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3 Myths Regarding Skin Care

3 Myths Regarding Skin Careplastic surgeon reveals some of the myth to get healthy skin.
Everyone has skin problems respectively. There is acne, oily skin, dry or flaking. plastic surgeon reveals some of the myth to get healthy skin.

Sometimes, a product provides certain tricks that promise better skin condition. However, do not immediately believe the marketing tricks of beauty products. Ahmed Abdullah, MD, a plastic surgeon reveals some of the myth to get healthy skin.

1. You Need Different Skin Products

The skin needs moisturizer (moisturizer) a good, depending on skin type. Yet somehow do not need to buy a moisturizer that is different for each part. Was any effect on the eye area? Skin is skin, so what works with your face, it will match similarly to other skin areas, “said Ahmed.

2. Products that Say ‘Water-Based’ Better to Moisturize Skin

Do not immediately believe the product label says ‘water-based’ may work better for moisturizing the skin. Water-based products are not moisturize because the skin does not absorb water bia. Simply melt water content of active ingredients contained in the product,” said Ahmed.

3. Make-up Bad for the Skin

There are still people who think the make-up can cause further skin problems. Dr. Ahmed explained that the make-up does not contribute to the occurrence of skin problems.

Make-up does not have the immediate capacity to cause acne, but some cosmetic products might make dry skin, which can make the skin condition worse. For this problem, it is recommended to use make-up that is labeled non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic,” said the doctor who wrote the book ‘Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin: a Back-to-Basics Approach’.

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