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Smooth skin, long hair and sexy body owned by Kim Kardashian. perfection appearance does not come just like that; all the beauty care needs to be consistent, Star of reality show 'Keeping up with the Kardashian' to spend 66 thousand pounds, or nearly $ 1 billion a year. Any treatment performed by Kanye West's lover.
Here's the list, as reported by the Daily Mail.

1. Kim Kardashian Face

Kim kardashian LookBookFor Kim facial costs £ 800 or about USD 12 million. Kim also do gold facial done every month, Socialite 31-year fan of eyelash extensions, Each week treatment with Kim eyelashes which cost £ 2,000, equivalent to Rp 30 million.

2.Kim Kardashian Body

Kim kardashian LookBook-

Twice a month, Kim did a five-star spa hotel Four Seasons. Kim's favorite treatment is a body scrub with tequila for £ 110 or about USD 1.7 million. Kim also does cellulite removal treatments, and manicure and pedicure at a nail salon. Whenever nail care, sexy woman with cost 95 pounds ($ 1.4 million).

3. Kim Kardashian Hair

Kim kardashian LookBook-03

Kim Kardashian is famous for her long hair shiny and beautiful. To maintain the perfection of her hair, she was born October 21, 1980 to a salon owned by celebrity stylist, Philip Wolff. For grooming, Kim prepare budget £ 500 or about USD 7.5 million.

4. Kim Kardashian Gym

Kim Kardashian Gym

To keep in shape still sexy, Kim diligent exercise, Stars with sexy butt exercise it every day with Gunnar Peterson. According to Gunnar, Kim was an avid sports person. Kanye West's lover can go straight to the gym from the airport.

5. Kim Kardashian Food

Kim Kardashian Food

Kim is keeping her food. The woman who owns a boutique called DASH claimed weight loss of seven pounds in seven days. Kim cut out gluten, sugar and dairy.

Kim kardashian LookBook Photos Album

Kim Kardashian Body Kim kardashian LookBook Kim Kardashian Hair Kim kardashian LookBook-02 Kim kardashian LookBook-01 Kim kardashian LookBook-0 Kim kardashian LookBook- Kim kardashian LookBook-04 Kim kardashian LookBook-05 Kim kardashian LookBook-06 Kim kardashian LookBook-08

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Sofia Vergara is "LE" phenomenon in the series "Modern Family." With its emphasis Colombian cut with a knife and her devilish curves we speak of it absolutely everywhere. And because in 2013 it already looks forward to her marriage and the baby she will ... through the series. Renowned for its slinky dresses ever to the point of finding the buttocks to air Emmy Awards it has been very difficult beginnings fashion. Back on the evolution of Latin bomb.

Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood

Sofia Vergara began her career playing on the cliche of the bimbo. Which bears no bra who chooses her jeans too small for her and discolorations who loves blondes. In short nothing fancy nothing too glamorous always vulgar. How could I forget one of her first appearances in 1999. In ultra-tight jeans she shows her breasts without complex through a transparent top. Perfect for getting noticed you say.Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood

In 2001 and 2002 her looks keep getting worse. Almost worthy of the time Jennifer Lopez, Sofia does nothing but mini tops that reveal her navel and boots with pointed toes The horror.

Ready (almost) to settle down in 2006 the actress tries to bohemian looks. Problem it fails to honestly wear this look in a chic then playing against her will gypsies.Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood

Finally, at the time of joining the cast of "Modern Family" in 2009 she began to really make an effort. Slowly but surely she re-adopts the bra (phew) put on dresses or sirens forms babydoll mode.

Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood Look OF The Sofia Vergara Fashion the Evolution Of Latin Bomb Hollywood

In short the evolution mode Sofia Vergara is a real obstacle course! To discover in images.

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There are many ways to look beautiful without having to wear excessive make-up. Beautiful by applying natural makeup is also the appropriate steps to be beautiful.

How To Get Beautiful Makeup on Natural Makeup Tips Step By Step

How to apply natural makeup for your face? As for some tips to get make up in accordance with the natural color of our skin type natural makeup tips.

Brown skin color

women's skin is synonymous with brown skin color. The majority of women in trouble when they will make up by applying natural makeup.natural makeup tips.

For brown skin color is actually quite easy to apply natural makeup to look pretty natural.

Use foundation the same color as the color of skin or foundation can be blended with a brighter-colored powder to the skin look tan.natural makeup tips.

Then apply powder with a brighter color to the skin look brighter.
Should wear lipstick shades of brown or pink with a sweep of blush-colored young brown.natural makeup tips.

Olive skin color

Women with olivaceous skin could use a foundation that is yellow or a little brighter. For the use of powder foundation and make up almost the same as the naturalist for brown skin.

The difference is only in the decorative eye color and blush. Use a pink blush and lipstick also use the color brown or pink.

Dark brown skin color

For women who have dark brown skin color avoid the use of a colored foundation younger because it would make skin becomes dull. Choose a foundation color with a color similar to skin color is dark brown.

Use color to decorate young eye color and give a little shimmer to make it more interesting. For lipstick you should use the orange to make it look more natural and beautiful.

But before make up we should follow these instructions:

  • • Clean the skin with cleanser and apply moisturizer to keep skin humidity
  • • For those who were white use white cream base to skin looks fresh
  • • The new then we apply foundation with a color that matches the color of our skin
  • • If you have acne or dark spots, should we give the counselor at the black spots is acne or acne and black spots that are masked
  • • Use the same color as the foundation powder
  • • To blush blush colors match the color of our skin, as already mentioned above
  • • The shape eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil and use the help of eye liner in black or brown to sharpen the eye
  • • If you have eyelashes are sparse, we can affirm our eyelashes with mascara
  • • For the lips, before using lipstick, use a lip pencil with the older color to form our lips to look sexier. Then use a new lipstick color that suits your face makeup.

With proper selection of colors such as foundation, lipstick, blusher that matches the color of our skin, will make makeup / make-up we look more natural.

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Chubby cheeks haircut or chubby face can be more continued with certain hair styles. Adopt-style celebrity hair styles are also pudgy cheeks. These five haircuts for chubby cheeks as quoted from Allure.

Best 5 2014 2015 Chubby Cheeks Haircut

1. Long Layer Chubby Cheeks Haircut

Long layer rounded cheeks

Long haircuts Lauren Conrad you can copy. Hair pieces can camouflage form rounded cheeks. Make a little wave at the ends of your hair and give effect to the variation chin slightly longer.

2. Fringe Bangs Chubby Cheeks Haircut

Fringe Bangs with chubby cheeks

Front bangs will make the face younger. However, many women with chubby cheeks reluctant to use bangs for fear of the face look more round. To face look more oval use a piece of fringe bangs and bangs do not cut too short. Cut the bangs to slightly below the eyebrows. Do not forget, the hair should also be cut or shaggy layers.

3. Bob Volume Chubby Cheeks Haircut

Bob Volume with chubby cheeks

Adele has a round face shape, but the hair singer of 'Sky Fall' it seems to fit the character of his face. Cut hair into a long bob or often called the lob. Make hair more volume in addition to retro impression; the style is to balance the chubby cheeks.

4. Pixie Chubby Cheeks Haircut

Pixie with chubby cheeks

Do not be afraid to cut hair pixie style. Adopt Ginnifer Goodwin's hairstyle. Although slightly chubby cheeks, but he looks attractive with short hair who was given bangs sideways on the front to balance the shape of her face.

5. Side Bangs Chubby Cheeks Haircut

Side bangs to cover the chubby cheeks

Side bangs to cover the chubby cheeks. Adopt Kirsten Dunst's hairstyle. Side bangs with shoulder-length haircut that managed to make her face appear more oval.

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Braid of hair it is now a fact with a side braid of your day can not go wrong! We saw the passing styles at the fashion show Alexander Wang. The models of Prada could not escape. Since then, the trend it’s become more popular than ever and we are overjoyed to say that these styles will be the most popular summer haircut.

Celebrity Braid of Hair

The braid of hair is on the side of every hair type and hair colors. The hairstyles are more fun than ever!

The Slanted Braiding hair trend an oblique plait is always good with your outfit.

It can be stylish for young hot girls but also very beautiful. braid of hair Wear it loosely or very tightly and like a true diva. The side braid of hair trends!

The side Braid of Hair is a real trend & Braids were already beginning to be increasingly popular by celebrities like Lauren Conrad on popular braid!

braid of hair

Now the braid side of a really nice haircut with braid of hair fashion and style in the summer!
Sometimes you wear braid of hair? Hair braiding is one of the simplest ways to make your hair a different look. You did not take much but you can also decorate it yourself braid of hair if you want.

What you need is a Comb and patience, if the braiding is not immediately succeed do not give up too soon, try it three times and it still does not succeed, braid of hair take a break and try again later.

Braid of hair Some 4 General Tips

  • Braid of hair, Comb dry hair carefully before you start with braiding.
  • Braid prefer not to wet hair the risk of damage is present and tight braids.
  • Braiding too tight this is bad for your hair and you can get a headache.
  • Braid quiet and neat If necessary use gel or hairspray to get things a little longer on the place.

Side Braid of Hair Trends 2012-6 Rihanna Side Braid of Hair Trends 2012 selena gomez Braid of Hair Trends 2012-2 Celebrity Side Braid of Hair Trends For You Pretty Hairstyles Celebrity Side Braid of Hair Trends For You Pretty Hairstyles Side Braid of Hair Trends 2012-2 Side Braid of Hair Trends 2012-2 Side Braid of Hair Trends 2012-2 Beyonce's Side Braid of Hair Trends 2012

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Natural hair loss treatment For beautiful hair will add beautiful appearance women who want to always look charming on any occasion. The hair is described as the crown of women should always be treated well. Hair loss becomes a serious threat to the health and beauty of your hair. There are many ways to care for healthy hair properly. For those of you who want to prevent your hair loss problem there are several things you can try to do.

Here are the things you can do to prevent your hair from Natural Hair Loss Treatment.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

• Combing hair regularly

To make hair look neat and beautiful you should always comb my hair after a shower or when visible untidy hair. Movement combed and brushed the hair will make the blood circulation in the scalp becomes irregular.

This method will also increase the supply of cells - blood cells for hair stronger and healthier. While combing and brushing is a good activity for the hair but you should still pay attention to the type and form of combs and brushes you use.

It would be advisable if you use a toothed comb with a wide enough space and enough brush with soft bristles.

• Use a shampoo and conditioner products right for natural hair loss treatment

Shampoo products are made to be able to provide nutrients and clean the hair and make it look more beautiful. Today there are many products on the market shampoo made for your hair type different.

There must choose the type of shampoo that suits your hair condition, whether dry, oily, dandruff or other conditions. Besides shampoo conditioner usage is also quite important. Formula is in conditioner will make hair soft and manageable.

• Keep your protein intake

As we know, hair is made of keratin which is included in the protein. For this reason you should always pay attention to protein intake in your body so that hair growth can also occur with a more healthy and fertile.

• Do not wear a wig

The use of a wig or toupee probably is usually done by women who want to be seen with another hairstyle. Although it can improve the appearance, but the use of this wig can interfere with breathing your scalp. Loss can also be more apt to occur for this reason.

• Avoid direct sun

Sunlight contain various rays that can harm the body's skin is quite dangerous.

Sensitive scalp will easily burn if allowed to receive direct sunlight. Natural hair loss treatment & hair growth will be disrupted in the event of burns on the scalp.

Those are some things that you should consider and do in order to keep your hair healthy and protected from loss. By practicing things - things described above, you will be able to maintain the beauty of your hair.

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The pretty brunette has unveiled his new tattoo during her tour with Girls Aloud Event. There are two red roses tattooed on her back and the singer says she had to undergo 15 hours of suffering to reach this result.Cheryl Cole 15 hours of suffering for her new tattoo

You want to talk to Cheryl Cole and ask him why? Why tattoos and again her goddess body but the singer is said to be addicted to tattoos. Last year, she had already revealed a new tattoo, butterfly lower back (very 90's trend). While just starting a tour event with her former band Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole unveils new tattoo and not the least. There are two huge red roses tattooed on her back. The singer has the desire to completely cover her back and she already has a dozen tattoos all over her body.

Cheryl Cole 15 hours of suffering for her new tattoo9

In an interview for Radio Newcastle, Cheryl Cole explains: "It was very painful but I think I'll stop getting tattooed now. I had no particular reason to do it, I just liked the form. It took 15 hours in total to finish. "More than half a day so to achieve this huge tattoo of a rose. "I got this tattoo for 5 months but it is located in a place where nobody expected. Was made by an exceptional artist, Nikko Hurtado who travel a lot to attend conventions." Cheryl Cole would also like the tattoo mania affects colleagues Girls aloud but the other girls did not seem quite ready to cover the body.

Laureen Berco

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To all the hardcore Vogue Fashion Night Out which takes place every September: the 2014 edition was canceled. Only in the United States at least ... and for the moment.

New York Cancels Vogue Fashion Night Out

Fashionistas of the Big Apple will have a rude awakening when they learn that the Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014 is canceled. And do not bother to say they can go to another state in the U.S., because it is the country that is concerned. No VFNO the United States this year, it is reported that the site
Established in 2009 by Anna Wintour, editor of the American edition of "Vogue" to counter the recession then prevailing that night dedicated to shopping and luxury was to boost sales. And, at the same time met: celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker or Gwyneth Paltrow, fashionistas, buyers, it-girls ... While initially the response was positive, it seems that this year, due to the crisis certainly, this is no longer the case. Thus, the organizers of the event, Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and NYC & Co. decided to suspend this annual event to allow shops and designers' focus their budgets on projects that are more line with their specific objectives rather than focusing on a September night. "United States, the VFNO mobilized nearly 500 cities.

But rest assured that the French, Paris would still welcome its VFNO. As well as 19 other countries also. Last year, the fashion trail was changed to allow another neighborhood to reap the benefits of this special night shopping & partying. Thus, the famous Avenue Montaigne had been abandoned for the Elysée district and Madeleine. What is the course of this year 2014? To be continued .

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Brighten the track's Eve in 2014. Go for the glitter makeup to take affected a little magic to your day in the year 2014. The editorial 'invites you to discover its shopping list

5 Makeup Glitter for the New Year 2013

It's time to party! Christmas Eve 2014 in a few hours after choosing our outfit and hairstyle inspired by our stars to spend the 2014 New Year in style, head to the makeup kit to shine tonight & If there is one day in the year where you can afford to make the "too much", it is during the day of the year. So, to have no regrets, we put the package on the glitter makeup. To us look shiny and glossy lips!

There is no limit and anything goes today ... If you Etc Fashion Blog said ... If you are not yet at the level page makeup glitter, you have a few hours to refuel before sequins Eve 2014 & Sephora management where you will find your happiness. We love the Pearl Powder Bobbi Brown to remain faithful to our beauty and fashion icon, Kate Middleton, but it adds an extra touch by drawing a nice line with glitter eyeliner Urban Decay Heavy Metal.

For more discreet, it is true that 100% glitter makeup is a little scary in this case, it is sufficient to illuminate our trendy outfit for New Year's Day with a simple spray glitter for the body. A shopper at Sephora treats yourself for Christmas Eve 2014 and shine all night. As for Nail addicts, it will be on the fingertips that will shine. This is great since INC. Nail and Peggy Sage have released nail polish and glitter girl furiously for the holiday season. So do not forget to set aside some time to complete your makeup kit at Sephora but especially not overflow. Glitter yes but structured please and you what makeup do you opt for the New Year 2015?

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"English rose" has hidden her game by marrying her boyfriend in early December in New York!Kate Winslet Third Secret Marries With Ned Rocknroll In New York!

What little secretive! Kate Winslet has indeed fooled though we hiding in her marriage ... The star of Titanic has avoided maximum publicity around her union with Ned Rocknroll and according to the British press, even her own parents were not aware!Kate Winslet Third Secret Marries With Ned Rocknroll In New York!

Engaged for this summer Ned Rocknroll Abel Smith alias nephew of billionaire Richard Branson empire the English actress wanted a ceremony for her ultra-private third union.

Yes, this is not a trial run for the luscious blonde who is already married twice! The former director of the Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes Skyfall director decided to replace the cover with this beautiful brown with whom she has continued to appear in recent times ...

"I can confirm that Kate Winslet is married to Ned Rocknroll in New York earlier this month during a private ceremony where her two children a few friends and family members were invited. They became engaged this summer, said spokeswoman Kate.

According to British media is her co-star in Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio which led the bride down the aisle ... we can not do more class!

It remains now only Kate and Ned, 34, and Kate, 37 years old, happy days in the house they bought in West Sussex in England last September.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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