Katy Perry ties Romance Back Crashes out

Katy Perry had preached in a relationship with Robert Ackyord, guitarist of rock band Florence + the Machine. But according to the latest news, stories romance Katy again failed.

Katy Perry ties Romance Back crashes out

Katy Perry ties Romance Back crashes out

In April, the singer of the song ‘Last Friday Night’ was seen making out with Robert Ackyord while attending the Coachella music festival in California. Both seem to kiss and cuddle while rocking in a crowd of other spectators.

But a source told the Sunday Mirror that had recently ended their relationship. The source also said that the reason behind both of them because of the love relationship its end Katy refrain from engaging further in relation to it.

Though the singer who likes bergonta hair color is said to be willing to put the lover and the serious with the relationship. But there are conditions where Katy was not ready for love it story with Robert.

Still according to the same source, she saw that Katy relationship with Robert is increasingly serious. Unfortunately it ended when they have to do long distance relationships, as Katy had during his time with Russell Brand, a former husband.

Polite Lady Gaga Ready Shown in Jakarta

Musician Lady Gaga is looking forward to her concert in Indonesia. Therefore, the Lady was willing to maintain appearance during a concert at GBK on June 3.

Polite Lady Gaga Ready Shown in Jakarta

Polite Lady Gaga Ready Shown in Jakarta

Promoters Big Concerts Daddy has established communication with Live Nation also Lady Gaga. They also agreed to make the Lady is not vulgar or stylish dress hot.

We have to establish communication and coordination with the management in order to customize the appearance Gaga concert in Jkt fit,” said President Director Michael Rush’s Big Daddy via text message to detikhot.

“The Lady Gaga being co-operative and expressed willingness to respect the existing rules and her desire to give a musical performance that will never be forgotten to the audience,” said Michael.

Previous by Michael, Lady Gaga team has also been quite familiar with the culture of Indonesia. As a professional musician he also will not be reckless action in countries with predominantly Islamic.

Kim Kardashian Selling Used Clothing in Shopping Site

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Karadashian sell their old clothes on eBay shopping sites. Not just any old clothes used goods are sold they are items of works of famous designers

Kim Kardashian Selling Used Clothing in Shopping Site

Kim Kardashian Selling Used Clothing in Shopping Site


Hot brothers brought together 84 fashion items that are not used and there are a variety of dress shoes. With the name ‘Kardashian Closet sold goods from labels such as Christian high-en Loubutin, Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, Alenxander Wang and many more.

Clothes they sell there is a cheaper price range, there are also similar to the original price.
As a red silk dress from Dolce and Gabbana who sold U.S. $ 405 or about USD 3.6 million. Never wore the clothes in the show Rachel Zoë Project last year.

There is also the LBD (little black dress) Victoria Beckham designs for sale $ 575 or about USD 5 million. There is also a jumpsuit with leopard motif that sold U.S. $ 710 or about USD 6.4 million.

Selling items on eBay shopping sites do not the first time Kardashian sisters. Earlier, the star of reality TV ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’ clothing collection was sold at charity auction site eBay.

But not one hundred percent of profits donated. Kardashian sisters only contribute 10 percent of their profits to charity “Dream Foundation”.

Miley Cyrus Broken Heart Weight For Nick Jonas

Wow! This latest recognition of his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus on Nick Jonas, Apparently, broken love affair with the personnel Jonas Brothers Miley heart break it causes weight!

Miley Cyrus Broken Heart Weight For Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus Broken Heart Weight For Nick Jonas

At that time I was 14 years old and I really fell in love with him. In my mind, he’s perfect, amazing. Then we broke up and then, as if the rest of my life ruined because Nick does not love me anymore,” says Miley about her love story for many ago.

If Nick thinks I’m not beautiful, I’m definitely not pretty. If I think I do not deserve him, I’m definitely not feasible for everyone. You know, that kind of feeling,” said the actress of this movie LOL.

Miley admitted she cried every night for several months but her father encouraged him, reminding him when she was able to pass the time.

So I kept thinking I was going through at that time and break not the end of the world. You have to keep going. It’s the classic phrase but true. Heartbroken is so valuable lesson for me,” Miley said.

Today, Miley was dating GAMES Hunger star, Liam Hems worth, he called his first serious girlfriend, Miley fell in love again.

Performing Glamorous with 6 options This Maxi Skirt

The design is comfortable, making the maxi skirt a stylish alternative to a more relaxed option but this time, comes more glamorous maxi skirt, so you can use this skirt to attend a formal event.

Following the maxi skirt alerts Etc Fashion Blog recommend some famous designers in the world that can be selected. What kind of series collection?

1. Rick Owens Black skirt

Rick Owens Black skirt

Rick Owens Black skirt

Black skirt is a must have fashion item for women. So, there’s nothing wrong if you buy a maxi dress designer Rick Owens alerts are being sold for Rp 2.5 million. With cotton and rayon materials, making it comfortable to wear maxi skirts. Match with a halter neck blouse to look glamorous. Continue reading

Concerts in Tokyo, The Rainbow Body Hair Lady Gaga

Living the Asian tour, Lady Gaga seems to always try to look different in every country. Once in Hong Kong wearing a dress, the hair this time in Tokyo, Gaga up with hair like a rainbow.

Concerts in Tokyo, the Rainbow Body Hair Lady Gaga

Concerts in Tokyo, the Rainbow Body Hair Lady Gaga

Singer of ‘Alejandro’ arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday (8/5/2012) night, on arrival at the airport, greeted hundreds of fans who Gaga was waiting.

Being in the country that popularized the style of Harajuku, Gaga did not want to look normal. She strolled in the airport and greet her fans by wearing a leather jacket and shoes with very high right. 25 year-old singer appeared dressed all in black, so colorful hair stood out.

Gaga seemed to prepare for her performance during the flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. Before leaving Hong Kong, the owner’s name Stefani Germanotta wearing clothing that is not less interesting. She wore a white Versace gown. Her hairstyles was not orange like a rainbow.

On landing in Tokyo, direct gaga newest and expressed her delight. Sh also changed her profile photo with the look of the hair is like a rainbow.

“Thank u for the sweet welcome Tokyo! Getting ready to meet Japanese Haus for drinks! I missed them! Your spirit is a rainbow like my hair X,” she wrote.

Gaga concert will be held in Tokyo Saitama Super Arena for three days, namely 10 to 13 May 2012. After Sakura, she will fly to Taiwan. For Indonesia, the controversial singer’s concert was held in June at the Bung Karno, Senayan.

Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips & cosmetics

Oily skin Acne is more susceptible problems than normal or dry skin types. If oily skin acne not treated properly then facial complexion will look very greasy dull and cause pimples and blackheads.
To care form oily akin acne, choose a product that suits your skin type. Select a product make-up and facials are not just labeled ‘oil-free’ but also ‘non-comedogenic’. Quoted from styletips 101, following the other tips in choosing cosmetics for oily akin acne.

Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips

Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips

1. Cleanser

Today many products that claim to reduce excess oil or oily skin acne, but the effect, the skin loses it’s natural moisture. Dry surface it triggers the production of more oil so the skin will become more oily after cleansing.


Choose a formula to make the skin soft and not dry. If the face-prone skin, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. Do not forget to always apply a moisturizer afterwards. Because moisturizer always helpful to control the problem of oily skin.

2. Moisturizer

For Oily skin acne choose a moisturizer or a light textured moisturizer that ‘oil-free’ and ‘non-comedogenic’. Moisturizing lotion is usually more suitable for oily skin than cream. Water-based moisturizer like gel is also suitable for treating oily skin. Moisturizer always helpful to control the problem of oily skin.


For sun block, do not choose too high SPF. The higher the SPF, the more oil will be contained. Just use sun block with the highest SPF maximum of 30.

3. Make-up


Mineral make-up is suitable for oily akin acne. In addition to likely irritation, mineral make-up is also not cause blackheads. Choose a liquid foundation and powder for makeup. Avoid two-way cake powder because it can clog pores and make the skin oilier. Blush powder is also suitable for oily skin acne than creams. Try these tips and find glowing and fresh skin.

Oily Skin Acne Treatment Tips & cosmetics. Best acne treatment for oily skin. Oily skin Acne is more susceptible problems than normal or dry skin types…..


Strange Singer Kesha Use Pencil Eyeliner In Lipstick

Kesha is one singer who likes to show eccentric. To obtain a stronger shade of lipstick, the singer of ‘Tik Tok’ was also admitted to using a pencil as lipstick her eyeliner.

Strange Singer Kesha Use Pencil Eyeliner In Lipstick

Strange Singer Kesha Use Pencil Eyeliner In Lipstick

In Twitter Kesha provide solutions for lip color with a purple eyeliner pencil. 24 year-old girl also post photos when she was applying eyeliner pencil in her mouth.

Daub eyeliner on my lips. No problems whatsoever,” said Kesha on Twitter, as quoted by U.S. Magazine.

But in fact use a product formulated for the eye to the lips can be a major problem for health. According to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Cover Girl Eyeliner Liquid line Blast (Kesha used eyeliner products on the lips) may be harmful.

If accidentally ingested products (eyeliner) can cause gastrointestinal irritation with symptoms of nausea vomiting and diarrhea the report of the MSDS.

Cosmetics are indeed designed for the eye, so it is safe when used in that section, rather than to the lips. Make-up tricks Kesha is a big risk for her health.

This also applies to other cosmetic products. It is expected that consumers are more concerned and do not underestimate the danger of their make-up but avoid applying products designed for specific parts even used on the face or other body parts.

Tricks Make Breasts Look More Includes with Choose A Dress

For a woman, has a shape and size of the breast that contains a pride. Usually women with assets those are not too prominent to be trying different ways to get the ideal shape, even those willing to put breast implants.

Tricks Make Breasts Look More Includes with Choose A Dress

Tricks Make Breasts Look More Includes with Choose A Dress

But actually, there are some tricks that can give the illusion of fuller breasts in order, as quoted from the following Sky Bold.

1. Tight clothes

Wearing tight clothing especially in the upper body can give the illusion of breasts look more prominent. You can try using a strict dress with a pattern of horizontal lines or clothing with low necklines, both types will provide a more beautiful shape of the breast.

2. Selection of the Right Bra

The power of the bra! Yes, the expression is true. When you choose the right bra, the breast size you can look up. Try using this type of push-up bra. This type of bra is the right choice to make your breasts look fuller look instantly.

3. V-Neck Shirt Collar

Shirt with collar v-neck cut is the right choice for small-chaste women. Alloy push-up bra and v-neck will further highlight the cleavage and make breasts look fuller.

4. Ruffled detail on the chest

Also, choose a dress with a ruffled detail on the chest. Detail with wrinkles that can create the illusion of your breasts look fuller.

5. Necklace

Statement Necklace or a great necklace design and attractive appearance will make you stronger.

Tricks Make Breasts Look More Includes with Choose A Dress

Tricks Make Breasts Look More Includes with Choose A Dress

It also affects the shape of your breasts, while only wearing a necklace with a pendant is small then the display will look plainer for small breasted women.

3 Steps to Awesome Prom Hairstyles

Prom season is here! In just a matter of days, you must be prepared to look beautiful on this important feast. It’s before attempting a new style or changing the model bangs, first prepares your hair so perfectly beautiful and prom-ready with 3 easy steps below.

3 Steps to Awesome Prom Hairstyles

3 Steps to Awesome Prom Hairstyles


  • Two weeks before the prom, do two things:
  • Combing the hair using your fingers.
  • If the finger is not stopped or hindered matted hair, proceed to the next step.
  • Combing the hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  • When the hair was matted, it means you need to redefine the beauty of your hair!


Hair can be arranged so that perfect prom time later, find out first is because it causes the hair becomes dry and rough texture, so it easily tangled hair, unruly and many flyaway hair. Now, proceed to the next step to a solution.


To overcome the problem of your hair, plus look beautiful on prom night, do not hard, really! Enough to start a new habit of wearing Sunsilk Soft & Smooth Conditioner after every shampoo, to maintain the condition of the hair is always smooth and soft so perfect and easy to manage. Here’s how:

Having clean hair after shampooing with shampoo, wipe the conditioner starting from the center to the lower end of the hair (avoid applying it from the base of the hair, because just will make the hair greasy and limp fast, you know!).

Wait for 1 minute before rinsing the hair, conditioner that can absorb up to every strand of hair. After that, rinse thoroughly.