Christian Louboutin Cosmetic Line Ready to Release Next Year

Well-known as designer Christian Louboutin shoes with red soles are iconic. But the French nation the man that does not seem to want only known in the fashion world, but also beauty.Most recently, he plans to release a line of cosmetics with a complete collection. Line, named Christian Louboutin Beaute will be produced by beauty company based in New York, Bat allure Beauty.

Christian Louboutin Cosmetic Line Ready to Release Next Year

Christian Louboutin Cosmetic Line Ready to Release Next Year

As you can imagine, the cosmetics brand which is scheduled to be marketed in 2013 this would be something high-end and luxury. Excerpted from High Beauty cosmetics Louboutin will be distributed globally meaning can be found all over the world.

If the brand is famous for Louboutin shoes and hot aura of sensuality, what are the features of the cosmetics brand? Unfortunately, the designer’s 49 years have not been willing to divulge. The bald-headed man just said that the collection of cosmetics will be very constructive, different and unexpected.

But WWD site provides an illustration, that in order to create the first cosmetics, Louboutin inspired by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti statue kept in the Neues Museum in Berlin. Nefertiti is one of the most famous women in ancient times, and an icon of feminine beauty.

“(Statue) is a beautiful thing. I stand about an hour just to see the statue. Beauty and make-up perfect,” said Louboutin.

Meanwhile, Robin Burns, co-founder of Beauty Batallure states have a new and bold steps that have been done Louboutin. He said, “She’s a fashion designer with extraordinary success that has not touched the world of beauty. He (bold) cross the line, and it’s very exciting for us.”

What kind of cosmetic Louboutin collection, whether it be as iconic red soles? We wait for next year!

Shampooing Not Just Wash Your Hair

When a trace of hair care products aisle at a supermarket, we’ll see a lot of shampoo with various formulas for different hair types.

Shampooing Not Just Wash Your Hair

Shampooing Not Just Wash Your Hair

All shampoos are not the same but there are major differences between products designed for every hair type and to produce a different appearance, said Steve Shiel a leading scientist hair doctorate researcher in the field of organometallic chemistry.

Shampoos contain different types and levels of active ingredients designed to moisturize, outlining tangled hair add volume and provide many other benefits.

You should not buy shampoo because it interested in the packaging. But consider also: What is your hair type? Are you in the mood to try to change the appearance of hair styles in total?

1.Thin hair and Smoother

Remnants of styling products dust or dirt on the hair or applying too much oil can make the hair thin and fine-textured hair loss in volume. Use a volumizing shampoo formula can make hair look more clean and beautiful thick and fluffy.


Thick hair is easy to become dry and dull. Therefore, it is important to use a shampoo that can moisturize the hair. The secret does not use too much shampoo.

Thick hair has many pores and absorbent products simply pour the shampoo for a coin in the palm of the hand. To clean the residue pile on the type of hair use a mild shampoo once a week specifically designed to remove residue.

3.Shampooing Tips

If you start your daily activity with exercise you should wash it every day. However, if you love the results and blow dry to retain its beauty longer should reduce the frequency. Make sure you wash your hair before your hair is too dirty because dirt particles can damage the hair while combing.

No need to worry about your hair will be damaged if you wash your hair every day. Shampoo your hair will not break because the shampoo is manufactured today are not lifted cuticle, said John Gray author of The World of Hair Colour.

With harsh shampoo formulas that are used in the past sometimes the hair gets really tangled making it difficult to disentangle. Currently matted hair after shampooing is rare since most modern shampoos are accompanied conditioner that protects hair.

When you’re ready to shampoo first of all focus on the scalp hairline behind the ears and around the forehead. In these areas is often the accumulation of sebum or oil from your hair. Then proceed to wash it down to prevent the opening of the cuticle layer that can cause hair tip branching.

Hot! David Beckham Topless on Magazine Cover

Elle magazine UK for the first showing him the cover of their magazine. Men who had the honor of none other than David Beckham, he appears topless and covered his lower body tights.

Hot! David Beckham Topless on Magazine Cover

Hot! David Beckham Topless on Magazine Cover

In the cover of the magazine, Beckham looked as if it were coming out of a pond. He wore tight black jeans Dior Home, wet output. His upper body was covered with clothing, Look how his six pack Victoria Beckham’s husband’s stomach.

Beckham in Elle magazine appearance was of course praised by Victoria. “Looking good on Elle UK! He wrote on Twitter accompanied by photographs of the husband. Beckham photo was taken by photographer Doug Inglish.

Appear showing her sexy body, in an interview with Elle UK, Beckham admitted he really did not even like to show off. “How do I define myself? I do not know. I’d rather someone else do it. Erm … a little embarrassed. I do not know what to say. I hate describing myself, says former Manchester United striker, quoted by U.S. Magazine.

In spite of his confession that he was shy, Beckham is now one of the most popular footballers; He has his own line of underwear and perfumes any advertisement which starred countless with all that surely abundant wealth.

Apparently for Beckham, wealth and popularity was never considered meaningful. “I never think about money, fame. It all has never interested me and now it did not interest me. None of it makes me excited,” said the man who more enjoys his days as a husband and father of four children.

958 Million Hermes Handbags, Women’s It So Victims of Cyberbullying

Francesca Eastwood displays a picture of herself that is destroying a Hermes Birkin bag for U.S. $ 100,000. she was immediately ridiculed by many people via social media sites.

958 Million Hermes Handbags, Women's It So Victims of Cyberbullying

958 Million Hermes Handbags, Women's It So Victims of Cyberbullying

In some images portrayed by her boyfriend Tyler Shields son of famous actor Clint Eastwood was seen posing with a biting, punching sawing and burning Hermes Birkin bag is worth about USD 958 million. As quoted from the Telegraph the shooting was done by Francesca and Tyler in the name of art.

The results of these photographs can be viewed on the site owned by Tyler. But instead of praise Francesca and Tyler actually much ridiculed and received harsh criticism from Francesca’s mother Dina.she expressed her disappointment because the princess could have expensive handbags but can not understand the true meaning and value for money.

In addition Francesca also received harsh criticism from many people via Twitter and her Facebook account. she was despised as a spoiled girl on the evil and insane. In fact at least one Twitter user who sent death threats to Francesca.

Some of us have really had to work hard but the bad spoiled girl was actually burn bag for U.S. $ 100,000,” wrote one Twitter user.

Wow .. Tas at U.S. $ 100,000 wasted on a non-significant for the photo should be more useful for a charity or other person really needs. Basic mad, wrote another user’s social networking account.

Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Black Knees And Elbow

Get rid of black knees and elbow is wish of every one. Elbow and knee areas are often different from the other skin color. The other thing is that it is usually in darker and dry conditions then other parts of body.

Get rid of black knees and elbow

Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Black Knees And Elbow

Get rid of black knees and elbow surely every woman wants a uniform skin color as a whole. To overcome and eliminate the dark and dry area on the elbows and knees follow these tips given blow and get rid of black knees and elbow.

1. Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub

Get rid of black knees and elbow Take advantage of the material in the kitchen such as sugar to be used as body care. Sugar contains nutrients to moisturize the skin but it can diminish the rough grain of dark areas on the elbows and knees. To avoid irritation mix sugar with scented oils.

2. Lemon & Milk

Lemon & Milk

Get rid of black knees and elbow Lemon and milk are effective to soften rough skin and brighten the feet and knees. Mix one cup of lemon juice with one cup of milk. Heats in the microwave do not get too hot. Then dip the cloth in a mixture of lemon and milk then put in the elbow and knee. You can put a cloth on two knees at once using two clean cloths. Repeat two to three times after five minutes.

3. turmeric,olive oil and lemon


The benefits of turmeric are able to moisturize and soften rough skin. Mix one egg white with two drops of olive oil and lemon. Add the turmeric that has been refined. Apply to the  on dry parts of the body such as elbows and knees. Afterwards rinse with warm water. After applying these tips we hope you get rid of black knees and elbows.

Get rid of black knees and elbowEffective Tips To Get Rid Of Black Knees And Elbow. How to get rid of dark knees and elbows home remedies. how to get rid of black knees with lemon & Milk..

5 Tricks To Appear Higher appearance

Not a few women who want to have a tall body. Many ways ranging from sports to try alternative medicine. In fact the body height can be obtained by choosing the right clothes.

As quoted from All Women Stalk following the five tricks in appearance so you look taller than usual body size.

1. Wear High Heels

This is an instant way to make your body look taller. Tingg shoes made more upright posture and give the impression of elegance. Choose the model of shoe that fits your foot shape and taste. Another benefit of wearing heels is repair of the pelvic floor muscles and enhance sexual arousal.

Women often find it difficult to exercise properly in the vicinity of the pelvic floor muscles, use of high heels to address this issue, said Dr. Maria Cerruto, Urology expert from Italy.

2. Note Model Clothing

Careful use of clothing made of fabric weight and thick as it will make you look shorter. Avoid clothes that are too tight can emphasize body size. Should choose clothes that limited the length of your hips. Woman in her short mini even more impressed when using a model with a long shirt over her knees.

3. Consider the color motif and Apparel

In order to impress the higher body you should wear clothes that have vertical stripes with thin stripes visible seams and buttons that stand out. For color choose a matching color between superiors and subordinates. Try the selection of a soft material such as wool, linen, and cotton, which will make you look slim.

4. Change Your Hair Style

This trick is pretty significant for those who want to look taller. Change of hairstyle can make you look fresh. Try to select a style thin hair on the sides and slightly higher at the top. Do not apply hair style makes the body look wider because of the short. For these types of pieces, the model layer can be an option.

5. Choose pieces that Pas Agency

Look for pieces of clothes that fit the size of the body shape. Not tight nor too loose. Trouser ‘baggy’ and midi skirts can make your legs are getting shorter and bigger. Alternatively wear a mini skirt in order to help expose your shapely legs.

Rihanna Fall Into The Embrace Of ‘Bad Boy’ Again

Singer Rihanna seems to really like the ‘bad boy’. After going out with Chris Brown who had persecuted him, now she reportedly fell into the arms of another bad boy is a basketball player.

Rihanna Fall Into The Embrace Of 'Bad Boy' Again

Rihanna Fall Into The Embrace Of 'Bad Boy' Again

NY Daily News reported, Rihanna intimate with athletes from New York Knick basketball, JR Smith. Both had a few dates this week. A source said they were dating in Miami last weekend, after Smith alerted the police for driving without a license on Thursday (5/24/2012).

Sources say Rihanna partied at LIV club at Fontainebleau Hotel on Sunday (27/05/2012) night. Smith also joined the singer of ‘We Found Love’ is Drake, who reportedly been going out with Riri, so she was usually called, partying together.

J.R. Smith, the man touted to be the new girlfriend Rihanna actually has a criminal record does not differ much from Chris Brown. NBA stars with full body tattoos had been jailed 24 days due to carelessness while driving, causing his best friend died in June 2007.

Early last year Smith was known to display a photograph of a wrong woman in his hotel room. The photos were uploaded on his Twitter. Because of this he was fined by the NBA and has to pay U.S. $ 25 thousand.

Suggest Director Robert Pattinson is Not dating Kristen Stewart

Director of ‘Twilight’, Catherine Hardwicke could not agree was the proximity of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The director suggested, for not dating Robert Christian.

Suggest Director Robert Pattinson is Not dating Kristen Stewart

Suggest Director Robert Pattinson is Not dating Kristen Stewart

From the beginning, Catherine has seen the body language that they like each other. In American Elle magazine, she was 52 years old who fear the consequences will be borne by both if Robert and Kristen dating.

When Robert and Kristen auditioned for the film ‘Twilight’, matches between the two have been seen and they found a very strong chemistry. Catherine sure if the movie Twilight will ‘explode’ if they are paired.

“Rob and Kristen sat at the table and engage in dialogue. I felt a surge that is, I see their attractions. Christians are very vocal and she knew she had the power to Rob. I say, let the day the scene was rendered in the movie,” said Catherine.

Suitability of couples who now have the big names continued. But when it’s 21 year old Robert and Kristen is 17 years.

(Christian) is a minor; do not think about it (going out). It is a law in our country,” said Catherine.

Fortunately at the time, Robert followed the advice of the director. They were dating when the new Christian age of 18.

2012 Trends in Women’s Jackets

MODEL jacket women each year are not boring. Interesting detail from the mold, color, silhouette and finish a suitable central element.

For the winter in 2012 this short jacket in the collection of fashion designers dominate the world. In fact, they also design and sport biker jacket with bright colors but still feminine. Silhouette fitted at the waist and wearing a belt.

Such as Hermes, Diane von Furstenberg, Balmain, Blumarine and Burberry jacket presents a collection using the color of red wine, chocolate, muted shades of blue and green. While the black for a traditional classic leather jacket. Prints and texture of animal skin used as base material or as a garnish.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Partner Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan should be happy with their status as newlyweds. But it apparently did not appear as they undergo a honeymoon in Rome!

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

As reported by the Dailymail, the couple seemed to enjoy dinner in one corner of the city of Rome. But rather appeared cheerful faces, their facial expressions instead looks bleak and empty.

This scene was captured by local people who then happened to notice their existence. But instead of posting photos on the Facebook CEO’s micro-blogging site is developed, the new couple photo actually circulated via twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Spends Just 32 Euro for Lunch on Honeymoon

Until now, the couple has reportedly visited several parts of Italy to enjoy their time together. But Facebook is now the position is less secure on the market may have influenced their wonderful atmosphere.

This couple just got married about a week with a very simple celebration. With only 100 people attended, the couple gives promise for a married couple.