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L’Oréal Paris Offers Diamonds Collection for Special Christmas

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Marilyn Monroe said, L’Oréal Paris confirmed launching a special collection called Christmas just Diamantissime For the first time, L’Oreal Paris incorporates diamond powder sticks in her red nail her mascara and eye shadow.L'Oréal Paris Offers Diamonds Collection for Special Christmas

A valuable collection for the holidays that turns your mouth asset seduction thanks to Glam Shine gloss applied alone or on a red mat. As a collection of character with chrome effect lacquer nails stickers and encrusted with diamonds. A luxury collection 100% yet that boost the eye with a mascara and liner enriched with diamond powder to wear with sparkling shadows.

Intense line “makes you want to apply a lot of mascara and kohl we have just revealed by these colors diamond” according to Karim Rahman, makeup expert L’Oréal Paris, Advice that apply from 24 December evening.

L’Oréal Paris Offers Diamonds Collection for Special Christmas.

Recommended Price:

Volume Million Lashes Mascara Diamantissime: € 13.30

Super Liner Diamantissime: € 11.78

Color Riche Shadows: € 13.90

Nail stickers Color Riche: € 11.90

Varnish Color Riche: € 5.50

Color Riche Lipstick: € 11.18

Gloss Glam Shine: € 9.79

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Embroidery Jewelry Trend On The Catwalk

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Make silhouettes flicker is no longer enough this Fall-Winter 2012/2013. Sequins, rhinestones and gold make up total look at the jewel embroidery in subtle evocation but in the same spirit ostentatious.

Embroidery Jewelry Trend On The Catwalk

The opulence on the runway for among others the trend Baroque results this season also stones crystals and pearl beads affixed to the same tissues to become valuables.

Embroidery Jewelry Trend On The Catwalk
Binding aspirations elsewhere such ornaments appear at Versace and Aquilano Rimondi. Less ecclesiastical but also theater, Balmain, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton flood their looks brilliant detail by way of architecture. At the other end Chloe jewelry evokes in the hearts of her lace flowers. Stealing prints embroidery jewelry patterns become Prada and Christian Dior where stones adorn the tops of ballerinas.

Embroidery Jewelry Trend On The Catwalk

No need for either necklace Bottega Veneta and Matthew Williamson. The trend also gives relief to the silhouettes. At Mary Katrantzou they come to life gems frozen in print. Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy drops of water finalize retro looks with a delicacy and glamor. Lanvin, she reveals real sensual frescoes by daring color. Followed by a choice as Chanel. Dries van Noten, prefers the purity of the Art Deco influences.

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Wow, Delicious Pastries Shaped Earring

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Want to look different than usual? Now there is a new accessory that can make you attract attention. A designer made earrings shaped cake tempting.

1. Sinker


This looks like a real donut is not it? Though this is a donut earrings work of a student from a 21 year old Kelsey Alaska Comfort.

2. Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake

Earrings shaped chocolate cake looks very tempting. Kelsey made earrings from polymer clay.

3. Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip

Kelsey was inspired to make earrings with a wide variety of cake shapes after she saw the sweet foods in restaurants and bakeries.

4. Delicious


To make a delicious accessory made of clay Kelsey uses a number of tools such as toothpicks brushes and tacks. These tools help make the smallest detail of the cake earrings.

5. Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Prior colored earrings cake is heated in the oven. The earrings come in the oven for the second time after pairing hook.

6. price


Kelsey selling earrings shaped cakes of various kinds which take an hour making it for £ 3-12 or about Rp 46 thousand – Rp 185 thousand.

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8 Latest Collection Diamond Jewellery From Swan For 2013

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Diamonds increasingly enjoyed by the modern woman as it makes the appearance looks luxurious. Seeing the development of diamond began to demand a lot of circles, Swan Jewellery one of Indonesia’s leading diamond company released eight diamond collection for trend 2013. Like what?8 Latest Collection Diamond Jewellery From Swan For 2013

The company has been established since 2008 is presenting eight new collections with the concept of illusion or merging small diamonds into shapes resembling diamond jewelry intact. The concept is preferred because it is cheaper than diamond intact and malleable.

Trends 2013 to present and the future are still growing is illusion or diamond shaped appearance due to easy affordable prices and more designs,” Vincent said Claudius as CEO of Swan Jewellery.

Trends could not be separated from Indonesia’s economic growth increased. Vincent added that diamonds are not just enjoyed by the upper class the middle class but also has a lot to consume even collect them.

It used the diamond only in demand by the top but now diamond has been much in demand by the middle so we created eight jewelry concept to reach all levels of society, added Vincent.

Various designs to meet the needs diamond lovers, One of the latest collection is a Wedding Ring Collection a diamond ring in a minimalist design suitable for married couples. There is also a Gift Collection diamonds are addressed to young children because of its simple and nice be a birthday or a celebration.

Unlike the Glamour Collection and Party Collection, Both collections worn by the socialite at a party or special events. Other forms of Modern Women Collection were created for working women with simple but luxurious design that can be used everyday.

In addition Swan Color Stone Jewellery also presents Collection and Men’s Collection. Both of these collections can be worn by men. The difference Color Stone Collection design is combined with precious stones of different colors on it. Last collection was Solitaire Collection, diamond has a diamond shape simple but intact not illusion.

Eighth Swan Jeweler latest collection was created for the modern woman to be more confident. It is recognized by actress diamond lovers, Noni Annisa Ramadhani or known as Donita. He said that the diamond is a business that makes women look beautiful more confident.

“Diamonds sparkle emits its own right that makes women more confident. Diamond is also an effort to look beautiful “said Donita who has been a brand ambassador Swan Jewellery since 2012.

In addition to soap star ‘Cinta Fitri’ it there were also new Fitria Joseph crowned brand ambassador Swan Jewellery accompany Donita. Socialite well as fashion entrepreneur nicknamed Fifi revealed diamond became symbol of the beauty of each moment. Women who use the diamond will look shinier.

Now, all the new collections are sold starting from Rp 5 million to Rp 500 million in a single package. If you want to try one of their collection, it’s pretty jewelry can be purchased at Swan Jewellery located at Orchid Garden Mall and cottage beautiful Mall 1. Interested?

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Hedi Slimane Sign First Saint Laurent Jewelry Collection

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Refined but opulent, minimalist yet feminine, the first collection designed by Hedi Slimane vermeil perfectly summarizes the general intent of the creative director of the brand in Paris.

Hedi Slimane Sign First Saint Laurent Jewelry Collection

His first show in Saint Laurent was one of the most anticipated events of the last Paris Fashion Week. On the day, the concentration of celebrities in the front row was the height of excitement. Pierre Berge sat next to Betty Catroux, Valérie Trierweiler next to Anna Wintour, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, Alber Elbaz and Azzedine Alaïa, Victoire de Castellane and Vivienne Westwood … They were many – related or not with the history of the brand to have moved to see the first steps of Hedi Slimane in women’s fashion and its return to a home where he worked in the late 1990s on men collections. While scrolling through blouses, tuxedos and long leather skirts the designer has proven he mastered grammar perfectly YSL. He also managed to inject a good dose of what makes his signature or a middle narrow, slim pants and a quick draw rock.

This alchemy between key Slimane and style Saint Laurent occurs more specifically in jewelry. Although it is far from the baroque and colorful creations that Loulou de la Falaise, a muse to Yves Saint Laurent drew for years to make, it emanates a certain spirit left bank in the opulence of the rooms. Bangles and sleek twisted torques, vermeil are bulky and women present. This line opens a new era its design breaks with the past while claiming fidelity to the original universe. Since the first collection of Mr. Saint Laurent in 1962, jewelry has always been a major place in the brand.

Photos Of Hedi Slimane Sign First Saint Laurent Jewelry Collection

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Dannijo Launches Bridal Jewelry Collection For Wedding

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Dannijo launches bridal jewelry collection For Wedding. Danielle and Jodie Snyder, the sister’s creative brand founded in 2008 think of bridal jewelry. Handmade with Swarovski crystals in New York, they are inspired by the glamorous “Old Hollywood”.  Rock or classical styles can be considered selfish or combine them for a unique look. Note: Dannijo used for this collection of stones to make it more clearly timeless.Dannijo Launches Bridal Jewelry Collection For Wedding

The Collection:

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets … Dannijo imagine the perfect wedding dress also selected for the bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Two themes in “Happy ever after” and “The perfect marriage”, the brand unveil both models drop as clips and Favorite especially for jewelry and Jahzara hair, Nahman Earrings and the use of baguette crystals, chic and deliciously glamorous.

A must for the wear:

The day of her wedding, of course religious ceremony and mayor or whatever, one piece of advice to follow: do not accumulate parts overdressed as bib necklace + crown for example. Also take into account the style of neckline wedding dress to avoid breaking the silhouette.

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“Anna Karenina”Keira Knightley Dressed By Chanel Jewelry Diamonds

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There are countless collaboration between the world of jewelry and the 7th Art! While Chopard has announced an exclusive partnership with the highly anticipated biopic of Lady Diana starring Naomi Watts, Chanel Joaillerie reveals ornaments created for the film “Anna Karenina”.Keira Knightley Dressed By Chanel Diamonds Jewelry In Film "Anna Karenina"

Keira Knightley who plays in the film directed by Joe Wright, jewelry displays Haute Joaillerie coming sublimate her era dresses developed by costume designer Jacqueline Durran & Jewelry that helped to get into the skin of the character of young Russian aristocrat.Keira Knightley Dressed By Chanel Diamonds Jewelry In Film "Anna Karenina"

Wearing this jewelry Chanel has helped me tremendously to get into the skin of Anna Karenina” says the actress. First because the vanity is one of the major features of the character of this character and opulence symbolized by these jewels and shine like no other nourish necessarily But also because I find that beyond their brightness, there is something deeply and surprisingly associated with black diamonds and that blackness is an integral part of the personality of Anna Karenina.

Keira Knightley Dressed By Chanel Diamonds Jewelry In Film "Anna Karenina"

She adds, It was a treat each time wearing these jewels on the board with this unique feeling of wearing millions of dollars around the neck … and the desire to escape from the current tray, never to return and keep them forever with me (laughs) My favorite part of all this is undoubtedly spectacular necklace that I had the chance to wear around the neck. latter has also been put to the test because I n ‘stopped moving and dancing in the scenes where I wear so much that did not stop me back into the skin., I can say that I have suffered for this necklace (laughs) But it’s in worth it.

Egeria Chanel perfume “Coco Mademoiselle” Keira Knightley wrote a new chapter in its history with the house in the Rue Cambon.

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Passionate Young Owl Jewelry Collection

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Recently, young people interested in fashion and jewelry birds pigs also known as owl. They are willing to spend tens of millions to own personality and whimsical collection.

Unusual Fashion Owl Jewelry

On the forums, young people are fanning the trend of fashion accessories and owl jewelry. In particular, the “followers” of the owl collector think and draw took place home appliance design unique fashion, fancy mouse to walk around the eyes.Passionate Young Owl Jewelry Collection

Thuy Linh (banker, Liberation Road, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) said she was a “believer” of owls. Not just like the clothes, owl jewelry but in the Spirit also breeding owls as pets.

A lot of people have become “followers” of owl fashion Spirit share every time you think of owls, she was always thinking to have her eyes so characteristic of it. Perhaps the Spirit, the most attractive species of owl is in the eyes and eerie beauty of it as well as fascinated with the eyes of the owl species, she joins your team to design the pattern shirt with the owl eyes its own unique truth. The reason we wanted the design to be … touched, Linh said According to the Spirit, owls are “storm” in the world of apparel and accessories for young people today.

According to the Spirit, she and her group of friends (including 7) have jointly established the “love owls.” The participants in this movement have a passion for creative design and special costume based on the image of the owl, then even the street &You of Spirit still wearing the same team together like when the city uniforms special attention to the people around you. However, when the Spirit and the followers of this particular fashion trend are still considered to be the oddball & Spirit said: “For me, participating in this movement is to live the way they want. I feel like I can do what I like, friendlier and more interesting. When designing the owl-shaped costume is my way to relieve you from the stresses of everyday life.

Shared by Thuy Linh, the most memorable milestones fashion owl throne is when young people racing to the specific accessories in vintage movement (default is young “old stock”). Necklace, bracelet, earrings are the items used to storm the world. However, that is not the only field that fashion owl invasion Handbags; backpack owl is the focus for this winter.

“Capture” the independent movement, this strange young people, many fashion shops, gold shops silver jewelry in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City … well into the game quickly by acquiring the samples owl shaped to teen customer service. According to observations of PV messenger from the pull shirts to accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings … details of owls are portrayed very clever and cute, make youth “fascinated”.

Go for a walk, shop online, we saw a lot of ads fleshy ear owl fashion accessories as: stylish owl ring, owl pretty necklaces, fancy owl ring, fashion owl cat personality … ad to the store owner, fashion, accessories, owls are portable from Guangzhou (China), Korea, Japan … Vietnam with a variety of designs and style design, materials (from the material, silver and precious stones).

Huynh Thi Thuy in Bat Dan Street, Hanoi said: “I have a collection of fashion (clothing, bag, jewelry) owls. Besides the pull shirt printed with funny owl, I can release the “naughty” with accessories the fancy owl. Outfit your personality will become more impressive when the highlight is the one” you “this owl it & Interesting with owl accessories that you can face very different “blow-ear” from the gentle feminine to break.

Share on fashion trends “read” They use a lot of words suggested image to conquer the audience. She said: Cu cat is the only species with two eyes on the same side. Animals have long been a source of the inspiration of the designer fashion jewelry and accessories. Not cool effortlessly, the beauty swallow or powerful but eagle owl had a very bizarre, eccentric character that many people have very own charm, pay attention.

According to the understanding of the PV side of the luxury, elegant suits, young people tend to choose clothes; accessories owl brought slightly vintage, retro fashion trends of the past decade – old neck. To reconcile between classic and modern, young children “born” owl eyes glasses to highlight the style. Along with the whimsical style costumes, fancy glass cat’s eye – a very popular trend in recent years of the 50s, 60th century has been impressive. Thus the fashion model owls are numerous women worldwide popularity.

Like the name implies, eyeglasses, owl cat like eyes with two slanted corner of the mold glasses back up. Previously, this type of accessory design only suitable for thin and oval faces. However, in order to reconcile between classic and modern trends, cat eye glasses now “transformed” diverse in style, size and color to suit many styles of face.Passionate Young Owl Jewelry Collection

Minh Thanh Nam Trung Yen, Ha Noi is not only a “believer” of fashion accessories, owl but she also respected by friends because of dominant play. Said, a passionate young people like her fashion but are not particularly fond of the strange and unique accessories, charge. Owl Fashion was attracted to her at first see it in a jewelry store in Thailand. They sell necklaces with owls. Personality fun and outstanding owl jewelry even appeared for a long time but they have always been popular and never reduce hot.

Thanh said she owns a jewelry owl made of feather strangely. This jewelry is a gift of a friend in Germany dedicated her right on my birthday 26 years old. Said, to satisfy your interests, she also asks people to order the owl costume from Japan, Korea … the price is quite expensive. Bar boasts that owl Jewelry mounted pearl cute, classy and noble. Just see it as I was mesmerized could not resist.”

Thanh also owns jewelry (necklaces, bracelet and earrings) attached sequin for $ 11 million & Speaking of fashion “unique” Thanh fun: prominent Material and this lovely rain as the wind on every corner of the fashion world. Between costumes, bags jewelry also is tinged with the flavor of the seeds eyes sparkling magic of owls. Thanh also said that long fashion followers still for von that sequin is “queen of the night” because this material is inherently of jubilant disco fashion style, exciting and sexy.

It is also said that, sparkling sequin, crucified also with the lavish party or red carpet splendor. That’s why she choose the jewelry of owl attached sequin to be the highlight of the party, evening with friends. According to the understanding of the PV, the market has a lot of natural owl jewelry stone patterns fitted with prices ranging from 5-15 million / shakes her hand, 12 million / chains, 2-3 million / ring.

Also a follower of owl jewelry, Minh Hong (in Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam) have spent a lot of time and was on sale shop online to order samples of necklaces, earrings do of silver and copper material For her the black earring features of the new Thai silver with bizarre definition of species of owls. Hong said that, when friends and relatives traveling in Laos, Thailand … she will send them to buy household owl jewelry.

Although, the jewelry is made from copper, silver but crafted very sophisticated and prices are not soft at all, even on par with expensive gold material. Having silver jewelry I ordered from Thailand prices up to 9 million “, Hong revealed.

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Kristen Stewart like her bib necklace XXL Smoky Eyes Makeup and Red Lips With Hot Look Hairstyle

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Jewelry accessories … This season designers see the big picture and the stars can not resist. Thus, during the photo call of “Twilight 5″ in Madrid, November 15, 2012, Kristen Stewart wore a bib necklace in XXL format, which was sublimated her dress two-tone black & white transparent exit the standby.Kristen Stewart like her bib necklace XXL Smoky Eyes Makeup and Red Lips With Hot Look Hairstyle

So why as Kristen, we adopt the bib necklace XXL?

The bib necklace is one of the jewels in a wink; strengthen your body making your look unique with simple jeans / t-shirt & a little black dress or a sophisticated outfit this gem fits all styles.

Thus you can offer according to your desires look rock glam or just casual chic and the beauty look?

More than an accessory, the bib necklace XXL sets the tone for your look, it will be important to involve the right make-up for example, if you bet on a breastplate “Barock” (subtle mix of nails and precious materials) as Kristen Stewart look for a discreet makeup exit smoky eyes and red lips & play this time the map discretion.

Hairstyle side, if a high bun supports the glamor of jewelry, hair disheveled wearing “how Kristen” strengthens the spirit rock. In the editorial ‘we adopt without hesitation!

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Kylie Jenner Jewelry Cartier Love Collection With its Cartier Love Ring and Bracelets on Twitter

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Kylie Jenner we hear about a lot at the moment is the buzz by appearing on Twitter with all the jewelry Cartier Love collection. Spotlight on one it girl power.Kylie Jenner Jewelry Cartier Love Collection With its Cartier Love Ring and Bracelets on Twitter

Kylie Jenner does not tell you anything but maybe this girl, who is the half-sister of the three Kardashian sisters is doing a real hit especially on Twitter. Known for her modeling experiences Kylie Jenner multiplies pictures of her looks and her daily life on Twitter By dint grow with social networks, this girl has the completely assimilated her life.Kylie Jenner Jewelry Cartier Love Collection With its Cartier Love Ring and Bracelets on Twitter

Kylie is becoming the new Miley Cyrus insofar as it affects a very wide audience and influence in the United States who are teenagers but realistically & Kylie Jenner is perhaps a model for young girls but few are those who can afford the dressing or accessories Kylie Jenner. It is true that it may appear quite normal when Kylie Jenner pose with a manicure Aztec on Twitter & it is concerned with things pertaining to her appearance and is of age but her obsession for jewelry Cartier Love collection reveals incredible fashion knowledge.

Kylie Jenner can pay everything but she does not buy anything for some time, Kylie Jenner pose with jewelry Cartier Love collection, a true obsession. Larger and less comprehensible than that Kylie Jenner pose with their different shells iPhone 5 on Twitter.Kylie Jenner Jewelry Cartier Love Collection With its Cartier Love Ring and Bracelets on Twitter

In any case, these jewels of finesse and taste unheard are difficult to imagine a girl of 15 years at least in the life of every day. Indeed, Kylie Jenner is not sumptuous jewelry for special occasions but rather everyday. Cartier Love collection which consists of bracelets with diamonds and 18 carat gold and diamond rings are paved are made on the model of bracelets is not necessarily appropriate for a girl of 15 years.

Kylie cares and decides to wear jewelry with the most common accessories affront to luxury? Perhaps. Anyway Kylie Jenner loves her jewelry Cartier Love collection an obsession that makes us a bit jealous when you know what price range is this beautiful jewelry Cartier Love collection.

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