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Trend Hours New Variations Modern Retro Eyeliner

Maybe all this you only know the tricks cat eyes when you paint your eye line. But you know, if still a lot of eyeliner trend is quite exciting to try? Well, let’s draw Those lines!

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

For most people, including me, eyeliner is a compulsory item after lipstick is always in the bag. Scratches on the eye eyeliner will make your eyes framed perfectly alert. To view the daily, many are just polishing along the lash line to the impression of simple and natural. But many are trying to create a touch of paint over the eye to make eyes look more ‘lifted’. But, is there another trick? Certainly

Cat Eyes is Timeless

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

I must admit that cat eye is timeless. Since the time of Cleopatra, these eyeliner tricks like never ‘die’. The trick is easy, but with effects that can make the eyes look different to paint eyes instantly became a favorite trick for many women around the world.

Graphic Eyeliner

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern3

But are not you bored with ordinary that cat eye makeup? Thank to Those wonderful makeup artists around the world, now the cat eyes could look more modern. Add a line here and there to create a unique dimension to the eye. Try to apply eyeliner graphic tricks that put the game in your eye line. Choose a bold accent to the impression of a more dramatic and daring or open edges such as Jennifer Lopez by applying eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes. Your eyes will look more elongated.

Go Outside

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

How about playing outside the line? Why not! Shake eyeliner in the upper eyelid area so that when your eyes are open, there will be two lines framing the sweet eyes. Furthermore you can also play with two different colors at the top and bottom eyelashes. Orange on top, black on the bottom Contrast will be fun!
Well, maybe those tricks are not office friendly, but you could give it a try for your night out. Always prepare a cotton bud and some makeup remover when you want to try one of the tricks above. Fix scratches that deviated from what you want. Whatever tricks that you choose, two important things: bold and confident. Frame part or in full, your eye makeup will certainly look more hot and dramatic!

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Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial Photo

Bigger Eyes Makeup on Pinterest, Interested in how to make your eyes look bigger? No problem! If you set a smaller eyes or just want to pop them or not, there are a number of Small eye makeup tutorial, cat eyes makeup tutorial, korean eyes makeup tutorial,smokey eyes makeup tutorial,smokey eyes makeup tutorial videos,blue eyes makeup tutorial,brown eyes makeup tutorial,green eyes makeup tutorial

Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial on Pinterest

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Smokey Eyes Makeup Inspiration From 6 Celebrities

Smokey eyes makeup want to look more glamorous and daring? You could try Smokey eyes makeup technique. Eye makeup techniques can reinforce the line of the eye and a sense of mystery and hot too direct radiated. Following the inspiration of some celebrities with smokey eye makeup.

1. Emma Watson Glamorous with Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Emma Watson Glamorous with Smokey Eyes Makeup

Stars of ‘Harry Potter’ it looks glamorous with Smokey eyes makeup. Emma makes it even more elegant with a blend of gold color on the sides of the eyes. Eyelids painted with black eye shadow. The bottom plus eyeliner. At the end of the inner and outer eye diusapkan gold eye shadow. Do not forget the mascara daub to create dramatic lashes.

2. Kristen Stewart Cat-eye Shaped Eyes with Eyeliner

Kristen Stewart Cat-eye Shaped Eyes with Eyeliner

Kristen Stewart Cat-eye Shaped Eyes with Eyeliner

Smokey eye makeup is also suitable as a make-up for the Halloween event. Make-up style echoes Kristen Stewart’s style. Cat-eye shaped eyes with eyeliner ends tapering out. Eyeliner is also applied at the bottom line of the eye. Add dark eye shadow on the outer end. In order not to look not too spooky, pulaskan purple eye shadow on the eyelid.

3. Scarlett Johansson Smokey Eye Makeup

Scarlett Johansson Smokey Eye Makeup

Scarlett Johansson Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes not only with dark colors. As Scarlett Johansson Smokey makeup modify more subtle and elegant. Essentially using eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eye. Then daub of blue eye shadow mint. Lastly, make bold and gentian lashes with mascara.

4. Mary-Kate Olsen Smokey Shades of Red Eye Shadow

Mary-Kate Olsen Smokey Shades of Red Eye Shadow

Mary-Kate Olsen Smokey Shades of Red Eye Shadow

Mary-Kate also modify a makeup Smokey shades of red. Without wearing eyeliner a former actress who is now a designer’s eye makeup with red eyeshadow outward at the top and bottom of the eye.

5. Gwen Stefani Dramatic Eye Makeup

Gwen Stefani Dramatic Eye Makeup

Gwen Stefani Dramatic Eye Makeup

Singer Gwen Stefani performing dramatic eye makeup. Dark blue shades on the eyelids and under the eyes, eyeliner and eyelashes thick enough produce bold eye makeup. The more glamorous with the outward appearance of red lipstick.

6. Keira Knightley Smokey Makeup

Keira Knightley Smokey Makeup

Keira Knightley Smokey Makeup

Stars of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was performed with an elegant Smokey makeup. Keira is more focused on her eyelashes. Additional false eyelashes make the eyes smaller Keira look more full. The addition of brown eyeshadow smokey reinforce the impression.

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Only 4 Your Eyes an Impressive Eye Makeup

Eyes are always identified with a person’s heart window. Through the eye, we can talk and express many hat. Shall have the following four items to create an impressive eye makeup.

Only 4 Your Eyes an Impressive Eye Makeup

Impressive Eye Makeup

onlly 4 eyes

1. Eyeliner

The ‘eye pencil’ This will reinforce the shape of the eye. Can correct the shape of the eyes and make eyes look bigger and give dramatic elements

2. Highlighter

Effect on bone bright eyes and make our eyes seem to ‘wake up’ again.

3. Eyebrow pencil

Reinforce and help shape the eyebrows frame the eyes.

4. Mascara

Thicken eyelashes and make flicks. Make eyes look fresh.

Miranda Kerr’s Eyes Tapering Feathers Blessing Spoon

Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr shares tips for women who want to curl eyelashes but forgot my eyelash curler. Said Miranda, a spoon can have a similar function.

Miranda Kerr’s Eyes Tapering Feathers Blessing Spoon

Eyes Tapering Feathers

Miranda Kerr’s Eyes Tapering Feathers Blessing Spoon

You can curl the lashes with a spoon if you’re not carrying eyelash curler,” said Miranda as she demonstrates how little she did.

Tips are given Miranda when interviewed by Bella Sugar TV. To curl eyelashes with a spoon, you can use your thumb and the edge of the spoon. The trick, put the spoon just above the lash line, then press the lashes upward.

In addition to providing tips curl eyelashes with a spoon, wife of Orlando Bloom was also sharing her beauty secrets to others. For example, how she makes her eyes shine by applying lip balm on the outside of the eye.

Another beauty secret is also revealed that women 29 years is how it has always looked healthy skin and bright. Miranda says, is easy enough to use only oil rose hip or rose hips.

“I wear it at night and I wake up in a state of glowing,” she said. Fruit of the rose oil is said to Miranda did have a good efficacy. “A lot of antioxidant and helps to rejuvenate the skin,” says the model who has since become the mother was admitted to not have much time to take care of her skin.

Diy makeup For Small Eyes

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Eye Makeup Ideas
mascara reviews, maybelline mascara how to apply mascara

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5 Makeup Glitter for the New Year 2014

Brighten the track’s Eve in 2014. Go for the glitter makeup to take affected a little magic to your day in the year 2014. The editorial ‘invites you to discover its shopping list

5 Makeup Glitter for the New Year 2013

It’s time to party! Christmas Eve 2014 in a few hours after choosing our outfit and hairstyle inspired by our stars to spend the 2014 New Year in style, head to the makeup kit to shine tonight & If there is one day in the year where you can afford to make the “too much”, it is during the day of the year. So, to have no regrets, we put the package on the glitter makeup. To us look shiny and glossy lips!

There is no limit and anything goes today … If you Etc Fashion Blog said … If you are not yet at the level page makeup glitter, you have a few hours to refuel before sequins Eve 2014 & Sephora management where you will find your happiness. We love the Pearl Powder Bobbi Brown to remain faithful to our beauty and fashion icon, Kate Middleton, but it adds an extra touch by drawing a nice line with glitter eyeliner Urban Decay Heavy Metal.

For more discreet, it is true that 100% glitter makeup is a little scary in this case, it is sufficient to illuminate our trendy outfit for New Year’s Day with a simple spray glitter for the body. A shopper at Sephora treats yourself for Christmas Eve 2014 and shine all night. As for Nail addicts, it will be on the fingertips that will shine. This is great since INC. Nail and Peggy Sage have released nail polish and glitter girl furiously for the holiday season. So do not forget to set aside some time to complete your makeup kit at Sephora but especially not overflow. Glitter yes but structured please and you what makeup do you opt for the New Year 2015?

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Makeup Of The Parade Chanel Cruise 2013 in Versailles for Christmas

In May, the parade Chanel Cruise was held in the gardens of the Château de Versailles. A big surprise that showcased a fresh mind rebellious and feminine Collection caused a sensation and the beauty of the tops did not fail to challenge. Home to both C decided to put at our disposal the makeup of the parade for Christmas.Makeup Of The Parade Chanel Cruise 2012 in Versailles for Christmas

Marie Antoinette would not have denied the sublime beauty look that Chanel had chosen for her parade cruise in the gardens of Versailles & Versailles a city synonymous with beauty, poise, luxury and French refinement. Canopies of the parade encanaillement with inspired wigs color pastel hair trend of the season but what impressed us most is the subtle and colorful makeup.

Pink is the heart of this creation and not content with raising the color on the cheeks, she invites solid color on the eyes and transparency on the lips and nails. A declaration of love to the girl flower made by Peter Philips, the creative director of Chanel makeup & in the gardens monochrome petals dévergondent subtle with a fly to double C strategically placed under the eye. Position reveals a personality trait of the wearer while murders and passionate, Chanel woman enjoys the contrasts.

To pay tribute to this extraordinary procession the house has decided to release a named collection Cruise 2012 makeup that would include the necessary of this makeup. Racy gold illuminating powder “Fly Beauty” is a wink and highlights the complexion with the subtlety of a chic draped, like its relief’s stamped.

Limited edition, it comes with another unique product: the Rose Favorite Eyeshadow. Matt and bright, it is deposited in solid color on the eyelid and gives us a look mischievous. Finally, to complete this line, there is a contrast blush Blush Rose Petal with fine gold glitter a Rouge Coco Shine Evasion, delicately pink and peach natural varnish Tenderness, pastel colors that our nails while transparency perfect for to the low manicure.

Tips for Beautiful Eyes Thicken Hair

Tips for Beautiful Eyes Thicken Hair

Tips for Beautiful Eyes Thicken Hair

Tips for Beautiful Eyes thicken hair – You look for information about tips on how to thicken lashes for a beautiful and delicious dilate? Well, here the latest fashion blog a bit about providing tips about Feather Eye to Bold and Beautiful. Thick eyelashes and pretty certainly be able to maximize our performance as a woman. But do not carelessly use to thicken lashes us, might actually cause skin and eye irritation.

To thicken hair Beautiful Eyes

Here are tips from Latest model give to get a thick eyelashes and beautiful. The first is to use olive oil. Olive oil is a natural and pure ingredient that will not cause irritation to the skin or eyes. You can apply olive oil on your eyelids every night and leave it until the next day. In the morning, wash the eyes and face using a facial cleanser and cool water. After a few days, your eyelashes will be thicker, tapering and beautiful.

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Latest model give to get a thick eyelashes and beautiful.

Latest model give to get a thick eyelashes and beautiful.

The next two tips so thick and beautiful lashes is to use serum eyelash grower. In the market, there are a lot of eyelash grower serums. To be sure you have carefully chosen. It is best to first read the label and check the type of materials used for these products. Grower eyelash serum can be used before bed. Make sure your face and eyes clean of make-up by washing your face thoroughly with a mild facial cleanser and cool water. Serum eyelash grower will also show the results after a few days use.

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Well that’s about to thicken hair tips How to Beautiful Eyes of model, Info. to support the latest fashion demands of today’s Indonesia. Hopefully add to your information.

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Trick How To Wear Liquid Eye Liner

Trick How To Wear Liquid Eye Liner – You want easy to use Liquid Eye Liner? Well here a little new model will provide tips for you so you can easily use Liquid Eye Liner. Liquid Eye Liner is now has become the fashion needs of women to look beautiful and attractive.
There are many things that cause the trouble women once wore Liquid Eye Liner. What are the difficulties experienced by women in the use of Liquid Eye Liner? Well let’s see how easy trick to use Liquid Eye Liner.

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Trick How To Wear Liquid Eye Liner

There are many things that cause the trouble women once wore Liquid Eye Liner

For those of you who want look fashionable and beautiful it would be nice to always use Liquid Eye Liner. For the use of Liquid Eye Liner you must consider several tricks that you can easily and quickly using Liquid Eye Liner. Well here it is Easy to Use Eye Tricks Liquid Liner new models got this trick from a few sources on the Internet.

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Easy tricks Wear Liquid Eye Liner

To use liquid eye liner that makes the eye is not neat, there is another trick is to use black eye shadow. How to use Liquid Eye Liner is, choose the smallest brush (for eye liner) and then brush on erikan moisturizer (moisturizer for the face) and rub on the eye shadow color black, After that make eye liner according to the desired shape, now that she’s about information Easy Wear Liquid Eye Liner in order to look beautiful and elegant. Hopefully these tricks and tips useful for you to read it & get hopefully result.

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