Beautiful Skin with Natural Masks

Beautiful skin is very beautiful views and this is certainly a dream of all women. Apparently not only be beautiful to the salon and spend a fantastic budget. You can stay beautiful by using natural ingredients.

Beautiful Skin with Natural Masks

Beautiful Skin with Natural Masks

In addition to your facial skin to be healthy, natural treatments are also able to clean and refresh your skin. So beautiful words can you make happen easily without costly. Consider the following tips to make a natural mask.

Cucumber and yoghurt

(for sensitive skin)


One medium cucumber (peeled clean)
half a cup of yogurt
Here’s how:
Finely grated cucumber and place in bowl, then add the yogurt and stir until ingredients are well blended.
Apply on your face gently with a massage use for five minutes then rinse with cold water.
When used regularly your skin can be maintained clean pores become firmer and helps remove stains on your face.

Honey and oats to scrub the face

(normal skin)


half a cup of fine grain
one tablespoon of honey
one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
one teaspoon of almond smooth
one teaspoon of walnut

Here’s how:

All the ingredients are mixed flat, then put the in your face like a mask. Let stand for 10 minutes then wash with warm washcloth.

After that rinse with cold water scrub it when used regularly will help revitalize your skin. So your skin looks too fresh supple and bright
Kleinsmith recommends that wash with warm water because hot water can make hair dry. And do not ever pull or rub your wet hair. As another way use your fingertips to flatten the shampoo to all parts of your hair.

One-time gift of shampoo is usually enough to remove oil dirt and residue from hair fibers. But Shiel suggested for those who frequently use styling products – especially the wax and hair oil – to rinse and repeat once more that the maximum net