Forget lipstick red peppers, pink or orange. Try to use darker shades of lipstick with a vampire-style. As these seven celebrities remain beautiful and far from being scary, although using a lipstick in a shade of dark colors.7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick


7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick6Rihanna looks classic with dark lipstick shades of Burgandy. Strengthened the impression retro singer of 'We Found Love' by braiding her hair.

2.Gwen Stefani

7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick6Gwen Stefani is the flagship statement of red lipstick. Various color shade of red lipstick had been tried by No Doubt's lead singer. Including dark red lipstick. Gwen combines a slightly darker lip color with shades of gold eye makeup makeup to create an elegant, without being menor.

3.Camilla Belle

7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick6Camilla Belle looks graceful when it comes to carpet fashion Met Gala in New York on Monday (05/07/2012) then. Movie stars 'From Prada to Nada' it looks pretty in her brown round, including the color of her lipstick. Belle uses brown lipstick color, which is coated with lip gloss to add volume to thin lips.

4.Rooney Mara

7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick6Film star of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' it looks perfect with Burgandy lipstick when attending the '14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards "in Beverly Hills, California. Although Rooney thick lip makeup, but her appearance was memorable scene, because she only uses a thin eye shadow, without using blush on. Boldnya lipstick was the one who dominates.

5.Agyness Deyn

7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick6Models are often androgynous style that has an edgy style. Agyness Deyn at the event sebauh dress brave enough to use a dark lipstick shades of purple. Deyn looked up with her hair styled volume.

6.Jessica Alba

7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick6Coming to the Met Gala, Jessica Alba appeared completely brown. Dress with a piece of brown one-shoulder, eyes match the color of lipstick shades of brick.

7.Ashley Olsen

7 Celebrities Who Use ala Vampire Lipstick6

Ashley Olsen is often an unusual style, but her appearance was always successful trend. Like appearance with a lipstick color is brown. Ashley confidently use a dark brown type of nude lipstick (not shiny) and thick eyebrows are made

Adele seemed to really enjoy an increasingly global popularity after releasing 21 albums. Where the album managed to achieve sales of 9 million copies in the United States and became the 29th album in the history of a remarkable achievement.

Adele Album Wins 9 Million Loan coffee in the U.S
Adele Album Wins 9 Million Loan coffee in the U.S

A year after the album Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band GREATEST HITS compilation that became the album to-28 who won 9 million in sales, Adele's album 21 entered in the prestigious category.

Reported by, Adele's 21 albums also recorded remarkable sales in the other chart, in addition to mastering the Billboard 200 chart.

Not only that, as long as 64 weeks, Adele topped the top 10 and managed to beat Paula Abdul album achievement, FOREVER YOUNG GIRL who is ranked second but have Alanis Morissette album Jagged Little Pill which still holds the record for all 72 weeks.

Although Adele achievement is so remarkable but previously had no track record from England to the top 10 in U.S. music history and it is the soundtrack of the movie THE SOUND OF THE MUSIC that managed to be in first position for 109 weeks.

Generally, most people will not worry or even fear of breaking the rules if fashion her dress style. However, if you can look cool and confident, why not?

For example, appeared dressed in shorts with a jacket or shirt sport, combined with rough leather shoes such as the type of shoes bucks, it could be a choice of dress for men.

In fact, women also appear legitimate with a style like this. Not a few among the celebrities are often spotted dressed like this when they go for a walk.

Why you should feel uncomfortable? Short pants can be combined with a shirt. Let you choose a shirt with a model slim fit and patterned boxes or lines.

Good, you should avoid shirts with dark blue and brown. Choose a color other than that and mix with a shoe with a neutral color or even occasionally allowed in the colors of "bold".

For men shorts should not be too short, minimal model above the knee or below the knee if he has a body height.

Shorts can also be combined with a sports jacket or shirt. Do not worry; these fashions will add energetic impression on you. C’mon guys, break the fashion rules ...

High blood pressure or hypertension is a disease that causes increased blood pressure was above normal when examined using a blood pressure monitor blood pressure gauge.

Know the Types of Hypertension Disease
Know the Types of Hypertension Disease

Normal blood pressure is affected by the size of a person's height weight normal activity levels and general health. In activities of daily living normal blood pressure is stable with a numeric value range But in general the rate of decline of blood pressure during sleep and rise at a time when activity or exercise.

A person who is experiencing high blood pressure and did not get the treatment and control on a regular basis can cause the patient experienced a serious condition that can even have an impact on mortality.

High blood pressure that occurs continuously also capable of causing a person's heart to work extra hard which in turn can lead to conditions that damage the blood vessels of the heart kidneys brain and eyes.

Hypertension disease is also one of the most common causes of stroke and heart attack.

High blood pressure or hypertension can be divided into several classifications such as:

Primary Hypertension

A condition in which high blood pressure that occurs due to the pattern as well as lifestyle and environmental factors. System of irregular eating patterns or uncontrolled can result in overweight or even obese.

The initial condition is a cause of high blood pressure. Similarly the environment or conditions of high stress very likely exposed to high blood pressure including those who are less in a series of sports activities.

Secondary Hypertension

In these conditions an increase in blood pressure or high as a result of factors other chronic diseases. Other diseases such as heart failure kidney failure or damage to the body's hormone system.

Whereas in pregnant women blood pressure can generally be increased at 20 weeks gestation. Especially in women whose weight is above normal or obese.

Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) is a designation in terms of health care for pregnant women who were suffering from hypertension.

The condition of hypertension in pregnant women can be classified as moderate or otherwise can be severe or dangerous, a pregnant woman with high blood pressure may experience days of pregnancy Preeclampsia is.

Preeclampsia is a condition of a pregnant woman with hypertension so feel complaints such as dizziness headache visual disturbances abdominal pain facial swelling loss of appetite nausea and even vomiting.

Sure you want instead of having a healthy and shiny hair? was not necessary to the salon to get it because now you can do at home with a homemade hair mask.

Starred Hair with Hair Mask
Starred Hair with Hair Mask

Avocado and banana mask

Benefits: to restore luster to hair and menutrisinya strong and healthy.


1/2 banana
1 egg
1/2 of an avocado
2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons buttermilk
3 tablespoons olive oil


Mash bananas eggs and alupkat in a small bowl until smooth. Then enter the honey buttermilk and olive oil Setelh all is well blended apply on hair from roots to hair ends. Let stand for 30 minutes then wash with shampoo and rinse with water.

Use regularly every two weeks to keep hair healthy glow.

Yogurt hair mask

This type of mask is suitable for dry and curly hair because this mask can make a smooth and hair retain moisture.


1 egg whites only take
1/4 cup yogurt with no sense of the original
1/4 cup mayonnaise


whipped egg whites until frothy then insert the yogurt and mayonnaise blended. Then wet your hair first then apply a mask on your hair gently with a massage. Your hair with a shower cap cup for 30 minutes then wash with shampoo and rinse with cold water.

If you routinely use, at least once a month then your hair will retain moisture longer and does not dry too dull.

Some women always pay attention to health and beauty of their hair. However, there is little wrong when performing hair care.

Learn about Hair Care Mistakes
Learn about Hair Care Mistakes

A well-known hairstylist Sean Hanna found some hair care mistakes often made by women who make the 'crown' it becomes beautiful. As reported by the Women's Everything, the following explanation.

1. Regular Cutting Hair

Most women do not regularly cut their hair because they want to grow it. This can lead to hair tip branching and damaged delaying even growth. Therefore, the cut ends of your hair regularly every two or three months, both for the health of your hair.

2. Not Using Conditioner

Not a few women who do not want to use hair conditioner for fear of being so greasy. Though applying conditioner after applying shampoo will make hair shiny, smooth, and unbranched.

3. Using a shampoo that is keeping with Hair Types

You need to consider the content contained on hair care products before using it, such as shampoo and conditioner. Every woman has a type and a different hair texture. If you are unsure which product is selected it never hurts to ask a product that fits your hair type to hair stylists. Do not forget to always check the content of the product before buying.

4. Not provide water when Using Shampoo

Hair looks dull if you pour shampoo directly to the hair and then rinse it basalah. The proper way is pour the shampoo into your palm and add a little water. A mixture of water and shampoo to make more foam that works to release the active ingredients in the product so dirt and husband on the hair can be lifted perfectly. Afterward rinse thoroughly.

5. All Strands Hair Coloring Coloring at Home Today

Perhaps you are one of the women who frequently do coloring hair at home because it is more flexible and not spending much money. You also apply the hair color throughout the hair. If you do it often can be dry and damaged hair. To avoid damage try to apply hair dye on the roots as well as in certain parts of the color has faded.

6. Hair comb from roots

Combing the hair from the root is often done by women so hair does not tangle. This was repeated so that it can make hair fall out. In addition to breaking up the root the cuticle layer (the outermost layer of the hair) can be damaged.

7. Rinsing Shampoo or Conditioner with Hot Water

Using hot water when rinsing the shampoo can damage the hair and scalp. Hot water can also stimulate the production of oil so that your hair becomes limp fast. Use water to rinse your hair a little cold or warm water.

For fashionistas, fashion is very important in life. Whatever style you want to put forward through the bandage dress, it never hurts to be different in other fashions.

Clothing Safe on Every Opportunity
Clothing Safe on Every Opportunity

But there are times when you die style blends fashion and out of ideas. If you have this, select a style that could be safe at every opportunity.

Here are some clothing options that you can blend to safely apply at every opportunity. Check out what fashion items are categorized as safe

Want to look romantic?

Try to wear a blouse or pale sackdress made ??of a feminine flowy materials such as silk satin. You can wear these dresses for formal events parties.

appear casual

Appear casual can you create with wearing three pieces. Namely by wearing straight-legged pants of jeans, blouse and a brightly colored jacket. Although dressed casual, but you can still look feminine and chic.

Want to look more sporty?

If you want to look more sporty, you can wear a tube dress with jacket berdetail sporty lines. The white color that dominates will make you memorable casual style can be transformed into chic.

Generally the circuit out clothes on the runway exhibited solely only for its buyers, retailer and media. However, one program in the event of Asia Fashion Exchange 2012 provides a new experience for consumers, which is to buy the collection immediately after the fashion show was over.

At the same time watch the Fashion Show at Future Fashion Now
At the same time watch the Fashion Show at Future Fashion Now

Future Fashion Now (FFN) is an a program and site that can be accessed by the consumers who want to watch fashion show from the designers by live streaming. In such site, consumers also can make purchases (pre-order) latest collections before sold in the boutique their.

FFN is an mode in the future and we feel challenged for introduce way of which revolutionary which lets you shopped the direct after the fashion show finished. FFN provide watching experience fashion show from front row, and experience of shopping who comfortable from homes their," explains Tjin Lee, managing director of 'Future Fashion Now'.

On 17 until May 19, 2012, consumers can access the site FFN and watch fashion show of 13 designers from FFN as well as the can buy their collection. Friday (18/05/2012), housed in Orchard Road, Singapore's, this time turn Jonathan Simkhai, Saena and Juma who flaunt latest collections their.

Jonathan Simkai displays the the circuit clothing with a look of sporty who viscous. Designers origin New York it presenting jacket and jerseys wing the player baseball, as well as the garnish head of the withdrawal athlete tennis. Blending the snippet tomboy with style of girly is the hallmark of Jonathan. So do not be surprised if he chose soft color to clothing 'sporty' it is.

Not much different with masterpiece from the Saena. Colors pastel also dominate his latest collection. Designers who ever worked in brand exclusive such as Celine, Chloe and Sonia Rykel it give the look ultra-feminine and romantic with the use of of materials sheer bergelepai and detail frill where the-where.

Closed the demonstration Juma look different with patterned dress. Brand from New York's present motives vary, ranging from abstract to tie dye. Such as want to incorporate all of elements of, Juma also participate presenting colored clothing solid who striking, such as coral and orange.

 Russell Brand is in memory of his home life with Katy Perry. The comedian revealed he still loves her ex-wife's.

Russell Brand I Still Love Katy Perry

I still mencintanya as a human being But sometimes we feel in a relationship that can not be successful," said Russell, as quoted by Showbiz Spy.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married in October 2010. In December 2011 they parted ways because it has a difficult perselisisahn resolved.

Even so, the British actor does not regret marrying the singer of 'Teenage Dream' is. Marriage endured for 14 months they remain a wonderful marriage to Russell.

Not that I menyesel. I'm very happy to marry him (Katy Perry). Not You can make everything as desired," said the man was 36 years.

Sometimes some things have differences and you have to follow it and try to think what is wonderful about yourself and others, in any case," explained the bearded comedian

Marriage to be one important moment in life so that not a few women who want to look as perfect as possible at the time, One of the ways in which to look 'perfect' is to lose weight.

Research conducted Universita Cornell, United States proves 70% of women want to lose weight at least 10 kg when getting married. Of the 272 surveys that followed the bride was also revealed, 14% of respondents bought a wedding dress a size two times smaller than their actual size. Other research even revealed 1 of 5 women is willing to delay marriage if they had not slim.

One of the women who underwent an extreme diet to look slim on your wedding day is the origin of Kerri Thomas Hungerford, Berkshire, England. 33 year-old women suddenly felt unwell as a party before the wedding with some friends at a restaurant.

I ran to the toilet. I fell in there with my head against the wall. I tried out, but fell again and this time my head hit the seat with a harder," Gomez said. When subjected to the incident, Kerri knows what causes it. "I'm making myself hungry," said the woman who works as an accountant.

Before encouraged to marry by her boyfriend, Dan, Kerri 61 kg body weight, Having spoken, she was determined to lose weight at least 12 kg. She became increasingly obsessed with weight 'ideal' when I started looking for a wedding dress.

Six months before the wedding I started to diet. I skipped breakfast and just eat a bowl of cereal for lunch. Dinner I eat only healthy food in small portions," she said. She added, quite often she does not put any food into the stomach for 15 hours.

When the diet is unhealthy, Kerri actually began to feel uncomfortable things on her health. She often felt weak and headache but she did not care because she wanted was to look slim with her wedding dress. She's even harder to lose weight by exercise in the gym for 45 minutes after work. Kerri did not listen to the advice of her fiancée.

Until after she suddenly fell while being held ahead of the wedding party. She was taken to hospital and doctors said her blood sugar level is very low. Kerri was dehydrated. This incident made him realize she had to go back to eat right.

Kerri is not the only women who do extreme dieting ahead of the wedding. Jessica Schnaider even eats disposable nose hose that connects to the stomach in order to lose weight. Another woman named Samantha Clowe had a terrible incident. On a diet 11 weeks before the wedding, the happy day Samantha died suddenly in the middle of the show.

Psychologist Deanne Jade, founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, said the marriage could indeed lead to anxiety in women because it is very meaningful moment. So to lose weight ahead of the wedding to be mandatory and be a challenge," she added.

Author of 'The Way to Healthy Weight Merey', Daisy Merey, MD, PhD added, the bride and groom should have a healthier diet. They also must give reasonable time to lose weight the healthy way.

Start from the beginning so that weight loss is gradual. You will feel better and can maintain the weight loss," she advised.