5 Beauty Care Worsen The Appearance

Many ways to be beautiful. But not all such efforts make an appearance to attract. Some of these efforts can actually interfere with the appearance of women.5 Beauty Care Worsen The Appearance

1. Bad Hair Extension

Celebrity stylist Frank Galasso said there is less hair types are suitable for hair extensions. Women with short wavy hair and thick hair then connected with straight hair that connection, it looks stupid, said Frank.

2. Wearing Foundation Just Face

"The most disturbing appearance when her jaw was limited to applying the foundation and you can see the color difference neck, said Barry Knapp a celebrity make-up artist.

3. Using glitter make-up at age 30 years to the Top

The age of 30 years should keep make-up that has glitter. Although the model looks beautiful with cosmetic make-up glitter, but not for those of you who aged 30 years and over. The appearance of being less worthy and looks childish.

4. Self-cut bangs

Although it only bangs, but if you're one piece it will damage the overall appearance. Not to mention, if blunt scissors are used, the results will be visible on the edge of a untidy hair.

5. One of the Revocation of brow

When eyebrow hair has not grown perfect, do not be revoked. Hair should grow at least 1 mm, the new should be revoked. According to dr. Joshua artist a dermatologist in New York if eyebrow hair is less than 1 mm and had been removed it can lead to skin damage and scarring.