Rihanna Fall Into The Embrace Of ‘Bad Boy’ Again

Singer Rihanna seems to really like the ‘bad boy’. After going out with Chris Brown who had persecuted him, now she reportedly fell into the arms of another bad boy is a basketball player.

Rihanna Fall Into The Embrace Of 'Bad Boy' Again

Rihanna Fall Into The Embrace Of 'Bad Boy' Again

NY Daily News reported, Rihanna intimate with athletes from New York Knick basketball, JR Smith. Both had a few dates this week. A source said they were dating in Miami last weekend, after Smith alerted the police for driving without a license on Thursday (5/24/2012).

Sources say Rihanna partied at LIV club at Fontainebleau Hotel on Sunday (27/05/2012) night. Smith also joined the singer of ‘We Found Love’ is Drake, who reportedly been going out with Riri, so she was usually called, partying together.

J.R. Smith, the man touted to be the new girlfriend Rihanna actually has a criminal record does not differ much from Chris Brown. NBA stars with full body tattoos had been jailed 24 days due to carelessness while driving, causing his best friend died in June 2007.

Early last year Smith was known to display a photograph of a wrong woman in his hotel room. The photos were uploaded on his Twitter. Because of this he was fined by the NBA and has to pay U.S. $ 25 thousand.

Suggest Director Robert Pattinson is Not dating Kristen Stewart

Director of ‘Twilight’, Catherine Hardwicke could not agree was the proximity of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The director suggested, for not dating Robert Christian.

Suggest Director Robert Pattinson is Not dating Kristen Stewart

Suggest Director Robert Pattinson is Not dating Kristen Stewart

From the beginning, Catherine has seen the body language that they like each other. In American Elle magazine, she was 52 years old who fear the consequences will be borne by both if Robert and Kristen dating.

When Robert and Kristen auditioned for the film ‘Twilight’, matches between the two have been seen and they found a very strong chemistry. Catherine sure if the movie Twilight will ‘explode’ if they are paired.

“Rob and Kristen sat at the table and engage in dialogue. I felt a surge that is, I see their attractions. Christians are very vocal and she knew she had the power to Rob. I say, let the day the scene was rendered in the movie,” said Catherine.

Suitability of couples who now have the big names continued. But when it’s 21 year old Robert and Kristen is 17 years.

(Christian) is a minor; do not think about it (going out). It is a law in our country,” said Catherine.

Fortunately at the time, Robert followed the advice of the director. They were dating when the new Christian age of 18.

2012 Trends in Women’s Jackets

MODEL jacket women each year are not boring. Interesting detail from the mold, color, silhouette and finish a suitable central element.

For the winter in 2012 this short jacket in the collection of fashion designers dominate the world. In fact, they also design and sport biker jacket with bright colors but still feminine. Silhouette fitted at the waist and wearing a belt.

Such as Hermes, Diane von Furstenberg, Balmain, Blumarine and Burberry jacket presents a collection using the color of red wine, chocolate, muted shades of blue and green. While the black for a traditional classic leather jacket. Prints and texture of animal skin used as base material or as a garnish.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Partner Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan should be happy with their status as newlyweds. But it apparently did not appear as they undergo a honeymoon in Rome!

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

As reported by the Dailymail, the couple seemed to enjoy dinner in one corner of the city of Rome. But rather appeared cheerful faces, their facial expressions instead looks bleak and empty.

This scene was captured by local people who then happened to notice their existence. But instead of posting photos on the Facebook CEO’s micro-blogging site is developed, the new couple photo actually circulated via twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Until now, the couple has reportedly visited several parts of Italy to enjoy their time together. But Facebook is now the position is less secure on the market may have influenced their wonderful atmosphere.

This couple just got married about a week with a very simple celebration. With only 100 people attended, the couple gives promise for a married couple.

Bar Rafaeli A When going to marry Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber charm apparently arrived at the beautiful supermodel Bar Rafaeli. I was so passionate about her crazy she got married to Justin dreamed of one day. Then what will happen to Selena Gomez, Justin lover?

Bar Rafaeli A When going to marry Justin Bieber

Bar Rafaeli A When going to marry Justin Bieber

For models of 26 years Justin is the ideal figure of a man of her dreams. Although both are clearly very different ages but it’s not a reason to admire the singer 18 years.

Justin Bieber and I’ll get married someday, he joked as quoted by Us Magazine.

In addition to Justin there were other artists that he admired that is Tom Cruise. For him, the actor has a wonderful charm as both an artist and a man. Unfortunately Tom Cruise has been married to Katie Holmes.

I also like Tom Cruise. He’s very classy. I really liked his role in Jerry Maguire and the other roles like that.

Rafeli bar itself is also not the artist that is not classy. Some time ago, this beautiful model woman managed to dominate the list of Most Hot Maxim 2012

Kim Kardashian Meets Ban Kanye West Rihanna!

Two great musicians Kanye West and Rihanna are seen performing together at the O2 Arena recently. But apparently this does not make love Kanye West Kim Kardashian happy. Why?

Kim Kardashian Meets Ban Kanye West Rihanna!

Kim Kardashian Meets Ban Kanye West Rihanna!

As reported by The Sun Kim was very protective of her new lover. Although known to be close to Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian but vulgar in self image Rihanna makes Kim uncomfortable.

Kim is very protective of Kanye and not a single woman approached him but Kim was there even though it was just a friend. Rihanna was not even allowed to go into the dressing room if Kim was not there. Fact that Rihanna does not seem close to Rob influential ,said one source.

It’s crazy but she knew very well that gained the attention of Kanye while on tour and Kim did not want any competition, continued the source.

Until now the couple did not give an official confirmation about their relationship. But the attitude and affection that they show in public certainly proves everything

Kim Kardashian Jealousy On Rihanna

One of the high quality salatiga Hollywood Kim Kardashian, Rihanna make jealous. Kim does not want Rihanna closely with her lover Kanye West.Kim Kardashian Jealousy On Rihanna

As quoted by The Sun Kim prohibits Rihanna Kanye for allowing entry into the space instead. On 20 May Rihanna and Kanye did a concert together at the O2 Arena, London. When the event is the love for Kanye prohibited closely with singer ‘We Found Love “is.

Kim is very protective in Kanye and she did not want another woman even though her companion closely except that she was there, said a source. “Rihanna is not allowed to enter dressing room without Kim Kanye was there added the source.

Star reality show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashian’ did not want the attention of the divided lovers to other women. she did not want any competitors,” said the source.

Today Kim is flying again to the United States. she returns to her hometown with British Airways. Pernebangan with the airline turned out to be satisfying. Women 31 years of the airline alleged theft. There are a personal item is lost and taken by persons not liable.

Very disappointed Some things are sentimental and not replaceable, she wrote on Twitter.

Myth vs. Facts About Diet & Fitness

Many myths about diet and fitness world that is often misleading, though some were true. Do not let your exercise and fitness in vain as it followed a false myth. Here it is a myth and fact as quoted by Shape and So Feminine.

Myth vs. Facts About Diet & Fitness

Myth vs. Facts About Diet & Fitness

1. Myth: Eating at Night Make Fat

Fact: The amount of recommended daily calorie intake for adults is 1800-2000 calories, and if you want to lose weight simply subtract 500 calories per day. If your calorie intake is still less a day then allowed to eat at night. With notes, during the food calories you consume do not exceed the amount of daily caloric adequacy.

According to nutrition expert Joni Rampolla, RD, diasup calories should gradually start of the morning, afternoon, evening and night, especially when the body needs energy. Eat every two or three hours this will stabilize blood sugar levels and helps you stay satisfied and energized throughout the day. If the hunger comes at night make sure the food you eat no more or less than 200 calories.

2. Myth: Hunger is a sign That You Need Food

Fact: hunger is not always due to lack of food your body. Body usually sends hunger signals when dehydration lack of sleep or hunger due to psychological factors (stress, sad, upset, angry). If you are not drinking enough water or sleep deprivation can cause stomach feels hungry, even when it had enough to eat.

3. Myth: Make Exercise Fatigue

Fact: After exercise your body is going to be sweating and panting breath. But most people feel the exercise it gives them more energy. Explained Gina Crome, RD, regular exercise also helps fight fatigue improve sleep quality and control stress levels.

4. Myth: Exercise Takes a Lot of Time

Fact: to maintain ideal body weight remains, you are advised to exercise 20 to 40 minutes every day. If the goal to lose weight exercise should be done 45 to 60 minutes every day. But you do not have to exercise for it in one session. You can divide it into 10 minutes each session. For example, ran for 10 minutes in the morning up and down stairs 15 minutes on the sidelines of office hours a brisk walk in the afternoon 10 minutes and spinning 20 minutes at night. If sporting activities are divided of course fatigue would not be so perceived.

5. Myth: When Diet, Avoid Eating Red Meat

Fact: In the correct amount of consumption, red meat such as beef or lamb is actually a source of protein and iron are good. But there is a need to consider when taking them. Choose the meat such as sirloin or rib area near the thinly sliced, and remove the fat portions. Try to control the portions, the meat should be consumed no more than once a week.

6. Myth: The amount of sweat discharge Determining the Number of Calories Wasted

Fact: There is no correlation between sweat and weight loss. When out of sweat, meaning your body is working to cool the temperature itself. Sweat also means a sign that your body is removing toxins and substances that are not needed by the body. Not just calories.

Every person has the levels of different sweat. There is an easy to sweat, some are not. So, do not worry if you only spend a little sweat while exercising at the gym. You do not need to exercise too hard just to sweat. In weight loss programs, the important thing is to choose the type of exercise best suits your lifestyle, your schedule and physical condition.

7. Myth: Longer duration of exercise, will result Faster

No doubt that the duration of the exercise is very influential on the desired results. But if you want faster results, it is not enough just to rely on a long workout in the gym. Fitness must be programmed and well-planned and follow a strict schedule in order to get optimal results. If your goal workout in the gym to lose weight, the more calories you burn, weight loss would be reduced more quickly.

Lady GaGa So Mad At Small Germs

Although it has now become a superstar admired by many people but Lady Gaga still can not get out of the past. One of the most remembered was her father’s nickname for him.

Lady GaGa So Mad At Small Germs

Lady GaGa So Mad At Small Germs

As reported by The Sun, her father, Joe Germanotta commonly dubbed as the Loopy (crazy). Apparently, the singer’s full name Stafeni madness Germanotta has indeed been seen since early childhood.

She said my father called me Loopy because I had been crazy since childhood.

Not because his behavior is odd, the father says crazy because Gaga was accustomed to working hard since childhood. The habit of working at an early age has indeed been implanted since the beginning in the family.

In addition to earning the nickname Loopy, the singer of song Born This Way has also earned the nickname Germ (mean germs) from his friends. The name was taken from the family name stands for Gaga, the Germanotta.

Although the nickname that sounds silly but the germ of this crazy eventually managed to become the worlds many star role models. Right?

Justin Bieber Fight Paparazzi

Justin Bieber’s love life and Selena Gomez are highlighted media, because it reportedly broke up. Until there are paparazzi following Bieber daily, which makes it annoyed the singer 18 years.

Justin Bieber Fight Paparazzi

Justin Bieber Fight Paparazzi

Incident began when Justin and Selena are going along to the shopping center in Calabasas, Los Angeles, United States, they were harassed by the media crew. At that Bieber had just bought a house worth U.S. $ 6.5 million (USD 62 billion) and the paparazzi are too close to them which makes Bieber and Selena uncomfortable.

Witnesses said the car blocking the photographer Bieber as the singer of ‘You Smile I Smile’ that want to move. The photographers do not go well but Bieber has asked amicably. Bieber is upset and that’s when the fight occurred.

According to reports from TMZ website Bieber and the paparazzi are at odds tense. The photographer also was annoyed by the singer who just released a new single and call the police.

It is unknown whether there are scuffles between Bieber and photographers. But the paparazzi are not known from the medium was complaining of pain in her upper body so the ambulance came to take him to a nearby hospital.

An eyewitness said that the photographer wanted to take advantage of the incident. That’s because, he saw a lawyer came and told the photographer to call 911, so that the photographer and the lawyers get the money from the incident.