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Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips & cosmetics

Oily skin Acne is more susceptible problems than normal or dry skin types. If oily skin acne not treated properly then facial complexion will look very greasy dull and cause pimples and blackheads.
To care form oily akin acne, choose a product that suits your skin type. Select a product make-up and facials are not just labeled ‘oil-free’ but also ‘non-comedogenic’. Quoted from styletips 101, following the other tips in choosing cosmetics for oily akin acne.

Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips

Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips

1. Cleanser

Today many products that claim to reduce excess oil or oily skin acne, but the effect, the skin loses it’s natural moisture. Dry surface it triggers the production of more oil so the skin will become more oily after cleansing.


Choose a formula to make the skin soft and not dry. If the face-prone skin, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. Do not forget to always apply a moisturizer afterwards. Because moisturizer always helpful to control the problem of oily skin.

2. Moisturizer

For Oily skin acne choose a moisturizer or a light textured moisturizer that ‘oil-free’ and ‘non-comedogenic’. Moisturizing lotion is usually more suitable for oily skin than cream. Water-based moisturizer like gel is also suitable for treating oily skin. Moisturizer always helpful to control the problem of oily skin.


For sun block, do not choose too high SPF. The higher the SPF, the more oil will be contained. Just use sun block with the highest SPF maximum of 30.

3. Make-up


Mineral make-up is suitable for oily akin acne. In addition to likely irritation, mineral make-up is also not cause blackheads. Choose a liquid foundation and powder for makeup. Avoid two-way cake powder because it can clog pores and make the skin oilier. Blush powder is also suitable for oily skin acne than creams. Try these tips and find glowing and fresh skin.

Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips & cosmetics. Best acne treatment for oily skin. Oily skin Acne is more susceptible problems than normal or dry skin types…..


Strange Singer Kesha Use Pencil Eyeliner In Lipstick

Kesha is one singer who likes to show eccentric. To obtain a stronger shade of lipstick, the singer of ‘Tik Tok’ was also admitted to using a pencil as lipstick her eyeliner.

Strange Singer Kesha Use Pencil Eyeliner In Lipstick

Strange Singer Kesha Use Pencil Eyeliner In Lipstick

In Twitter Kesha provide solutions for lip color with a purple eyeliner pencil. 24 year-old girl also post photos when she was applying eyeliner pencil in her mouth.

Daub eyeliner on my lips. No problems whatsoever,” said Kesha on Twitter, as quoted by U.S. Magazine.

But in fact use a product formulated for the eye to the lips can be a major problem for health. According to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Cover Girl Eyeliner Liquid line Blast (Kesha used eyeliner products on the lips) may be harmful.

If accidentally ingested products (eyeliner) can cause gastrointestinal irritation with symptoms of nausea vomiting and diarrhea the report of the MSDS.

Cosmetics are indeed designed for the eye, so it is safe when used in that section, rather than to the lips. Make-up tricks Kesha is a big risk for her health.

This also applies to other cosmetic products. It is expected that consumers are more concerned and do not underestimate the danger of their make-up but avoid applying products designed for specific parts even used on the face or other body parts.

Tricks To Stay Beautiful Despite Lack of Sleep

As long holiday even more busy women to socialize until the early hours. Hours of sleep had become disturbed. The effect can make you look less than the maximum. Eye could marsupial, dark circles, face look tired and dry skin. Check out the tips of Urbanette to get the full beauty, despite the lack of sleep.

Tricks To Stay Beautiful Despite Lack of Sleep

Tricks To Stay Beautiful Despite Lack of Sleep

1. Cold water spray

According to Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist in New York City, splashed cold water on the face of the face will eliminate sleepiness and refreshing your skin. The cool water helps to constrict blood vessels, which will make the skin smoother and firmer.

2. Moisturizers

Using a moisturizer is very important, because the humidity is reduced when sleep-deprived face. With moisturizers, it will lock the water in your skin will stay supple and free dry. “With moisturizers, dry and flaky skin and wrinkles will disappear can also fade,” says Ranella Hirsch, MD, a dermatologist in Boston.

3. Milk Mask

Dip a washcloth in cold milk and apply on face. Let stand for five minutes. To be able to last longer cold, balutlah ice with a small towel that has been rinsed with ice. “The combination of pH and the cold air makes more fresh and bright face,” says Dr. Fusco.

4. Cold tea bags for swollen eyes

Lack of sleep makes the eyes puffy and people with imperfections you will realize it. To overcome this problem is to compress the eye with a former tea bag that has been cooled. Inflammatory substances are contained can deflate puffy eyes and dark circles on the eyes. To make the eyes look open, pinch the eyelashes and mascara brush and use eyeshadow colors bright.

5. Make-up

After using a moisturizer, apply foundation and concealer under the eyes pulaskan to camouflage dark circles from lack of sleep. Afterwards pulaskanlah powder that does not look thick and menor. So the face looks fresh, pulaskan blush on and lipstick pink.

6. Do not Up Bad Hair Day

The hair is tangled and unmanageable or a bad hair day will add to your look bad because of lack of sleep. To that end, lest you look a mess. Wash your and your hairdo. If you do not have time menyatok hair high pigtails or use a headband to cover the ‘bad hair day’.

5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

Foundation is one of the make-up is important, to make the face look smoother and brighter. The benefits of foundation is to cover pimples, black spots and smoothing the skin color.

5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

Although the foundation can help to camouflage skin problems, but the results may not be satisfactory, if you are wrong in its application. Become Gorgeous As reported, the following error in using the foundation.

1.Using the Wrong Color Foundation

Use foundation colors that are too light or dark, make your face like a mask and unnatural. How to determine the exact color foundation is to try it in your jaw, because it is usually a darker color in the bottle.

2.The texture of the One Foundation

There are various types of foundation based on the texture: liquid, stick, powder or oil-free. You have to like what kind of foundation is suitable for your skin. If the skin is dry, you need a foundation type of liquid, which is more oily texture. If you have oily skin type, then choose the type of foundation mate (stick) and noncomedogenic.

3.Using Without Wearing Moisturizing Foundation

One of the biggest keselahan while using the foundation is to not use a moisturizer first. Foundation can be lumpy and could face look dry.

4.Foundation Looks Too Thick

Of course if the foundation looks too thick, your makeup will look menor. Though you are not applying too much foundation, but the result still looks thick. Maybe it’s because you use a moisturizer that has not completely dried, and directly overwrite it with your foundation. In effect, the foundation to look thick. For that, after using a moisturizer wait about 2 or 3 minutes to make sure your moisturizer has dried perfectly, the new Dab foundation.

5.Using the One Foundation in Information

Using a foundation in a room that has a poor light, potentially making your makeup wrong. Foundation may be too thick or too white. Apply foundation near a window with sunlight be the right choice.

Trend Hours New Variations Modern Retro Eyeliner

Maybe all this you only know the tricks cat eyes when you paint your eye line. But you know, if still a lot of eyeliner trend is quite exciting to try? Well, let’s draw Those lines!

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

For most people, including me, eyeliner is a compulsory item after lipstick is always in the bag. Scratches on the eye eyeliner will make your eyes framed perfectly alert. To view the daily, many are just polishing along the lash line to the impression of simple and natural. But many are trying to create a touch of paint over the eye to make eyes look more ‘lifted’. But, is there another trick? Certainly

Cat Eyes is Timeless

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

I must admit that cat eye is timeless. Since the time of Cleopatra, these eyeliner tricks like never ‘die’. The trick is easy, but with effects that can make the eyes look different to paint eyes instantly became a favorite trick for many women around the world.

Graphic Eyeliner

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern3

But are not you bored with ordinary that cat eye makeup? Thank to Those wonderful makeup artists around the world, now the cat eyes could look more modern. Add a line here and there to create a unique dimension to the eye. Try to apply eyeliner graphic tricks that put the game in your eye line. Choose a bold accent to the impression of a more dramatic and daring or open edges such as Jennifer Lopez by applying eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes. Your eyes will look more elongated.

Go Outside

TREND JAM Variasi Baru Eyeliner Retro modern

How about playing outside the line? Why not! Shake eyeliner in the upper eyelid area so that when your eyes are open, there will be two lines framing the sweet eyes. Furthermore you can also play with two different colors at the top and bottom eyelashes. Orange on top, black on the bottom Contrast will be fun!
Well, maybe those tricks are not office friendly, but you could give it a try for your night out. Always prepare a cotton bud and some makeup remover when you want to try one of the tricks above. Fix scratches that deviated from what you want. Whatever tricks that you choose, two important things: bold and confident. Frame part or in full, your eye makeup will certainly look more hot and dramatic!

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Natural Makeup Tips

How To Get Beautiful Makeup on Natural Makeup Tips Step By Step

There are many ways to look beautiful without having to wear excessive make-up. Beautiful by applying natural makeup is also the appropriate steps to be beautiful.

How To Get Beautiful Makeup on Natural Makeup Tips Step By Step

How to apply natural makeup for your face? As for some tips to get make up in accordance with the natural color of our skin type natural makeup tips.

Brown skin color

women’s skin is synonymous with brown skin color. The majority of women in trouble when they will make up by applying natural makeup.natural makeup tips.

For brown skin color is actually quite easy to apply natural makeup to look pretty natural.

Use foundation the same color as the color of skin or foundation can be blended with a brighter-colored powder to the skin look tan.natural makeup tips.

Then apply powder with a brighter color to the skin look brighter.
Should wear lipstick shades of brown or pink with a sweep of blush-colored young brown.natural makeup tips.

Olive skin color

Women with olivaceous skin could use a foundation that is yellow or a little brighter. For the use of powder foundation and make up almost the same as the naturalist for brown skin.

The difference is only in the decorative eye color and blush. Use a pink blush and lipstick also use the color brown or pink.

Dark brown skin color

For women who have dark brown skin color avoid the use of a colored foundation younger because it would make skin becomes dull. Choose a foundation color with a color similar to skin color is dark brown.

Use color to decorate young eye color and give a little shimmer to make it more interesting. For lipstick you should use the orange to make it look more natural and beautiful.

But before make up we should follow these instructions:

  • • Clean the skin with cleanser and apply moisturizer to keep skin humidity
  • • For those who were white use white cream base to skin looks fresh
  • • The new then we apply foundation with a color that matches the color of our skin
  • • If you have acne or dark spots, should we give the counselor at the black spots is acne or acne and black spots that are masked
  • • Use the same color as the foundation powder
  • • To blush blush colors match the color of our skin, as already mentioned above
  • • The shape eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil and use the help of eye liner in black or brown to sharpen the eye
  • • If you have eyelashes are sparse, we can affirm our eyelashes with mascara
  • • For the lips, before using lipstick, use a lip pencil with the older color to form our lips to look sexier. Then use a new lipstick color that suits your face makeup.

With proper selection of colors such as foundation, lipstick, blusher that matches the color of our skin, will make makeup / make-up we look more natural.

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aging skin care

Best Beauty Tips on aging skin care With Plastic Surgery

Best beauty tips on SKIN faces white, clean, and fresh every orange. Na mun certainly be a desire, as we get older, collagen production slows down it, as well as elasticity. Intrinsic aging is usually started at the age of 20.

Best Beauty Tips on aging skin care With Plastic Surgery

The signs of intrinsic aging are usually not seen for decades. As for who actually seen the signs of extrinsic aging, the aging caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet / UV), smoking, stress, repetitive facial expressions, and less nutrition. all her causes sagging skin, rough, wrinkled , pigmentation changes, and other aging problems.

It can not stop aging, but aging can be postponed at least. Well, to keep skin fresh and delay aging, many ways you can do. Selain healthy lifestyle, beauty and fitness centers can also help solve the problem only in Siloam Hospital ini.Salah Kebon here Jeruk.Di treatments performed in the service of unity komprehensif. Perawatannya involving doctors and genital skin, as well as a plastic surgeon.

“Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Skin Clinic serves the skin disease and other plastic surgery. With a team approach that comes forward with the techniques of other noninvasive aesthetic, “says Dr. Melissa S Luwia MHA as the CEO of Siloam Hospital Kebon Jeruk at the launch of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Skin Clinic in Jakarta, recently.

Melissa said, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Skin Clinic will be a solution for someone who wants the service filler injection, botox injection, set grafting, skin lifting, as well as aging skin care and aesthetic lainnya.Perawatan here also supported modern technologies, such as microdermabration, laser, IPL, and growth factor

wedding makeup,wedding eye makeup,eye makeup tutorial

I am here with a tutorial for all of you out there who are planning to attend some Indian weddings in this coming summer, I am going to give you a very simple summer wedding look which you can create in no time at all:)

Indian Wedding Eye Makeup Tutorial-0

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Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial Photo

Bigger Eyes Makeup on Pinterest, Interested in how to make your eyes look bigger? No problem! If you set a smaller eyes or just want to pop them or not, there are a number of Small eye makeup tutorial, cat eyes makeup tutorial, korean eyes makeup tutorial,smokey eyes makeup tutorial,smokey eyes makeup tutorial videos,blue eyes makeup tutorial,brown eyes makeup tutorial,green eyes makeup tutorial

Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial on Pinterest

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Try The Modern Body Scrub

Try The Modern Body Scrub With Photos

If you feel I have a dull skin try the modern body scrub, try, do care body scrubs alias modern version. Scrub or body scrub can be done before the bath. Its function is to clean the dirt on the body, removing dead skin cells and open pores so skin can breathe.

Try the modern body scrub previously, body massage oil is applied and massaged gently for blood circulation and facilitate the exfoliation of dead skin cells and dirt on the skin.

Photos Try The Modern Body Scrub

Try the modern body scrub

Try the modern body scrub


Then apply a scrub / body scrub that has been mixed with rose water to the entire body, let stand until half dry. Then rub gently with your hands until the dregs falling body scrub.

The final step, a bath with warm water, does not forget to apply a body lotion afterwards. Do it at least once a week. the results and see …

Body Scrub Body Scrub Try The Modern Body Scrub Body Scrub


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