Collapsing Stage, Radiohead Cancel Concert in Canada

Stage for the concert band Radiohead in Canada collapsed suddenly. One person was killed instantly, while three others were wounded.

Collapsing Stage, Radiohead Cancel Concert in Canada
Collapsing Stage, Radiohead Cancel Concert in Canada

The police are still investigating the cause of this incident. To be sure, the stage collapsed not because of the weather because it is summer in Toronto, there was no wind and temperature is normal.

Radiohead reported immediately to cancel the concert to be held in Toronto that, after receiving notification that will be used when the stage collapsed

Reportedly CBC news Sunday (17/6), the stage is located at Downs view Park Toronto, Canada, collapsed around 16:00 local time. The concert which was due to be held this evening was canceled.

The death tolls in the incident have not been identified. While the other three injured are being treated at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Everyone started screaming and panicking," said Alexandra Mihan, one of the organizers.

When we turned around, all parts of the stage suddenly collapsed. All iron and screens have been installed also overlapping.

A Hot Dog vendors in the area saw about 10-15 crew who were on a stage. "It's like watching slow motion.