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Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth

Over the past 60 years occupied the throne of England Queen Elizabeth’s style of dress is always commendable but until now no one knows for sure the Queen’s favorite color.Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth

This is the reason for Vogue to do research through the observation that the color of clothing used by Queen Elizabeth at social events and the state over the last 12 months
The results of Vogue declared that blue is most likely the Queen’s favorite color it can be proved through the table Vogue ‘Rainbow Queen’ who made the magazine’s fashion over the past 12 months after seeing the Queen’s appearance in various events.

Ranging from coats dresses, suits, even the hat worn by the Queen is always dominated by the color blue to 29 percent.Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth
Other colors for the last 12 months dominating style of dress the Queen is the color green and brown the percentage reached 11 percent, below the flower motif that reach 13 percent usage in the last 12 months.

Pink and purple usage reaches 10 percent, while the rest are red, yellow, orange and black
Color ‘beige’ color is thought to be less favored by the Queen because its use to only one percent in 12 months.Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth

“The queen loved clothes and she is a very adept in choosing fabrics,” said Queen Elizabeth’s personal assistant Angela Kelly as quoted by the Telegraph.

“The queen always consider my opinion but in the end it was she who determines the overall appearance,” said Kelly.

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Kelly Brook Opens Secret Chest Pudgy With Boobs Red Dress

Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Dresses Style

Tulisa Contostavlos Print-patterned Dress

The literature an American singer will leave the U.S. to the UK. At the airport, she found the print-patterned dress that looks sweet, In addition, the literature also wearing sandals and a purple handbag.

Patterned dresses printed with bold prints the letters that were attractive for the inspiration to design a matching dress.

Kelly Brook Opens Secret Chest Pudgy With Boobs Red Dress

Who does not know Kelly Brook? For the uninitiated, Kelly Brook is a model of women’s underwear. Kelly Brook is famous for its plump breasts, according to the posture she always keep its shape to keep it interesting.

Kelly Brook Opens Secret Chest Pudgy With Boobs Red Dress

Kelly Brook to open a secret chest is always plump. Apparently, Kelly Brook prop her chest branded with Sport Relief socks.Kelly Brook Opens Secret Chest Pudgy With Boobs Red Dress

Do not believe it. Kelly Brook certainly do not need socks to prop her breasts to appear more plump and prominent.

The scene is a scene in a movie for the Sport Relief charity.

Casual Style of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes knows? We will deliver the style of Katie Holmes’s casual clothing. This time, Katie Holmes walking around with tight jeans, white t-shirt topped with red stripes – black, hot colors and boots Rayban glasses.Casual style of Katie Holmes

Selena Gomez Casual Style Dress

Selena Gomez has just come out of a mini salon in Miami. Selena Gomez is being relaxed. Let’s see Selena Gomez dressed in casual style.

Selena Gomez use a tank top, low-chested gray, sleeveless shirt, shorts jeans and white sneakers. In his left hand, Selena Gomez uses a large band of ethnic nuances.

How Selena Gomez’s style, according to Fashionista everything?

Black Legging-Bolong Bolong Imogen Thomas

The women would love to wear leggings and undies as if it’s pants, not to mention Imogen Thomas.Black Legging-Bolong Bolong Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas in Londong found was wearing black leggings, white shirt patterned skull print, black leather jacket, and black high heel shoes in her hand hanging a black leather handbag.

What distinguishes Imogen Thomas with leggings women leggings the other is Imogen Thomas has a variety of ladder-shaped hole in the front from the waist to the ankles.

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Stay Beautiful While Pregnant Celebrities Ala

Pregnant does not mean a problem for you can not look fashionable. Here are a few Hollywood celebrities who manages to appear more beautiful and remain fashionable even though the condition those who are pregnant.

1. According to Kristin Cavallari, pregnancy does not mean you have to opt out of the world’s trends and fashion. This Hills star walked confidently wearing a patterned jeans / jeans with a floral pattern of the spring.

2. Adriana Lima models Victoria Secrets never use other types of maternity clothes like other pregnant women.
Visible when Victoria came to attend the opening of the IWC store in New York by using the tight black mini dress.

3. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld hamilnya look cute with a dress at the Tribeca Film Festival. Julia looks like a flower that blooms at the bottom of the skirt to show off big pregnant belly

4. According to Amanda Holden, when it comes to the show with a pregnancy dress, look good and look beautiful is by wearing a tight dress and sparkle like fireworks. Because then, a mother who is pregnant will look more radiant.

5. When Bryce Dallas Howard is pregnant, she did not let the deals that are on an eight-month gestation, void without force. Bryce liven things up with a bright red dress that makes her look fresh and impressed as a hot mama.

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Fashion Do’s & Don’ts Miley Cyrus Appear Super Minimalist

For women the canal when selecting clothing such as dresses and long tops she did not need to wear pants. For those who want to cover the exposed parts of the foot can wear leggings instead of stocking up pants.

Fashion Do's & Don'ts Miley Cyrus Appear Super Minimalist-

Fashion Do's & Don'ts Miley Cyrus Appear Super Minimalist-

One trend that is quite popular among women is a model of a long jacket that serves as a hot mini canal. Apply a style like this is risky, because one solid match, someone will look ‘naked’ and too hot.

This happened to the actress and singer Miley Cyrus attended the 2012 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (5/20/2012). 19-year-old young celebrity looks fresh with a new haircut and makeup blush.

Unfortunately her choice of clothing that is too ‘mature’ for her age. A piece of white blazer designs Jean Paul Gaultier chose to wrap her tiny body. Depths and without wearing pants, she is seen to force myself to look hot.

If she wore a white tuxedo shirt as depth, it will look edgy with a touch of old-school glamor, not like a porn star. Even if he wanted to show her breasts, do not wear under wear fine, but you should use a pair of long white trousers. The key is to balance the hot and mysterious impression.

For the jewelry she had the right to choose a thin chain necklace with a pendant. But the selection of open-toe shoes in black and white motif makes the whole display look old. And if she wanted to look more mature, just wear plain black shoes with access Loubutin red soles. And if she wanted to look more girlie, can choose the color of fluorescent plain pumps.

Dress ‘Mermaid’ So Idol 6 Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

Body hugging dresses and sweeping the floor can make a dramatic appearance looks. Perhaps this makes the celebrity and famous movie players choose to wear a dress when attending a mermaid model of Cannes Film Festival 2012.Dress 'Mermaid' So Idol 6 Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

Here are six celebrities who wear dresses mermaid models, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

1. Cheryl Cole White Dress With Detail ‘fishtail’ Red

28-year-old singer wore a Stephane Rolland Haute Couture designs. White dress that looks exceptional with detail ‘fishtail’ red.

2. Jane Fonda

Although 74 years old, Jane Fonda look younger than her age, she wore a Atelier Versace bronze metallic design, Stars ‘Monster in Law’ that combines with a clutch bag and shoes be detail metallic glitter.

3. Eva Longoria White Dress Cut Low Chest

The actress was born March 15, 1975 retro look with a white dress cut low chest Emilio Pucci design. Its vintage style grew up in sensual wavy hairstyle.

4. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing seemed so in love with her homeland, China. She channeled it to the nationalist spirit mermaid gown patterned oriental works of Christopher Bu.

5. Salma Hayek Mermaid Dress

Models mermaid dress is a dress that emphasizes style old-school glamour. This dress is again preferred for help showcase a woman’s curves. So no wonder, if the dress like Salma Hayek.

6. Naomi Watts

Fashion house Marchesa is most often chosen to attend the red carpet. One was by Naomi Watts is wearing a dress made of chiffon with a hint of fur shaped into flowers.

Kim Kardashian Selling Used Clothing in Shopping Site

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Karadashian sell their old clothes on eBay shopping sites. Not just any old clothes used goods are sold they are items of works of famous designers

Kim Kardashian Selling Used Clothing in Shopping Site

Kim Kardashian Selling Used Clothing in Shopping Site


Hot brothers brought together 84 fashion items that are not used and there are a variety of dress shoes. With the name ‘Kardashian Closet sold goods from labels such as Christian high-en Loubutin, Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, Alenxander Wang and many more.

Clothes they sell there is a cheaper price range, there are also similar to the original price.
As a red silk dress from Dolce and Gabbana who sold U.S. $ 405 or about USD 3.6 million. Never wore the clothes in the show Rachel Zoë Project last year.

There is also the LBD (little black dress) Victoria Beckham designs for sale $ 575 or about USD 5 million. There is also a jumpsuit with leopard motif that sold U.S. $ 710 or about USD 6.4 million.

Selling items on eBay shopping sites do not the first time Kardashian sisters. Earlier, the star of reality TV ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’ clothing collection was sold at charity auction site eBay.

But not one hundred percent of profits donated. Kardashian sisters only contribute 10 percent of their profits to charity “Dream Foundation”.

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Structural Clothing Modern & New Mugler Domination Collection

Since didapuk become creative director at Mugler last year, Nicola Formichetti seems to show a new side of the fashion house Thierry Mugler. Together with Sebastian Peigne – head designer for his line of Mugler – he kept trying to insert modern elements into the ‘soul’ from the Paris fashion house.

Structural Clothing Modern & New Mugler Domination Collection

Structural Clothing Modern & New Mugler Domination Collection

“We see a lot of Thierry Mugler archives. There are many styles and old fashion products remain attractive, but I think now it’s time to move forward, we could say this collection as ‘Simplified Mugler’,” Sebastian said during a press conference at the ION Art Gallery, Orchard Road, Singapore, Wednesday (05/16/2012).

So do not be surprised if the latest series of Mugler’s fashion collection takes inspiration from Thierry Mugler in 1997, titled ‘Insect’. Attract such high detail shoulders, peplum accent on Pinggu, arm ‘hairy’ and cut-out style of insects seemed to dominate.

The fashion show begins with a series of all-white colored clothing biomaterial cashmere and fox fur is a luxury. After that, look also one or two dress with festive colors like yellow and coral. But the rest ninja-style black dress with fringe accents and translucent materials.

Some of the canal also comes with python and crocodile skin application. Overall, this Modern Mugler collection looks so diverse, ranging from the canal layered ‘Gaga-ish’ to cut boxy coat that can be worn everyday.

Mugler fashion show held in a tent at Orchard Road, Singapore was meant as a sign that has been the official opening of the Audi Fashion Festival, one of Asia Fashion Exchange programs in Singapore. After Mugler, plan big designers such as Zac Posen, and Timo Weiland Mauret Rolan also show off their collections.

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Kate Middleton Caught Buying Clothes on Sale!

Recently, the appearance of Kate Middleton’s spoiled with expensive dresses designed several famous designers. However, it never makes disparaging shirt sale.

Kate Middleton Caught Buying Clothes on Sale!

Kate Middleton Caught Buying Clothes on Sale!

As reported by Us Magazine, one of the sources revealed that the wife of Prince William was seen shopping at French Connection’s stores is located in Kings Road London. She did not hesitate to choose the clothes in the store.

It was not too fancy goods are eventually selected women the title of Duchess of Cambridge after combing the racks at the store, the choice fell on Winter Kate Silk Vest Top in Iceberg blue.

She chose the Winter Silk Vest Top in Iceberg, the color blue,” said one eyewitness who observed her shopping activity.

Kate Middleton Caught Buying Clothes on Sale!

Kate Middleton Caught Buying Clothes on Sale!

Investigate a calibration; sleeveless blouse made from 100 percent silk is only priced at about $ 72 (about Rp670.000). Price is of course very cheap for the size range of her celebrity.

During this time, the figure of Kate is known for never hesitate to buy things on sale. However, her fashion sense remains a Mecca for most fashionistas.

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Long-wear dress, Drew Barrymore Make Fall fans

Actress Drew Barrymore made ??one of her fans fell in a Gala Dinner in New York City, Thursday (05/10/2012). However, the star of the movie “50 First Dates” seems not to realize what she had done.

Long-wear dress, Drew Barrymore Make Fall fans

Long-wear dress, Drew Barrymore Make Fall fans

In the event New York City Ballet Spring Gala, Drew was with her ??fiance Will Kopelman. she wore a long dress from Chanel bersiluet loosely coupled with the outcomes of black coat color.

Sources who attended the event, as reported by the NY Daily News tells, when Drew was talking with her fiancee, a woman approached the artist brunette from behind. When Drew – who seemed to know the whereabouts of the woman – will move into the theater, her long dress caught in the widening of the right of the woman’s shoes and make him fall in fall.

According to the source of vision, 37 years old actress was seemingly unaware of what happened behind him.she only glanced because there heard the noise after an unidentified woman fell. The woman went straight up and out the attack to get close to Drew

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Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot

Since the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton is more often seen with classic clothing that does not accentuate her body but lately she dared to look hot.

Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot

Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot

People pay attention to any changes that make her look more daring now. First, she shows the beauty of her feet when attending a dinner party last week. At that time she wore a Roland Mouret dress that has a slit. Previously she had never dressed a like.

Kate returned to the show a little hot for the second time on Friday (5/11/2012) ago while attending the BOA Olympic Concert at Royal Albert Hall, London. She wore a Jenny Packham dress design. The dress is made from lace, showing a little back. First, if you wear similar dress, she would cover it with a cardigan or blazer.

Not only that, Packham dress also exposing her neck. V collar dress usually worn by Kate not to be too low to the chest.

One more change than she showed last week’s Kate. Duchess of Cambridge was dared to wear shoes with peeptoe models. To be present at the two events mentioned above, she wore high heels Jimmy Choo sandals. Reasons for this choice seems to violate the norms of the foot of the kingdom. So far, the Queen Elizabeth and the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, always wear closed shoes with low-heeled.