Victoria Beckham Soon Open First Boutique in London

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Victoria Beckham is really the total in the world of fashion. Fashion line has worldwide and was named the Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2011.Victoria Beckham Soon Open First Boutique in London

Following its success, the former singer of the vocal group ‘Spice Girl’ is planning to open its first boutique in London. During this time, she was just 38 years selling designs in department stores and online boutiques, including Net-a-Porter.

Vic not only plans to open stores in London, but also in some Asian countries, like Hong Kong. But this time, the mother of four children was the focus for the release of its first store in London.

“People say, ‘if I’ll have my own shop?’ I’ll be happy. And that’s what I’m doing now. Shop will be present in London, and in time may not be too long also will be in Hong Kong, “said the wife of footballer David Beckham, as reported by Female First.

Vic is very interested in expanding its wings into Asia, but she did not want to rush. Expanding too quickly can be risky business.

“I do not just focus on U.S. and UK alone. There are many areas of Asia are very numerous and very interesting. I just want to go little by little in the business, I do not want to run before I could walk,” she explained.

Dress ‘Mermaid’ So Idol 6 Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

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Body hugging dresses and sweeping the floor can make a dramatic appearance looks. Perhaps this makes the celebrity and famous movie players choose to wear a dress when attending a mermaid model of Cannes Film Festival 2012.Dress 'Mermaid' So Idol 6 Celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

Here are six celebrities who wear dresses mermaid models, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

1. Cheryl Cole White Dress With Detail ‘fishtail’ Red

28-year-old singer wore a Stephane Rolland Haute Couture designs. White dress that looks exceptional with detail ‘fishtail’ red.

2. Jane Fonda

Although 74 years old, Jane Fonda look younger than her age, she wore a Atelier Versace bronze metallic design, Stars ‘Monster in Law’ that combines with a clutch bag and shoes be detail metallic glitter.

3. Eva Longoria White Dress Cut Low Chest

The actress was born March 15, 1975 retro look with a white dress cut low chest Emilio Pucci design. Its vintage style grew up in sensual wavy hairstyle.

4. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing seemed so in love with her homeland, China. She channeled it to the nationalist spirit mermaid gown patterned oriental works of Christopher Bu.

5. Salma Hayek Mermaid Dress

Models mermaid dress is a dress that emphasizes style old-school glamour. This dress is again preferred for help showcase a woman’s curves. So no wonder, if the dress like Salma Hayek.

6. Naomi Watts

Fashion house Marchesa is most often chosen to attend the red carpet. One was by Naomi Watts is wearing a dress made of chiffon with a hint of fur shaped into flowers.

Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

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Have a slim and beautiful body shape so nearly everyone’s dream. Therefore many of them are willing to do the exercise too hard and extreme. But keep in mind, excessive exercise will be more negative than positive impact in weight loss.

Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

Shetty Jivesh fitness experts, as reported by the Health Me Up says, People who want to lose weight quickly or be too enthusiastic to the extreme exercise routine to maintain her fitness and form should be alert to the type of sport they choose.

Forms of extreme sports in this context, is not the activities that trigger adrenalin such as rock climbing mountain climbing or paragliding. But rather the combination of lack of proper exercise the frequency is too frequent and too long duration that exceeds the ability of the body.

1. Expenses and jump with dumbbell

There are some who suggest a fitness class participants to perform plyometrics (type of exercise that is designed to produce rapid and powerful movements) with a light load. For example, jumping lunges while holding dumbbells or (bend knees) with a dumbbell above your knees. Although the movement is great for burning calories jumping quickly, but if done while sustaining the load can cause muscle tissue or ruptured, or torn ligaments.

Althea Shah menyaranka fitness experts, sports movements with dumbbells and barbells should be undertaken only for resistance training program or exercise endurance. Every movement must also be monitored by an experienced instructor.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach

If you believe that the exercise on an empty stomach in the morning will help burn the calories consumed the night before, you are wrong. According to Althea, “When you wake in the morning, a low level of glycogen in the body and although the body tends to burn more calories, you do not realize there is most likely your body lowers calories from muscle tissue, not fat.”

Before the exercise, first fill your stomach with snacks such as sandwiches, fruit or yoghurt.

3. No Limit Ability Body Care

Actually there is nothing wrong with a hard workout at the gym to lose excess weight. But if it is outside the limits of your exercise routine, results will not be good. Especially if you tend to push themselves beyond limits, you could injure yourself.

If you are forced to exceed its own ability to exercise hard, your body will falter and the sports movement was disjointed. Some fitness experts say, excessive exercise can cause injury to muscles and soft tissues.

4. Marathon Running

“Running a marathon can indeed help you burn more calories. But the result, you will lose a lot of muscle mass,” said Jivesh.

If running is your exercise choice, make sure each session no longer than 60 minutes interspersed with rest and drinking water. Make sure you also consume foods or beverages that add energy. If you run more than 60 minutes, back and leg muscles can become sore or painful.

A time to practice running with the instructor, at least 45 minutes every day in the early days of practice. It is useful to build up stamina and capacity before you run in a longer duration.

9 Black Women’s Wear Collection Latest Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton (LV) released a collection of eyeglasses Spring / Summer 2012. That draws on a series of new glasses, LV invites artists, musicians, Disc Jokey (DJ) and other talented young people to choose glasses that best reflects their personality. Here it is nine new eyewear collection is Louis Vuitton.

9 Black Women's Wear Collection Latest Louis Vuitton

9 Black Women's Wear Collection Latest Louis Vuitton

1. Olympia Le Tan

Olympia Le Tan

Olympia Le Tan

This British-born designer known for his work in the form of bag-shaped cover Clucths. Chloe Sevigny, Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are her clients. In accordance with a unique style, Olympia chose LV sunglasses model ‘Anthea’.

2. Mary CharterisMary Charteris

Model and the ‘It girl’ from London has attracted the attention of the style of dress. How not? Mary is the niece of fashion icon Daphne Guinness. The style of dress like a lady made her choose the glasses ‘Anthea’ soft yellow.

3. Annabelle Dexter-JonesAnnabelle Dexter-Jones

Designer living in Paris is just designed an exclusive fashion collection for Faith Connexion brand. Rock-chic style came from his father, Mick Jones, The Clash personnel. Annabelle looked stylish with eyeglasses ‘Anemone’.

4. Emily WeissEmily Weiss

‘Into The Gloss’ is a blog that is quite famous in America. The author, Emily Weiss choosing sunglasses ‘Charlie’ who gave it a white appearance of the 60’s style icon, Ali MacGraw.

5. Langley HemingwayLangley Hemingway

Sunglasses type ‘the Audrey Hepmesque Magnolia’ was chosen by Langley who works as an illustrator. Langley himself is the great grandson of the author of ‘A Movable Feast’, Ernest Hemingway.

6. Venus Jazmin SotoJazmin Venus Soto

Disc Jockey who often appeared in the New York Fashion Week party, choosing sunglasses kind of ‘Flore’. Fuschia color and accents of their large size makes these glasses can be worn at various events.

7. Cleo Le TanCleo Le Tan

This woman worked with her sister, Olympia Le Tan as an assistant designer. But while it is not in the studio, Cleo has another job that is not less pleasant for Disc Jockey (DJ). Same with the Olympia, she also chose glasses type ‘Anthea’.

8. Cassie CoaneCassie choanae

DJ who has appeared in almost all the famous New York club is also choosing sunglasses model ‘Anthea’. Shapes and colors that attract attention, make it like a woman from California.

9. MalucaMaluca

Singer from New York also settled on a pair of sunglasses ‘Anthea’. Unlike the others, a woman whose real name is Natalie Yepez was more like a mysterious black color.

Pollock the painter inspiration Louboutin Shoes

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Who says art and fashion culture can not be combined and become one? Louboutin shoes prove that blend beautifully.

Pollock the painter inspiration Louboutin Shoes

Pollock the painter inspiration Louboutin Shoes

If you want to enjoy the works of famous painters, Jackson Pollock, need not go far away to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, New York, United States. The reason is, you can enjoy the works of Pollock as well as stylish by wearing high heels made famous French shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

More recently, the shoemaker and the importance of celebrities in the world again spawn one shoe works by combining the world of art and culture. Christian Louboutin makes shoes called Pigalle that inspired paintings by Jackson Pollock, as reported by Plurielles.

Miss World 2011 Accompanied by Julia Morley

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Ivian Sarcos event is scheduled to attend the evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2012, 28 April. Today, the Miss World 2011 is already present and live temporarily in a hotel in Bali.

Miss World 2011 Accompanied by Julia Morley

Miss World 2011 Accompanied by Julia Morley

The presence of Miss World 2011 to Indonesia’s always had been the most highly anticipated event. The arrival of a beautiful woman in order to enliven the world of Miss Indonesia event held once a year.

This year Ivian Sarcos and the opportunity to visit Indonesia to witness the selection of Miss Indonesia 2012, Venezuela-born girl is already in Indonesia, today at approximately 14:48 AM and immediately checked into a hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali.

“Ivian Sarcos came at approximately 14:48 PM,” said Nuniek, manager of Miss Indonesia 2011, Astrid Ellena to Okezone via BlackBerry Messenger message, Tuesday (24/04/2012).

The arrival of the 22-year direct to Indonesia accompanied by Julia Morley, Miss World Organization Chairwomen and Stephen Douglas, director of the Miss World Ltd activities.

Victoria Beckham Sheep Placenta Facial Routine

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Victoria Beckham is one celebrity who often makes weird treatments to rejuvenate the skin of her face. After a facial with nightingale droppings, the Victoria Beckham singer is now transformed into a designer that uses sheep placenta on her face.

Victoria Beckham Sheep Placenta Facial

 clothing style

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Jessie J & Fashion Design Want to Create Perfume

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Jessie J’s love for the fashion look of style dresses that draw attention. Not only that, she also plans to launch a fashion label with her own name.

Jessie J & Fashion Design Want to Create Perfume

Jessie J & Fashion Design Want to Create Perfume

Singer of ‘Domino’ it says that she has big plans for her future. Some of them are fashion design and create your own perfume. Interestingly, the results of her work will be devoted to charitable fundraising.

“I want to start a charity. I want to make money I can give. I want to do a campaign. I would love to have her own TV show, clothing line and perfume on my behalf. Everyone will want to have created her own perfume, right? “Jessie J said, as quoted from Female First.

Who likes to show eccentric singer was getting tired of the style of dresses that ‘eccentric’. Jessie even has reduced the habit to wear a variety of jewelry.

“The style of dress I was more ‘benign’. Is it really necessary to use all the jewelry and heavy makeup at 7 o’clock and looked like a drag queen? When you’re tired, you will begin to compensate by not wearing too much bling,” explains 24-year-old singer.

“I like dressing up, but I would prefer they remember how to sing. Fashion is something that I love. But I do not just make everything as image,” added Jessie.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift – Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

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Event Billboard 2012 has ended, the winners have been announced but talks about the fashion of the stars are still hotly discussed. Anyone who is considered the best dressed?

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Three names come to answer that question. Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift stole the attention when walking the red carpet. Katy performed with lilac-colored dress, has wavy hair and dark lipstick that accentuates skin tones. She cried she came with her grandmother as her date.

In line with Katy, Carrie looks too inviting compliments. The singer who came accompanied by her husband was wearing a Cinderella-style gown soft pink color plated silver tulle Oscar de la Renta’s work. This dress looks very pretty, combined open-toe high heels silver.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Taylor Swift appeared with dramatic color, red. The dress is sleeveless cut, with detail on the chest and waist. The length of sweeping the floor, while the invisible accessories worn Taylor. Her hair was decomposed very simple, as simple as the color of her makeup.

Which one do you like?

Aging Skin Causes and How to Overcome Them

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Aging skin┬ámost women aged over 30’s having to worry wrinkles on their faces, especially the forehead and around eyes. Apparently, the pattern of your life could wrinkle faster. Wrinkles on the face because the aging skin grow older and not able to maintain moisture, such as thinning of the skin layer, the reduction of fat cells, keelastisitasn decreased and the skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases.

Causes of Aging Skin

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