her participation in the Miss Universe Canada began to busy this spring after a blogger recognized him from transgender beauty pageant in Thailand and then upload it on the internet.

Publicity director of the Miss Universe, Brenda Mendoza, said the transgender competitors are now accepted in all the contests around the world. Even so, it is up to the franchisees in each state to decide.

Fashionable with Bag always look stylish Trends

Many purposes and functions takes the form of bags is also diverse. In order for your activities remain comfortable and the bag does not make you even bother it helps you choose a bag that fits your activity.

Fashionable with Bag always look stylish Trends

Fashionable with Bag always look stylish Trends

Obviously with fixed based on the trends and fads, to always look stylish.


You can use at the time the event is not formal. For the working woman who likes traveling and normal use the motor as a means of transportation this bag is perfect. Because you will always look youthful and vibrant in living activities Tas Large Tote
You will look more capable and always full of energy. For those of you who love this bag, may be combined with a skirt suit and blouse that would match the color of your bag.

Retro Handbags Model

Highly favored by career women who are married. But it is possible that women are still single bag likes this type and is used to show to the party Indeed this bag symbolizes elegance for the wearer.

Signature bags

Commonly used by women who have high self-confidence. These bags seem to be exclusive because the price of this bag in accordance with the impression of the display. Use this bag as an important meeting with clients or business partners.

Standard Shoulder Bags

Usually favored by women who enjoyed the freedom. Because this bag is very practical but professional. You can use in every activity of your work. And you look intelligent and serious about completing your work.

Tiny Flat Bags

Bag model may seem very funny and has its own charm. Less suitable if you use this bag to perform activities in the office. This bag is perfect when used to attend a friend’s wedding reception or other relatives

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Victoria Beckham Soon Open First Boutique in London

Victoria Beckham is really the total in the world of fashion. Fashion line has worldwide and was named the Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2011.Victoria Beckham Soon Open First Boutique in London

Following its success, the former singer of the vocal group ‘Spice Girl’ is planning to open its first boutique in London. During this time, she was just 38 years selling designs in department stores and online boutiques, including Net-a-Porter.

Vic not only plans to open stores in London, but also in some Asian countries, like Hong Kong. But this time, the mother of four children was the focus for the release of its first store in London.

“People say, ‘if I’ll have my own shop?’ I’ll be happy. And that’s what I’m doing now. Shop will be present in London, and in time may not be too long also will be in Hong Kong, “said the wife of footballer David Beckham, as reported by Female First.

Vic is very interested in expanding its wings into Asia, but she did not want to rush. Expanding too quickly can be risky business.

“I do not just focus on U.S. and UK alone. There are many areas of Asia are very numerous and very interesting. I just want to go little by little in the business, I do not want to run before I could walk,” she explained.

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