Myth vs. Facts About Diet & Fitness

Many myths about diet and fitness world that is often misleading, though some were true. Do not let your exercise and fitness in vain as it followed a false myth. Here it is a myth and fact as quoted by Shape and So Feminine.

Myth vs. Facts About Diet & Fitness

Myth vs. Facts About Diet & Fitness

1. Myth: Eating at Night Make Fat

Fact: The amount of recommended daily calorie intake for adults is 1800-2000 calories, and if you want to lose weight simply subtract 500 calories per day. If your calorie intake is still less a day then allowed to eat at night. With notes, during the food calories you consume do not exceed the amount of daily caloric adequacy.

According to nutrition expert Joni Rampolla, RD, diasup calories should gradually start of the morning, afternoon, evening and night, especially when the body needs energy. Eat every two or three hours this will stabilize blood sugar levels and helps you stay satisfied and energized throughout the day. If the hunger comes at night make sure the food you eat no more or less than 200 calories.

2. Myth: Hunger is a sign That You Need Food

Fact: hunger is not always due to lack of food your body. Body usually sends hunger signals when dehydration lack of sleep or hunger due to psychological factors (stress, sad, upset, angry). If you are not drinking enough water or sleep deprivation can cause stomach feels hungry, even when it had enough to eat.

3. Myth: Make Exercise Fatigue

Fact: After exercise your body is going to be sweating and panting breath. But most people feel the exercise it gives them more energy. Explained Gina Crome, RD, regular exercise also helps fight fatigue improve sleep quality and control stress levels.

4. Myth: Exercise Takes a Lot of Time

Fact: to maintain ideal body weight remains, you are advised to exercise 20 to 40 minutes every day. If the goal to lose weight exercise should be done 45 to 60 minutes every day. But you do not have to exercise for it in one session. You can divide it into 10 minutes each session. For example, ran for 10 minutes in the morning up and down stairs 15 minutes on the sidelines of office hours a brisk walk in the afternoon 10 minutes and spinning 20 minutes at night. If sporting activities are divided of course fatigue would not be so perceived.

5. Myth: When Diet, Avoid Eating Red Meat

Fact: In the correct amount of consumption, red meat such as beef or lamb is actually a source of protein and iron are good. But there is a need to consider when taking them. Choose the meat such as sirloin or rib area near the thinly sliced, and remove the fat portions. Try to control the portions, the meat should be consumed no more than once a week.

6. Myth: The amount of sweat discharge Determining the Number of Calories Wasted

Fact: There is no correlation between sweat and weight loss. When out of sweat, meaning your body is working to cool the temperature itself. Sweat also means a sign that your body is removing toxins and substances that are not needed by the body. Not just calories.

Every person has the levels of different sweat. There is an easy to sweat, some are not. So, do not worry if you only spend a little sweat while exercising at the gym. You do not need to exercise too hard just to sweat. In weight loss programs, the important thing is to choose the type of exercise best suits your lifestyle, your schedule and physical condition.

7. Myth: Longer duration of exercise, will result Faster

No doubt that the duration of the exercise is very influential on the desired results. But if you want faster results, it is not enough just to rely on a long workout in the gym. Fitness must be programmed and well-planned and follow a strict schedule in order to get optimal results. If your goal workout in the gym to lose weight, the more calories you burn, weight loss would be reduced more quickly.

Lady GaGa So Mad At Small Germs

Although it has now become a superstar admired by many people but Lady Gaga still can not get out of the past. One of the most remembered was her father’s nickname for him.

Lady GaGa So Mad At Small Germs

Lady GaGa So Mad At Small Germs

As reported by The Sun, her father, Joe Germanotta commonly dubbed as the Loopy (crazy). Apparently, the singer’s full name Stafeni madness Germanotta has indeed been seen since early childhood.

She said my father called me Loopy because I had been crazy since childhood.

Not because his behavior is odd, the father says crazy because Gaga was accustomed to working hard since childhood. The habit of working at an early age has indeed been implanted since the beginning in the family.

In addition to earning the nickname Loopy, the singer of song Born This Way has also earned the nickname Germ (mean germs) from his friends. The name was taken from the family name stands for Gaga, the Germanotta.

Although the nickname that sounds silly but the germ of this crazy eventually managed to become the worlds many star role models. Right?

Justin Bieber Fight Paparazzi

Justin Bieber’s love life and Selena Gomez are highlighted media, because it reportedly broke up. Until there are paparazzi following Bieber daily, which makes it annoyed the singer 18 years.

Justin Bieber Fight Paparazzi

Justin Bieber Fight Paparazzi

Incident began when Justin and Selena are going along to the shopping center in Calabasas, Los Angeles, United States, they were harassed by the media crew. At that Bieber had just bought a house worth U.S. $ 6.5 million (USD 62 billion) and the paparazzi are too close to them which makes Bieber and Selena uncomfortable.

Witnesses said the car blocking the photographer Bieber as the singer of ‘You Smile I Smile’ that want to move. The photographers do not go well but Bieber has asked amicably. Bieber is upset and that’s when the fight occurred.

According to reports from TMZ website Bieber and the paparazzi are at odds tense. The photographer also was annoyed by the singer who just released a new single and call the police.

It is unknown whether there are scuffles between Bieber and photographers. But the paparazzi are not known from the medium was complaining of pain in her upper body so the ambulance came to take him to a nearby hospital.

An eyewitness said that the photographer wanted to take advantage of the incident. That’s because, he saw a lawyer came and told the photographer to call 911, so that the photographer and the lawyers get the money from the incident.

Kim Kardashian Stolen Goods At The Airport

Kim Kardashian trips to the city of London should end up uncomfortable. Because the star of reality star claimed her belongings lost when stored in the trunk of the plane.

Kim Kardashian Stolen Goods At The Airport

Kim Kardashian Stolen Goods At The Airport

As reported by Bang Showbiz Kim deeply regrets that British Airways airport security was overlooked. As a result, she was forced to miss some things that she thought valuable and irreplaceable.

“Disappointed once with British Airways they opened my suitcase and take some of my stuff! Some items are very sentimental and irreplaceable,” she wrote via twitter.

Now I think even the trunk lock was no good! We took our stuff back. There is no security and can not be trusted! Know ye think continued the 31-year star.

However, the lover Kanye West does not mention what items have been taken from her trunk. Travel to London itself is a promotional products at the same time relaxing with her lover.

3 Reasons Sports DOC’s Better Than Alone

Feeling bored with your exercise routine so that the results of the exercise less than the maximum? Then it’s time you invite a friend to exercise besama.

3 Reasons Sports DOC's Better Than Alone

3 Reasons Sports DOC's Better Than Alone

The presence of friends can help optimize your sports activity. Not have a friend who had known or friend. Forming friendships with fellow members in the gym is fine. It sports some reason better than exercise group alone as quoted from She Knows.

A. Adding Motivation

There are times when sports activities that are so boring and you too lazy to do it. It will be events when you are alone. Meanwhile if exercising with a friend feeling lazy it will be lost.

Know a friend who is waiting for you to fitness in the gym or make a pact with jogging together every weekend making you more motivated and enthusiastic sports. Easily be absent from the sports schedule and lie on the sofa while watching TV. But friends can be a motivator to keep you disciplined with exercise.

2. Competing spirit

Exercise with friends will lead to a desire to compete. It also motivates you to exercise even harder.

In order to exercise more fun with friends make a competition. Who is most diligent in coming to the gym to be the winner. Or if a group can make the game pool, basketball, volleyball and so on according to the relevant sporting interest. If like jogging try to race along the route that you and your friends pass. Who would win entitled or treated to fresh juice smoothies.

3. Exercise More Fun

Naturally, if we experience boredom in the exercise. But with friends in addition exercise sessions could be more interesting and fun.

Not only that exercise with friends or companions also helps burn calories faster because of fatigue during exercise is not too pronounced. Why, when you run on the treadmill, kickboxing, weight lifting or spinning, there are friends who can talk to and laugh. Just so you know laughter can also help burn calories.

In collaboration with MAC Cosmetics Former Editor of Vogue Paris

MAC cosmetics are not only working with celebrities only. MAC cosmetics is now proved to relate with the former chief editor (editor in chief) fashion magazine Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld.

MAC Cosmetics

In collaboration with MAC Cosmetics Former Editor of Vogue Paris

In collaboration with MAC Cosmetics Former Editor of Vogue Paris


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Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Organdy dress to wear material can be used as a new style in your appearance. The characters that appear transparent material can be worn as fancy dress.

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Organdy is a thin transparent material and shiny becomes her own appeal for festive purposes. The material is lightweight and stiff yet fluffy with soft colors.

Many costumes that require bright colors and bubbling effects utilizing this material character.

Excess of organdy material is lightweight with a smooth and flat finish. Yarn construction is also seen clearly with the end result is stiff. Usually formed of a plain woven fabric of fine cotton warp and 100s 150S composition of feed.

Organdy silk is a thin transparent material with clear fabric. The fabric is strong and durable as well as stiff as a dense tangle of yarn
Usually made of silk organdy rayon nylon or polyester. Often used as a main ingredient or other coating material to a fitted blouse or loose.

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses

Business Process Management with organdy Dresses0.0

You can also make a dress or evening dress to look different. This material is also used as a coating material to create the main volume and do not wrinkle.

At a wedding dress with layered organdy is an attractive option because it has enough volume to give the impression of moving with both feet at once.
If you want a model of bubble sleeves a layer of organdy will give shape without looking heavy. Is also often used as a lining in that dreamy dress pins but not thick.

Try to reflect the colors are strong and brilliant. It will be able to make your fashion style is more varied.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Indonesia is a country that has woven fabric as a legacy for generations in various regions. Cain is also a commodity culture that continues to grow.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Weaving dreams Indonesia (CTI) has continued to introduce weaving to modern society with the aim that Indonesia has always been known woven fabric from generation to generation. CTI hook this time three young designers who transform weaving Bali, and Lombok Sambas be ready to wear clothing that modern and fashionable.

Priyo Oktaviano, Didi Budiardjo, and Ari Seputra are designers who participated in exploring the beauty of the woven fabric is shown in the annual event of Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JFFF) in 2012 at the Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta with a series of collection, titled Heirloom.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Herloom means something that is antique and valuable that has been passed down from generation to generation. These three designers were even produce beautiful works and in accordance with the changing times.

Priyo Oktaviano example. she took the theme of ‘Kawaii Bali’ which was inspired by the beauty of the island, Bali. In her collection, explores the shocking war-war woven Bali. Natural color of the clothes that made a shocking piece of clothing that is edgy and modern like a mini dress with halterneck detail and variety of dress body fit that describes the character of Indonesian women are graceful, elegant, and uphold their culture.

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

Fabric Charm of Bali Lombok and Sumbawa in 2012 JFFF

While Didi Budiardjo, just add a touch of Chinese, Malay, Arab and Hindu in every design. With the theme ‘Aurum Cantus’ with a song called gold Didi describes songket Sambas like to hear the strains of the sound of interwoven gold threads that form the motif.

Didi creates a variety of clothing with urban style and modern that can mix and match. she put forward the motifs of roses and flowers Patience continues in her collection. Color violet, orange, red and gold are Didi choice.

about Ari also displays her work in the form of clothes ‘stomach’ and the belt ‘Anteng’. The series was inspired collection of distinctive clothing elements Lombok. Chose the theme ‘Unity’, Ari raised woven fabric woven Lombok and utilize a variation of the various regions such as binoculars motif ocik, subhanale motive opaque erot, god motif belt, and the calm belt motif combined in a line of modern designs that are tailored to the dynamics of today’s lifestyle without losing the element of tradition.

Gara-Gara Lettuce, Beyonce Weight Down 27 Kg!

Shortly after giving birth to her first daughter, Blue Ivy Carter in early January, Beyonce Knowles managed to make a public fascinated with her attractive back. I wonder what the secret is.

Gara-Gara Lettuce, Beyonce Weight Down 27 Kg!

Gara-Gara Lettuce, Beyonce Weight Down 27 Kg!

As reported by the Dailymail, Beyonce finally bluntly reveal her beauty secrets. In addition to using the treadmill, the wife of Jay Z is also admitted to regularly eat lettuce.

“You would not know how hard I struggled. I managed to lose up to 60 pounds (more than 27 kilograms). I have to do the treadmill. I also eat lettuce.

Although the hassle of losing weight but Beyonce was able to reap the results, the singer of 30 years to regain her hot body that has been admired fans.

Beyonce alone has more than 9 months left the stage because of her pregnancy. But now, she claimed to be ready to entertain fans with live performances and a spectacular appearance.

Want to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Lady Gaga Got Angry Residents Thailand

On arrival in Thailand Lady Gaga had expressed his desire to buy a fake Rolex watches brand. Whether just a joke or not but desire Gaga Thailand makes some people angry.

Want to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Lady Gaga Got Angry Residents Thailand

Want to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Lady Gaga Got Angry Residents Thailand

“I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready to create 50.000 Thai monster scream. I want to get lost in the night market and bought a Rolex (watches) is false, wrote the singer of ‘Marry the Night’ as quoted from NY Daily News.

Gaga was tweets directly reap the disappointment of her fans in Thailand. They were offended because of ‘evil’ country that likes to produce counterfeit goods into the world spotlight.

We are more than you think wrote DJ (Disc Jockey) from Thailand Surahit Siamwalla. As a result of the tweet Gaga, Surahit had to cancel plans Gaga concert in Bangkok on Friday (5/25/2012) ago.

Surahit Besides there are other Thai citizens who feel disappointed. she also accused the 26-year-old singer had insulted the nation.

she came to our house instead of admiring even insult us said one commentator on the Thailand site Pantip.

Matters regarding fake goods seem so attracted the attention of Gaga. Before arriving in Thailand Gaga also had a chance to comment the same thing when she was in Hong Kong.

I love this City. You can work out and buy a Birkin (Hermes bag model one) is false in the same way” Gaga wrote in her Twitter account.