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5 Watch Cinderella and Snow White for Sale From $ 1 M

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Want to look like a royal princess in Disney movies? Chopard jewelry collaboration with Harrods release of Disney-style princess like Cinderella and Snow White. The price start from U.S. $ 1 billion. Wow!

What kind of jewelry ala Cinderella and Snow White? Click next to see it.

1. Snow White Apple Shaped RingSnow White Apple Shaped Ring

This apple-shaped ring sold for £ 92 thousand, or approximately USD 1.4 billion. The ring is decorated with purple gems and rare diamonds are brown.

2. Earrings Are Referred as Cinderella Style EarringsEarrings Are Referred as Cinderella Style Earrings

Earrings are referred to as Cinderella-style earrings. Earrings adorned with diamonds and stones Aquamarines was sold for £ 92 thousand, or approximately USD 1.4 billion.

3. Tiana princess In The Story Of The Princess And The FrogTiana princess In The Story Of The Princess And The Frog

Tiana is a princess in the story of The Princess and the Frog. Chopard necklace blue to dedicate this to him. Necklace decorated with luxurious stone sold for £ 601 thousand or approximately USD 9 billion.

4. A necklace Inspired by Princess Belle’s personality In story of Beauty And the BestA necklace Inspired by Princess Belle's personality In story of Beauty And the Best

Inspired by Princess Belle’s personality in the story of Beauty and the Best a necklace of white gold is also decorated with precious stones such as sapphire. This necklace is on sale in Harrods for £ 748 thousand or approximately USD 11.4 billion.

5. Earrings inspired by the story of Sleeping BeautyEarrings inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty

Earrings inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty were designed by co-president and artistic director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele. Earrings are sold for £ 179 thousand, or approximately USD 2.7 billion.

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Baccarat Crystal Jewelry Collections

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For a year, the famous Lorraine crystal restructures its jewelry collections drawing inspiration from the masterpieces created for the world of home.Baccarat Crystal Jewelry Collections

No one can remain indifferent to the visit of Baccarat in Lorraine. The first thing that strikes you, even before entering the factory, it is the noise. A low growl escapes and permanent fireplaces furnaces that run day and night. Inside there is the heat of boiling ranges in which the crystal melts at 1450 ° C. The contrast between the harsh working conditions of the factory and the refinement of the finished product is stunning. But what is more, it is the pride of the artisans and their concentration at work.

It is necessary because they work as a team. It takes six people to drink. Without speaking and with the utmost vigilance burning material they handle, workers engaged in ballet choreography of gestures millimeters to avoid any accident.

With twenty-four Meilleur Ouvrier of France, Baccarat is the French company that matters most,” says one to the factory, which employs a thousand people – the Paris headquarters meets less than seventy employees. The most experienced glass confectioning branches of the crystal chandeliers that manufactures since 1827. This piece twisted with two elbows, requires perfect coordination of movements of the two artisans.

It is so symbolic of the history of the house and its know-how management has decided to use this pattern to launch Twist, its latest line of jewelry (a sector that the brand has invested in the early 1990s). Repeated in miniature, the motif of Baccarat unfolds on necklaces, breastplates, rings and earrings fairly standard and successful.

Unfortunately, branch chandelier size, mounted flush in-the-neck and flanked by a breakneck pace, remained at the prototype stage. Another new line Illustrious away the famous octagonal stone pendant center on news, sleepers, etc… Finally, B Mania builds on the best-seller of the company, the service Harcourt, launched in 1841. The latter proposal will be sold in May 2013, after the Basel Fair.

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Zara Accessories Trends for Fall-Winter 2012-2013

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For fall-winter 2012-2013, Zara offers us a whole bunch of accessories to beautify our outfits. Melt Fashion made sorting and presents Zara accessories not to miss

Season after season, the radius accessories from Zara stuff a little more for fall-winter 2012-2013, the range of accessories has been renewed and lots of little wonders are shopper.Zara Accessories Trends for Fall-Winter 2012-2013

After 10 tote shopper for For autumn-winter 2012-2013, melt Fashion you share her shopping list of accessories at Zara miss under any circumstances. Maxi-collars, collars claudine, retro belt or bracelets baroque Zara put the dishes in the large for us to concoct a line of accessories worthy of the name.

For fall-winter 2012-2013, we will have a look at Zara shopper for a few small accessories that will brighten up outfits too wise. There are the famous Zara necklaces faceplates in new colors to wear with a basic a little loose for maximum effect.

This year, the belt turns into jewelry and wear a dress united preferably dark. After Zara studded shoes rock trend of winter 2012/2013 Discover our shopping list of accessories. The “winter will rock and baroque Zara!

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Bollywood Jewelry by Amrapali Jewelry of Indian Royalty

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Indian jewelery house still unknown to the general public, Amrapali has impressed during the last Paris Fashion Week by signing the Spring-Summer 2013 fashion show Manish Arora.Bollywood Jewelry by Amrapali Jewelry

Bollywood jewelry very specifically devised for this collection celebrates a certain vision of Indian royalty. Amrapali new collection revisits traditional pieces by bringing to life the symbolism of animals in particular. The Bengal tiger, symbol of power and sovereignty in India, dresses headlines in 18K yellow gold plated crystal rose in its mouth reign majestically on some earrings adorned with tassels, plays on charms pendants adorned turquoise, gold plated forever. And if we also account for the courage and panther gazelle to the nature, Third Eye, Eye of the soul or Bindi, essential in India, necessarily preserve within the collection has both esoteric and fiercely modern.Bollywood Jewelry by Amrapali Jewelry

The ornaments are very current with the appearance of colored crystals, tassels dyed fuchsia, volume sets and ultra-precise graphics. Tikka jewelry, hands, hair accessories … Amrapali imagine parts which are seen, imposing too flashy with this feat of us travel with style.

A house (re) discover, founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera. A brand that is now one of the largest of its kind in India and especially the only brand to present its collections during Milan Fashion Week, New York and now Paris. Among fervent clients include many celebrities just like Rihanna, Rachel McAdams or Brittany Snow as princesses.

A collection not yet available in France but in several shops in London and Spain, among others.

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Colored Gemstone Fashion Item

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What woman does not like fancy jewelry made from gemstones? Call it sapphire, ruby, garnet, and emerald beautiful but the price is not affordable.Colored Gemstone Fashion Item

As an alternative, you can wear fashion items like colored gemstone that is in accordance with the trend this season.

Then how to look trendy color gemstone? The following tips as quoted from She Knows.

1. Gemstone HandbagGemstone Handbag

The easiest way to get the display color gemstone is dark red handbag that looks like a ruby stone. Choose a retro-style bag made of leather suitable for use throughout the day.

2. Gemstone ShoeGemstone Shoe

Replace the black high-heeled shoes with high heels your snakeskin patterned dark green color that look like emeralds & Matching with black trousers or a pencil skirt gray to be different at the office.

3. Gemstone TightsGemstone Tights

Tights appropriate neutral-colored clothing can help to look more attractive. To view gemstones, choose dark purple tights. Tights are very apt to be paired with a sweater dress or a pleated skirt that falls to the knee.

4. Gemstone EarringsGemstone Earrings

Wear the earrings large enough to dark blue as sapphires that give the impression of elegance. Adjust the shape and size of the earrings with the shape of your face, and you’re ready to attract attention in the meetings or parties.

5. Gemstone Nail PolishGemstone Nail Polish

Dark blue metallic color that looks like a gemstone is very suitable for the trend this season. For that, put the color on your nails that get the trendy color gemstone easily.

6. Gemstone BraceletGemstone Bracelet

Wooden bangles bracelet dark purple also fit with autumn colors at the same time give the appearance of gemstones. Another advantage, the use of bangles can also be varied according to your mood.

Gemstone Tights

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Most Expensive Wedding Ring

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Wedding rings are sometimes used as a symbol of loyalty and affection. Since it is for most people a ring has an important position in the preservation of marriage.Most Expensive Wedding Ring

The value of the ring can also be used as a measure of the value of the seriousness of love couple. That’s why many people are willing to spend a lot of money for a wedding ring.

Of the many wedding rings, there are several ring known as the most expensive and most luxurious. Its value is very high indeed making anyone interested to have it. For that follows some of the most expensive wedding rings in the world.

De Beers Platinum

9-carat diamond ring contained in this look so luxurious and sparkling & so do not be surprised if the ring is valued at $ 1.83 million.

Tiffany Diamond Oval

The ring is also known as one of the world’s most expensive ring. 14.79 carat oval diamond type worth $ 1.46 million in a ring mounted on the left and right hand rings are 12.3 carat diamond worth $ 800,000. With such value is not surprising if the ring is considered as a very valuable ring.

Internally Flawless diamond is type platinum ring decorated with oval diamonds of 5.98 carat round diamond surrounded by ten 3.96 carat. This makes the ring look like a flower and is worth $ 1.3 million.

Secret Kiss of the Rose

This ring is a ring given to his wife Victoria Beckham David Beckham when their wedding.

In the middle of this ring there is a pink diamond of 0.8 carats, surrounded by white diamonds of 4.15 carats. For the value of their own, this ring worth $ 525,000.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Ring with a 10.19 carat diamond was once worn by Reese Witherspoon in marriage to Ryan Phillipe. And to obtain this ring, the least needed money of $ 520,000.

Yellow Diamond

The ring is decorated with 5:11 carat diamond the size and overall is worth $ 400,000 & Melancholy impression emanating from this first ring with yellow diamonds.

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Jewelry Fingers Ring Special With Sweet

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Ladies what is not fine jewelry like the jewelry made of gold or silver? Almost all ladies love jewelry to add a beautiful appearance. One of the jewelry is very popular among the ladies are sweet ring with a variety of designs and materials.Jewelry Fingers Ring Special With Sweet

The usual sweet ring some display at a jewelry store around we have a variety of different designs and materials. Generally we know that most rings are made of heavy metals like silver and gold.

But there was also kind of a ring made from a particular base. For example is a plastic or rubber base material can also be used as a base ring UNIKOM and interesting. There is also a stone that can be used as a base for a very eccentric ring.

Non-metal rings used toys we wear are generally made of plastic base material that will ring product have a light texture and colors are colorful. The design is also diverse and unique as the base plastic material is easy to shape into a wide range of design / model.Jewelry Fingers Ring Special With Sweet

Can be used as an addition to the manufacture of rings, plastic base material can also be used to make any type of jewelry and other accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and hair ornaments.

But unfortunately kind of ring or jewelry and Diving made of metal will be damaged and the color change more quickly than metallic materials. What more if you are exposed to direct sunlight. Typically, this type of sweet ring will be faded if frequently exposed to direct sunlight.

For more safe, we should choose a ring design made of metal such as silver. Besides looks more luxurious and elegant, made of silver rings also have incredible durability. Rings or jewelry made of base metals especially silver will not be easy to change color.

The design also varies with the purpose of making such a sweet ring. Wedding ring, for example, will be made circuitry design that is simple yet very elegant and luxurious with a plush layer of gold and gemstone applications on it is one example of ring designs are made for the purpose of marriage jewelry.

Besides suitable for wedding rings, rings made of silver metal coated with white gold would be suitable as an engagement ring or a ring that will be presented exclusively for our loved ones. This sweet ring is sure to be a gift for someone who receives preferential.
Selection of sweet ring made of any design and will greatly depend on the taste and the event is being undertaken. Non-metallic ring would be more suitable for use as a complementary fashion accessories we wear and the gold-plated metal ring would be more suitable for special events such as engagement and marriage.

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Choose The Right Earrings For Girls Faces Shaped

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Earrings as an accessory to the ear when properly selected to add to the beauty of appearance & a variety of unique shapes with different bases, as well as the bright colors make it more attractive to wear.Choose The Right Earrings For Girls Faces Shaped

In order for your appearance more beautiful, in addition to and adapted to the atmosphere should be used earrings customized to the shape of the face. Let’s find model suitable earrings as jewelry.

Round Shaped Faces EarringsRound Shaped Faces Earrings

Circular face and looks symmetrical So that your face does not look even round, avoid wearing earrings, especially spherical models loop earring or small stud earrings round the round that is directly attached to the earlobe. Choose the length of earrings shaped like rectangular, square, triangular or oval shape extends downward. It can make your face look slimmer.

Square Shaped Face EarringsSquare Shaped Face Earrings

This face shape looks hard or stiff jaw pins and a wide forehead cheeks to form a box. So, avoid earrings square or other shape that has many angles. Shape earrings are too long also avoided so the face does not look too long. Earrings large round, oval, or stack model could help soften the angles of your face.

Heart Shaped Faces EarringsHeart Shaped Faces Earrings

The face is getting smaller in the lower face and tapered at the chin. For this face shape, it is recommended not to use smaller earrings shaped like the bottom of an inverted triangle shape, heart shape, or form drops of water upside down. We recommend using the earrings are round, square, oval, triangular tapered at the top, or the form of drops of water. Shape earrings make the lower face and fill and make your face balanced.

Oval-shaped Faces EarringsOval-shaped Faces Earrings

Is the ideal face shape, face not too stiff nor too round or square? To face this form, you can use all of the model form of earrings, face shape ideal because it is not affected by the model of earrings are worn.

Choose The Right Earrings For Girls Faces Shaped

When to Use Ear?

Besides the shape of the face, in selecting earrings that will be used should be adjusted to:

  • Atmosphere and events that will be visited, For example, when going to the office, avoid wearing earrings that are too shiny. Earrings should be used when going to a party.
  • Adjust the color of clothing and apparel as a whole so that the use of earrings still looks harmonious and not spoil overall appearance.
  • Avoid earrings that are too long.

Earrings although small form but when used with the right model, will make you look feminine appearance. So, choose the right earrings for accessories to accompany your activities.

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Thomas Sabo Romanticism Diamonds Style

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Beauty diamond has long been a hobby of women. The romance side of the diamond trying carried Thomas Sabo collection Autumn / Winter 2012.Thomas Sabo Romanticism Diamonds Style

It is said that diamonds are women’s best friends. The beauty and luxury favored by many people. Romance side of this precious stone trying carried by Thomas Sabo collection Autum / Winter 2012.

Jewelers brand from Germany, Thomas Sabo launched collection Autumn / Winter 2012. The beauty of the diamond and silver combined the themes of romanticism and modernity side trim.

Diamond is the king of gemstones, said Eddy Chan, Business Development Director Thomas Sabo Franchise Partner for Indonesia at the launch of the latest collection of Thomas Sabo.

30 years of traveling to work, for the first time Thomas Sabo issued a collection with a touch of gold. However, collection of Sterling Silver Glam and Dance still indulge fans of the manifestation of luxury.

The collection is divided into four sessions each collection represents a unique individual. Sweet Diamonds Collection featuring a collection of elegant, as well as the results of the fine workmanship and awesome.

Line Special Addition offers a collection of versatile and timeless era. Rebel at heart brings an edgy style as well as rock and roll.

Not only offering a collection of women but also for men’s jewelers. Seasonal Also present series, the Classics line that blends distinctive signature style of Thomas Sabo, such as keys, wing and cross in a contemporary style.

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Latest Collection of 5 Luxury Crystal Earrings

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Earrings are one of the accessories are much in demand by women. Several top designer labels and has released the latest collection of earrings designed with crystal detail.

Looks more luxurious, and can make the wearer look perfect. Want to look like? Let’s see here.

1. Lanvin
Earrings are designed with crystal detail is perfect when paired with a navy blue dress. Accessories that come with gorgeous blue stone were sold for USD 13 million.

2. Kenneth Jay Lane
Earrings are sold USD 1.8 million is able to provide a luxurious and elegant look to the wearer. Made with accent blue stones, these accessories are also designed with crystal detail. Pair these earrings with a strapless white dress, high heels and blue berpalet.

3. Dolce & Gabbana
This accessory is designed with gold-plated detail swarovski crystals. Mix of beautiful stones and white tosca color a perfect matching. In order to look fancier, wear earrings worth $ 4 million with berpalet white dress with lace accents.

4. J.Crew
Designed colorful, making the output J.Crew earrings looks cheerful but still luxurious and elegant. You can buy it for Rp 682 thousand. Interestingly, these accessories can be combined with any colored dress.

5. Miu Miu
Earrings are sold Rp 2 million is able to provide a luxurious appearance for those who wear it. Wear it with a dress cut long dominated by the color red, a perfect matching. Clothe while visiting a party in the evening.

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