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Smokey Eyes Makeup Inspiration From 6 Celebrities

Smokey eyes makeup want to look more glamorous and daring? You could try Smokey eyes makeup technique. Eye makeup techniques can reinforce the line of the eye and a sense of mystery and hot too direct radiated. Following the inspiration of some celebrities with smokey eye makeup.

1. Emma Watson Glamorous with Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Emma Watson Glamorous with Smokey Eyes Makeup

Stars of ‘Harry Potter’ it looks glamorous with Smokey eyes makeup. Emma makes it even more elegant with a blend of gold color on the sides of the eyes. Eyelids painted with black eye shadow. The bottom plus eyeliner. At the end of the inner and outer eye diusapkan gold eye shadow. Do not forget the mascara daub to create dramatic lashes.

2. Kristen Stewart Cat-eye Shaped Eyes with Eyeliner

Kristen Stewart Cat-eye Shaped Eyes with Eyeliner

Kristen Stewart Cat-eye Shaped Eyes with Eyeliner

Smokey eye makeup is also suitable as a make-up for the Halloween event. Make-up style echoes Kristen Stewart’s style. Cat-eye shaped eyes with eyeliner ends tapering out. Eyeliner is also applied at the bottom line of the eye. Add dark eye shadow on the outer end. In order not to look not too spooky, pulaskan purple eye shadow on the eyelid.

3. Scarlett Johansson Smokey Eye Makeup

Scarlett Johansson Smokey Eye Makeup

Scarlett Johansson Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes not only with dark colors. As Scarlett Johansson Smokey makeup modify more subtle and elegant. Essentially using eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eye. Then daub of blue eye shadow mint. Lastly, make bold and gentian lashes with mascara.

4. Mary-Kate Olsen Smokey Shades of Red Eye Shadow

Mary-Kate Olsen Smokey Shades of Red Eye Shadow

Mary-Kate Olsen Smokey Shades of Red Eye Shadow

Mary-Kate also modify a makeup Smokey shades of red. Without wearing eyeliner a former actress who is now a designer’s eye makeup with red eyeshadow outward at the top and bottom of the eye.

5. Gwen Stefani Dramatic Eye Makeup

Gwen Stefani Dramatic Eye Makeup

Gwen Stefani Dramatic Eye Makeup

Singer Gwen Stefani performing dramatic eye makeup. Dark blue shades on the eyelids and under the eyes, eyeliner and eyelashes thick enough produce bold eye makeup. The more glamorous with the outward appearance of red lipstick.

6. Keira Knightley Smokey Makeup

Keira Knightley Smokey Makeup

Keira Knightley Smokey Makeup

Stars of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was performed with an elegant Smokey makeup. Keira is more focused on her eyelashes. Additional false eyelashes make the eyes smaller Keira look more full. The addition of brown eyeshadow smokey reinforce the impression.

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Sixth Makeup Style Is Also Suitable Be Applied To Looking At The Christmas Party Or New Year Later

The event always brings inspiration fashion week trends. Not only about the clothes, but also makeup. For example, the New York Fashion Week (NYFW), which took place some time ago.Sixth Makeup Style Is Also Suitable Be Applied To Looking At The Christmas Party Or New Year Later

A variety of makeup styles ranging from natural makeup to look glamorous and experimental graced the stage runway. In addition to the latest fashion collections from famous designers.

At the end of this year, Maybelline make-up as the main sponsor for the (NYFW) throughout 2012, summarizes six makeup trends that can be applied to day-to-day look. Like what? Marketing Manager Consumer Products Division Maybelline Mitzy Cassandra, providing leak in the Media Gathering at Commune Cafe & Bistro, Senopati, South Jakarta,

1. New York Chic

Promoting everyday makeup natural for young women. Apply bright colors on lips for a younger fresher impression. Use soft colors on the eye shadow like brown, beige, beige with a touch of shimmer. To face looked fresh, Dab blush pink coral.

2. Alluring Darling

Create a romantic style with shades of pink makeup outward. According Mitzy, makeup is suitable for displaying the romantic and feminine women. Especially when you want to go out with a lover or just want to look chic feminine.

3. Glitterati Party

Party-goers, this makeup for you! Boost your make-up in the eye area with solid colors and a sprinkling of glitter to show the impression of glamour. “Her style is not as usual. Different, festive, unique. We can make eye makeup funny,” advises Mitzy. She recommends a silvery color and glittery for the style of this one.

4. Provocative Fashionista

For you who are into fashion and dare to experiment with new makeup style, this provocative makeup can be tried. Show lines are intense and dramatic eyes with eyeliner gel formula. Apply eyeliner with a line that tapers upward, and ‘s reply berry lipstick shades.

5. Classic Confidence

Classic makeup style, suitable to look pretty at the office. Eyeliner is used to reinforce the eye line that displays self-confidence. Apply a nude-colored makeup on the lips, eyes and cheeks for a professional impression, but beautiful.

6. Sexy Starlet

If you want to look sexy and seductive, emphasize the pull line is thick and intense eyeliner, With a few lines sticking out on the outer end of the eye. Wear mascara that serves to thicken the lashes that seem flirtier. For the lips? Nothing is more seductive than a solid red light.

Sixth makeup style is also suitable be applied to looking at the Christmas party or New Year Later. Choose makeup that best suits your personality. Good luck!

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New Year 2014 or Hair Accessory To Be Glamorous?

We do not really know why but this year we want to pass the packet to the Eve of New Year’s Day 2014. So we made a selection of 10 hair accessories to keep you ultra glamorous.

New Year 2013 or Hair Accessory To Be Glamorous

How to look glamorous without going to far? Here’s the question we ask ourselves as we approach the eve of New Year’s Day 2014. Several solutions are possible: you can opt for a very strong makeup to contrast with a more sober outfit as a skater dress black, opt for a hairstyle very worked as a braided bun or simply put a hair accessory that will make you beautiful wish. Why hair accessory is a good option?

New Year 2013 or Hair Accessory To Be Glamorous

On the one hand it is suitable for everyone as it is both practical and workable and secondly, it helps to dress up and twist the simplest outfits. The hair accessory is intended glitter and worked this winter and can also divert attention from a hairstyle or hair color failed, as Gaelle became red in the Sticks in Las Vegas. In this type of situation hat and cap are good allies but the hair accessory is more glamor and chic For you, we have found 10 super feminine hair accessories.

New Year 2013 or Hair Accessory To Be Glamorous

The headband is now also common in our look as elastic and declined by the greatest artists, which is why we offer you 4. Each will find account offers a version with a delicate braided headband brick that you can decline so 70’s with the hair down or making more chic braid on the side. Followers of flowers and sequins find their happiness with the flower headband and black sequins H & M headband or oriental sequins Adeli Paris.

Most prefer the pretty gold bow with ribbon on March Cherries, perfect for falsely ingenuous style & Girls who want to impress with accessories imposing love the headband feathers in Nice head, the maximum node silver sequins Claire’s or the headband Baroque River Island near headband velvet Baroque Dolce & Gabbana. Choose the most discreet about it the elastic nails and accessories bun both Topshop and Pieces. Eve appears under the sign of glamor and glitter this year and hair accessories like piece vital to look successful. Which would you choose girls?

What Hairstyle For 2014 The New Year Hair Look?

Here are some ideas hairstyles for New Year hair look. The short, long, curly or the still smooth enough to celebrate New Year’s Eve.What Hairstyle For The New Year Hair Look?

Choosing a hairstyle for New Year Hair Look

Between the choice of dress, makeup and any preparations Eve is verging on hysteria. No need to take the lead for so little. I’ve prepared a small selection of hairstyles to celebrate with great pomp in the New Year.

Short Hair for New Year Hair LookShort Hair for New Year Hair Look

It begins with a short haircut style flapper slightly asymmetrical. It changes the (too) classic chignon and then once spent 2014 New Year hair look, we may well go back to work without her sneer nice colleagues. A simple comb and you’re ready.

Evening Hairstyle for New Year Hair LookEvening Hairstyle for New Year Hair Look

Says hairstyle exception and if we turned into the Hollywood star for a night? Some curls beautifully designed and that a beautiful hairstyle for 31.Stunning hair for New Year Hair Look

For the holidays why not opt for banana chignon an absolutely stunning hair but impractical. That said; why not ask for help from your stylist and you girls on what hairstyle you cracked?

Diane Kruger illuminates the Champs Elysees Tonight to Celebrate Christmas

Actress Diane Kruger was chosen to illuminate the Champs Elysées to celebrate Christmas a little early. Media fashion tells you more.Diane Kruger illuminates the Champs Elysees Tonight to Celebrate Christmas

Delicious meals, time with family or friends present happily exchanged, Christmas is inescapable. The French never miss the opportunity to decorate their homes with beautiful Christmas items just before D-Day. Shopping malls and shops of all kinds do not hesitate to unpack artillery to fill their shelves magic.Diane Kruger illuminates the Champs Elysees Tonight to Celebrate Christmas

Each year, the approach of December 24 all cities are their finery and see multiple garlands decorate. Tonight, one of the most beautiful avenues in the world, the lights shines a thousand lights, heralding the coming of Christmas. This moment became sacred to many Parisians will be orchestrated by a celebrity at the height of the event.

The seductive actress Diane Kruger, who joined the cast Loréal was chosen this year to illuminate the Champs Elysées in the holidays approach. It will trigger this Wednesday at 18:30 the lights of one of the avenues in the world, alongside the Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë. Illuminations that sparkle until January 10 and you are likely to carry the magic of Christmas to celebrate before the festivities. Do you think Diane Kruger is the right person to make this symbolic gesture?

Makeup Of The Parade Chanel Cruise 2013 in Versailles for Christmas

In May, the parade Chanel Cruise was held in the gardens of the Château de Versailles. A big surprise that showcased a fresh mind rebellious and feminine Collection caused a sensation and the beauty of the tops did not fail to challenge. Home to both C decided to put at our disposal the makeup of the parade for Christmas.Makeup Of The Parade Chanel Cruise 2012 in Versailles for Christmas

Marie Antoinette would not have denied the sublime beauty look that Chanel had chosen for her parade cruise in the gardens of Versailles & Versailles a city synonymous with beauty, poise, luxury and French refinement. Canopies of the parade encanaillement with inspired wigs color pastel hair trend of the season but what impressed us most is the subtle and colorful makeup.

Pink is the heart of this creation and not content with raising the color on the cheeks, she invites solid color on the eyes and transparency on the lips and nails. A declaration of love to the girl flower made by Peter Philips, the creative director of Chanel makeup & in the gardens monochrome petals dévergondent subtle with a fly to double C strategically placed under the eye. Position reveals a personality trait of the wearer while murders and passionate, Chanel woman enjoys the contrasts.

To pay tribute to this extraordinary procession the house has decided to release a named collection Cruise 2012 makeup that would include the necessary of this makeup. Racy gold illuminating powder “Fly Beauty” is a wink and highlights the complexion with the subtlety of a chic draped, like its relief’s stamped.

Limited edition, it comes with another unique product: the Rose Favorite Eyeshadow. Matt and bright, it is deposited in solid color on the eyelid and gives us a look mischievous. Finally, to complete this line, there is a contrast blush Blush Rose Petal with fine gold glitter a Rouge Coco Shine Evasion, delicately pink and peach natural varnish Tenderness, pastel colors that our nails while transparency perfect for to the low manicure.

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Dior 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior Backstage Book For Christmas 2012

Here is a beautiful Christmas gift. The fashion house Dior released a beautiful book, “Dior 30, avenue Montaigne.” A book that takes you into the world of the brandDior 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior Backstage Book For Christmas 2012

In her new book “Dior 30, avenue Montaigne,” the luxury brand Christian Dior opens the doors of her workshop. Creating the presentation on the catwalks, this new book tells a story in images. It is the photographer Gérard Uféras who had the privilege to capture his unpublished photos. Dior 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior Backstage Book For Christmas 2012

This is a total of 300 photographs of scenes of haute couture spring-summer 2012 which will guide you to know some of their secrets. Through this book, Dior makes a beautiful gift for fashionistas who will be invited to discover the backstage. They will discover the brand from another angle as well as the lives of its men and its women who participate in the longevity of the brand.Dior 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior Backstage Book For Christmas 2012

The luxury brand Christian Dior has found an original gift for a public unveiling except her last masterpiece, “Dior 30, avenue Montaigne.” Dior offers temporary tattoos gold us around the workshops, so long concealed. Dior 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior Backstage Book For Christmas 2012

This book will be published in the Christmas edition Blue Earth, A unique opportunity to get closer to the mark. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one look no further book 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior awaits quietly in your library.Dior 30 Avenue Montaigne Dior Backstage Book For Christmas 2012

Christmas Windows in Department Stores & I Go Where I’m Not Going?

Department stores have unveiled in recent days & their Christmas windows for winter 2012. Eagerly awaited by young and old, I wonder if the magic will always be at the rendezvous. I go where I’m not going this is my question!2012 Christmas Windows in Department Stores & I Go Where I'm Not Going

The windows of department stores start for a few days at a time of the end year holidays and throughout the world. Disney Princesses revamped by couturiers invest showcases Harrods while Christian Dior imagine dolls all dressed in Dior for the Printemps Haussmann.

Still on the Boulevard Haussmann Galeries Lafayette opt for a theme very luxury Louis Vuitton leaving redecorate their windows. Christmas is a special time of year that some beliefs are that is synonymous with generosity celebration and magic and magic, I love it!
Escape, dream and have eyeful accompanying you see all these Christmas windows, I say yes!2012 Christmas Windows in Department Stores & I Go Where I'm Not Going

However, on second thought … As I remind you the Christmas windows 2012 department stores are more luxurious than ever. If my eyes love fashion and luxury are filled with the Christmas windows 2012, my disillusioned eyes of a child! Is what I want really showcases Christmas stores?

Dilemma: I go where I go there! Then of course, if you are malignant some of you have thought about telling their guy: Honey, come with me in the spring there’s Marion Cotillard at the inauguration of the Christmas windows!2012 Christmas Windows in Department Stores & I Go Where I'm Not Going

Tried but drool gifts and I’m not talking about Marion Cotillard that I could never have it’s not my thing. Finally, child the excitement of discovering the Christmas windows made me impervious to the crowd (com) pressed …, it is out of the question that I play bends to window shopping! You will understand take me to see the Christmas windows 2012 department stores is not won! Which of you will find compelling argument for me to accompany spring Galeries Lafayette or Cheap?

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Rihanna 6 Million to Illuminate A Huge Shopping Center Stratford Westfield for Christmas

So the rumor is true … Rihanna has pocketed more than € 6 million to simply press a button and so illuminate a mall.Rihanna 6 Million to Illuminate A Huge Shopping Center Stratford Westfield for Christmas

Rihanna spends 250,000 euros power delay flights and does not really pay attention to the budget! Wealthy, the singer continues to swell her bank account thanks to its many appearances on stage and television.

Rihanna knows success can sometimes be fleeting. The young woman so thoroughly enjoys the opportunities that are offered and does not offer its services for free! Film, music, television, Riri is everywhere and does not disappear from the spotlight for quite some time. Rumors ran about the artist who would offer a tidy sum for a Londoner to inaugurate the mall Christmas decorations … Fashion Media tells you more about the money pocketed by the singer-cons of her presence.Rihanna 6 Million to Illuminate A Huge Shopping Center Stratford Westfield for Christmas

Rihanna demanded 6 million to press a button and thus illuminate the huge shopping center Stratford Westfield for Christmas. The artist was then in London last nights to perform her jobs the day and sing her last title in front of a crowd. The starlet showed a big smile and even if we do not know more about the exact amount pocketed by Rihanna, the check amount is certainly up to the success of the singer. Rihanna is thrilled and hope that next year, the mall will still use it! Rather nice as job right?

L’Oréal Paris Offers Diamonds Collection for Special Christmas

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Marilyn Monroe said, L’Oréal Paris confirmed launching a special collection called Christmas just Diamantissime For the first time, L’Oreal Paris incorporates diamond powder sticks in her red nail her mascara and eye shadow.L'Oréal Paris Offers Diamonds Collection for Special Christmas

A valuable collection for the holidays that turns your mouth asset seduction thanks to Glam Shine gloss applied alone or on a red mat. As a collection of character with chrome effect lacquer nails stickers and encrusted with diamonds. A luxury collection 100% yet that boost the eye with a mascara and liner enriched with diamond powder to wear with sparkling shadows.

Intense line “makes you want to apply a lot of mascara and kohl we have just revealed by these colors diamond” according to Karim Rahman, makeup expert L’Oréal Paris, Advice that apply from 24 December evening.

L’Oréal Paris Offers Diamonds Collection for Special Christmas.

Recommended Price:

Volume Million Lashes Mascara Diamantissime: € 13.30

Super Liner Diamantissime: € 11.78

Color Riche Shadows: € 13.90

Nail stickers Color Riche: € 11.90

Varnish Color Riche: € 5.50

Color Riche Lipstick: € 11.18

Gloss Glam Shine: € 9.79

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