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Rabea Lawn collection by Shariq Textiles

After the success of Rabea linen 2012-13, Shariq Textiles is all set to launch Rabea lawn 2013. The lawn includes unstitched fabrics for women. Whole three-piece suits are included in the collection.

Rabea Lawn collection by Shariq TextilesNice motifs can be seen embroidered on the shirts since this is an embroidered lawn collection. Lovely prints can be seen on the duppattas but the trousers are plain. The fabrics are suitable for creating stylish dresses for casual wear. Rabea lawn 2013 is another designer lawn collection by Shariq Textiles. Hence, you can expect high-quality and stylish fabrics in Rabea lawn 2013 collection.

Rabea Lawn collection by Shariq Textiles-01 Rabea Lawn collection by Shariq Textiles-02

Shariq Textiles is not a very old textile firm but it has managed to gain a lot of popularity in Pakistan. It provides fabrics for women. Various types of fabrics like lawn and linen are offered by Shariq Textiles. It has released many different fabric collections for different seasons of 2012 and almost all of them have been quite successful and so have made the firm more popular. Thus, customers with various tastes and budgets could find something suitable in its collections. You can quite easily get the fabrics of Shariq Textiles through different fabric stores in Pakistan.

You can see pictures of some of Rabea lawn 2013 by Shariq Textiles below. Rabea lawn 2013 by Shariq Textiles has not been released yet but will be soon. So, if you like any of the fabrics from this collection and want to buy them then you should visit one of the retailers of Shariq Textiles soon after the release of the collection. As Shariq Textiles provides its collections through so many fabric stores, you may find them at a big store in your city. For now, have a look at the fabrics in this collection. You can also view more collections of Shariq Textiles on Many of its collections have been featured on this website.

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Change Party Wear Dresses 2013 For Winter

Change is one of the most demanding fashion brand in Pakistan.Change has been working in this field since very past years ago.Change has made a prestigious space in the field of fashion in Pakistan.Change party wear dresses 2013 have recently launched, in which embroidered outfits were added in bright colors.

Chen One - Pareesa Winter Collection 2012-13- Chen One - Pareesa Winter Collection 2012-13-0 Chen One - Pareesa Winter Collection 2012-13-02

Change is a clothing line who offers you casual wear, party wear and formal wear outfits in trendy style.Change has recently launched winter collection 2013 and gained so much attention from their customers.Change is back with Change party wear dresses 2013 for women.Change latest party wear collection 2013 has consists of long shirts with tights.Change collection has perfectly designed according to the season of winter.This beautiful collection is perfect for casual and party wear both.You can wear these dresses in any parties and give you a stunning look.This collection has fully adorned with bright colors such as red, pink, blue and etc etc.Furthermore, this collection has embellished with elegant looks and styles.Girls!! just wait a bit here and have a look at this beautiful winter collection by Change 2013 here below.They all are wearable, comfortable and affordable at prices.Let’s see them below:


Violet Sattin Net Wedding Wear Embroidered Dress Material

Violet Sattin Net Wedding Wear Embroidered Dress Material

Violet Sattin Net Wedding Wear Embroidered Dress Material

Indonesian fashion show Designer Dian Pelangi

Indonesian fashion show Designer Dian Pelangi


Indonesian fashion show Designer Dian Pelangi

Indonesian fashion show Designer Dian Pelangi

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Cool thigh tattoo

Cool thigh tattoo,Cool  tattoo,Cool  tattoo,

Cool thigh tattoo

Cool thigh tattoo,Cool  tattoo,Cool  tattoo,

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Fashion Do’s & Don’ts Beautiful 7 celebrities Indonesia In Hijab Wrap

Wearing hijab so as not to appear monotonous and still stylish require patience for daring mix & match. Seven celebrities beautiful Indonesia is also showing their version of hijab style that can be an inspiration.

1. Rachel Maryam Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Rachel Maryam Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Choosing a natural color palette like brown terracotta and cane she gently harmonize display with color matching bag. Motif graphical she dared the length skirts with fabric motif clumps striated. It’s suitable for her petite proportions.

2. Meidiana Hutomo Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Meidiana Hutomo Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Option feminine style successfully applied through the use of loose silhouettes and floral embroidery detail applications. Color was impressed from gentle pink and white are biting match.

3. Inneke Koesherawati Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Inneke Koesherawati Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Carrying the ethnic fashion styles Inneke right in combining green leaves with orange terracotta. To suggest a strong ethnic, Kati cloth wrapped on the head can be an inspiration. Do not forget to tie the obi waist to show a slim silhouette.

4. Elma Theana Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Elma Theana Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Shown red Elma Theana can still look attractive even attention. To look nationalists wear a touch of tie on the skirt or head coverings.

5. Avi Basalamah Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Avi Basalamah Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Courage is the wife of the crash pesinetron Ramzy admirable motives. Take it inspired color palette combined. But avoid all loose silhouette and her asymmetrical because it makes the body look more plump.

6. Risty Tagor Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Risty Tagor Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Long vest style with a retro motif combined with fabric loops on the head sideways. Suitable for young hijabers still slender but avoid those who are ripe because the body will look plumper.

7. Eksanti Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Eksanti Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Beautiful pastel blue body wraps Eksanti. She wrapped the belt as an accent in order to maintain the body silhouette and invisible haphazard.

8. Sandriana Malakiano Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

Sandriana Malakiano Wearing Hijab Mix & Match

The anchors are practically synonymous with style and dynamically selecting pipe trousers with a vest decorated with a touch of batik mega cloudy patches.

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Huong Giang Fashion Look Book

The most beautiful Miss Asia beauty breeze are passionate degrees in the the lotus stone studded tunic crystal. Married, a beautiful 23-year-old now receive less show, but still made enough capture or contracts the event signed earlier.

Pictures of custom made designer Duc Hung Dress with Vietnamese silk material and festive colors. According to him, the color lotus is consistent with pure Vietnamese beauty of the Huong Giang. Ekip perform including: Impermanence stylist, makeup Quoc Hung, Lower My hairdresser. Background done in ancient temple in Ho Chi Minh City.

Huong Giang In Long Duc Hung Vietnamese silk Dress after the wedding

Long straight silky hair to cymbals,  simple face makeup , most beautiful Miss Asia Huong Giang look full of vitality in the new image. Beautiful people age 23 to share her work pressure not less radiant and fresh.

When asked about the secret to keep beauty, she said eating, rest is very important. Appears next to Huong Giang in the image is silky straight hair expert Yuko Yamashita leading, co-created “Sunsilk the smooth sticky”.

During the same imaging expert Yuko, Huong Giang enjoy the hair care instructions and efficient to use the straightened because she frequently presses.

Yuko Yamashita brought the secret of silky straight hair products “Sunsilk smooth sticky” introduced to the Vietnamese girl.

Miss Asia Huong Giang Long straight silky hair

The most beautiful Miss Asia will showcase traditional costumes of designer Duc Hung in festival dress domain third place in the “sparkling night Hoan Kiem Lake” at 1/10 in Hanoi. Huong Giang in Hanoi at 16h on 30/9.

She was eager to perform in preparation night celebration. Before that, people had the opportunity to sample the beautiful dress and take pictures in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ekip Saigon shooting of photographer Quoc Huy, Anicca stylist, makeup Nguyen Hung, hairdressing Far Ocean are enthusiastically made ??the image as expressing the heart of the capital Hanoi.

Background was taken at the HungKingsTemple in Ho Chi Minh City to create a sense of ancient, cultural proximity to the North. In “sparkling night HoanKiemLake” Huong Giang will wear the dress form this demonstration. Beauty was very interested in the design of the Duc Hung. Walked with her ??longer series Miss, supermodels.

The program will be broadcast live on: VTV1, VTV4, HTV1, HTV9 and many international TV channels relayed.

Miss Asia Huong Giang in festival dress With Long hairstyle

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Korean Style Still Trend Center 2013

Fashion has become an absolute necessity for you. You always want to look good in what you wear. Women and fashion remain inseparable.

Korean Style Still Trend Center 2013

They will always look for the latest models of clothes so that they will always be known as a person who knows the current clothing trends.

The fashion experts still see that fashion trends 2013 will still be dominated by Korean-style clothes. Korean cultural influence is still very visible because of the many girl bands and boy bands that emerged in Indonesia.
In addition there are many Korean drama series that also appeared with the clothes her Korean inspired many people here.

Korean-style clothes are not only suitable for use by women only now men also love wearing style Korean Style. If you also want to follow the trend of 2013 you should start thinking about a few things that will make you look trendy Korean style clothing.

First, you can wear a dress or outfit that dominated Korean red, green, pink and white. These colors will appear to be the trend in 2013, Striking colors that you should avoid because they do not conform to the trend of 2013.

Second, look for models like the clothes Korean clothes are more open and there is a tie at the top of the clothes. You also choose a model with a rainbow of color stacked clothes. Nowadays clothes are very popular and will be a trend in 2013.

Third, you can look like a Korean artist if you use the dress. Choose long or mini dress. Type Maxi dress with Korean models will further make you shows up trendy.

Look for a dress that is made from materials that are very smooth as taffeta, chiffon, cotton or other materials. About color should also be considered as soft colors will be the trend next year.

Fourth for those of you who have mini posture should also wear mini dress. By wearing a mini dress you will be seen higher as a mini dress will show your feet. Pair with a shoe that is becoming a trend now.

Fifth, you can use accessories such as bandanas when wearing dress. Bandana even used Korean teen and women there. Before you use your bandana would remain touched to know where would you go first so you can still look good and seem to respect the event that you will go.

Sixth, look at not only the Korean style of clothes you have. You should also look Korea using Korean-style makeup. Korean makeup style is not too flashy. They prefer to use colors that are muted and not too thick.

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Costume at Miss Universe Broken & Maria Selena Got Panic

Indonesia indeed made it into the top 10 of Miss Universe 2012 National Costume. However, who would have thought if he just panicked because her costume was damaged.

Costume at Miss Universe Broken & Maria Selena Got Panic

Forward to the Miss Universe 2012, Maria Selena is equipped with a special costume for a session of the National Costume. Is a collection of costume eagle Solo Batik Carnival chosen to take to the prestigious event?

The magnificent design and jumbo size turned out to produce obstacle “Because of her poor packing, when up, the costume was damaged” the story of Maria Selena when talking with via telephone connection, Thursday, January 3, 2013.

Costume at Miss Universe Broken & Maria Selena Got Panic

Eagle wings that should bloom just broken and shapeless anymore & Disclosed virgin 22 years, she also had to panic but fortunately the crew of the Miss Universe helped to improve my costume,” she continued.

Apparently, these efforts sweet fruit & therefore, the costumes are predominantly red and white finally managed to put Indonesia in the top 10 National Costume.

I am very happy and proud. This achievement is the first time for Indonesia, “she concluded.

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Enam Favorit Winter Coat 2013

Winter is coming and everyone is getting a winter coat. They need a winter coat that not only can protect them from exposure to bone-chilling cold. They should also look more stylish with her winter coat.Enam Favorit Winter Coat 2013

When winter arrives many shops have been offering various types of winter coats. You just have to choose the coat that suits your needs and to suit your character.

Here are six tips for your favorites are choosing winter coat or winter coat. You should read it first so you can really choose the best coat for you.
First you need to choose a winter coat to suit your profession. Many women simply do not work in the room. We must be able to distinguish between a winter coat for activities indoors and outdoors. Extra protection you would need if you are outdoors.

Second, the choice of materials is very important winter coat for you. You are a businessman shall in choosing a winter coat of camel leather. Why you should choose a camel coat? This coat protects you and also makes you look more trendy and stylish.

Third, you can choose a style winter coat parka. This is a coat that is perfect for your casual day. It is also very suitable for unauthorized activities. You can combine this type coat with the sleeves or hoods combine’s premises.

Fourth, winter coat with cape style very suitable and perfect for those of you who want to look attractive and simple. Your coat is perfect to use when you perform this type of activity that is not too formal, too.

Fifth, the winter coat is a coat next winter with a sporty style. You can combine with jeans and other accessories. This coat is very suitable for you who love outdoor activities.

Sixth winter coat with oriental style is perfect paired for winter style best for you. Mantel degan oriental style using Chinese embroidery and use additional materials warmer.

Still there are many types of winter coats can be found in addition to the types mentioned above. You can also use a type of trench coat as this coat more classic and will make you look trendy.

Whatever type of winter coat you want to wear you still have to pay attention to the function of the actual coat. You should not only pay attention to the style and forget the protection functions of various types of winter coats them.