Embarrassed In Public Kristen Stewart Not Attends Film Premier

Kristen Stewart will reportedly not attend the premiere of her latest film ‘On The Road’ in London. It was because she was embarrassed and unprepared for the public due to the case affair.

The plan 22 years old actresses are scheduled to run on the red carpet to attend the screening of the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel on August 16, 2012 in London, England. But the Kristen presence was canceled because she wanted to avoid the awkward atmosphere.

Lover Robert Pattinson was embarrassed to answer questions from reporters. In addition, the Kristen is a big fan of Jack Kerouac is if his presence would not want to disrupt the film.

Kristen is not going to walk the red carpet for the On the Road she was too ashamed to show her face in public now, said the source as quoted by Radar Online.

According to sources Kristen was feeling fear due to her affair with Rupert Sanders. Kristen decision to not attend the screening of the film was also triggered by the presence of co-star, Tom Sturridge.

There is also a dilemma when she must co-exist with co-star in the film Tom Sturridge. Tom is very close to Rob and Kristen thought it would be very awkward for him to promote the film with him, said another source.