5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

Foundation is one of the make-up is important, to make the face look smoother and brighter. The benefits of foundation is to cover pimples, black spots and smoothing the skin color.

5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

Although the foundation can help to camouflage skin problems, but the results may not be satisfactory, if you are wrong in its application. Become Gorgeous As reported, the following error in using the foundation.

1.Using the Wrong Color Foundation

Use foundation colors that are too light or dark, make your face like a mask and unnatural. How to determine the exact color foundation is to try it in your jaw, because it is usually a darker color in the bottle.

2.The texture of the One Foundation

There are various types of foundation based on the texture: liquid, stick, powder or oil-free. You have to like what kind of foundation is suitable for your skin. If the skin is dry, you need a foundation type of liquid, which is more oily texture. If you have oily skin type, then choose the type of foundation mate (stick) and noncomedogenic.

3.Using Without Wearing Moisturizing Foundation

One of the biggest keselahan while using the foundation is to not use a moisturizer first. Foundation can be lumpy and could face look dry.

4.Foundation Looks Too Thick

Of course if the foundation looks too thick, your makeup will look menor. Though you are not applying too much foundation, but the result still looks thick. Maybe it’s because you use a moisturizer that has not completely dried, and directly overwrite it with your foundation. In effect, the foundation to look thick. For that, after using a moisturizer wait about 2 or 3 minutes to make sure your moisturizer has dried perfectly, the new Dab foundation.

5.Using the One Foundation in Information

Using a foundation in a room that has a poor light, potentially making your makeup wrong. Foundation may be too thick or too white. Apply foundation near a window with sunlight be the right choice.

Long-wear dress, Drew Barrymore Make Fall fans

Actress Drew Barrymore made ??one of her fans fell in a Gala Dinner in New York City, Thursday (05/10/2012). However, the star of the movie “50 First Dates” seems not to realize what she had done.

Long-wear dress, Drew Barrymore Make Fall fans

Long-wear dress, Drew Barrymore Make Fall fans

In the event New York City Ballet Spring Gala, Drew was with her ??fiance Will Kopelman. she wore a long dress from Chanel bersiluet loosely coupled with the outcomes of black coat color.

Sources who attended the event, as reported by the NY Daily News tells, when Drew was talking with her fiancee, a woman approached the artist brunette from behind. When Drew – who seemed to know the whereabouts of the woman – will move into the theater, her long dress caught in the widening of the right of the woman’s shoes and make him fall in fall.

According to the source of vision, 37 years old actress was seemingly unaware of what happened behind him.she only glanced because there heard the noise after an unidentified woman fell. The woman went straight up and out the attack to get close to Drew

Open-aperture Eva Longoria Ex-Husband Infidelity Problem

Actress Eva Longoria openly about her divorce with basketball player Tony Parker. In an intimate conversation in a TV show, Eva blatantly says that the cause of damage to household relationship is infidelity.

Open-aperture Eva Longoria Ex-Husband Infidelity Problem

Open-aperture Eva Longoria Ex-Husband Infidelity Problem

Star of the series ‘Desperate Housewives’ was decided apart from Tony in 2010. The news first broke, Eva immediately divorced him because she was the Frenchman caught having an affair.

Now, speculation is revealed truth. During an interview with photographer and former British actress, Amanda de Cadenet in the show “The Amanda de Cadenet Conversation With”, Eva admits that her ex-husband’s infidelity that made him decide the knot.

37 year-old woman said as quoted by Contact Music, “People usually assume there is something wrong with the woman: ‘Oh, her husband having an affair means she can not sexually satisfy her husband …’ Why should there be a reason for cheating? It’s certainly not because of me. ”

Eva leaves Tony after reading hundreds of text messages sent to her ex-husband of another woman on his cell phone. After knowing that her husband was unfaithful, Eva got to thinking, “It’s me less hot? Less beautiful? Less smart?”

The actress who is also the restaurateur added, “With so many questions, I have to stop thinking and conscious action, ‘No, do not start (thinking) like that.’ Because you will be trapped in the circle and can do things that no-no.

Hermes Bags – Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

Are you willing to mortgage your favorite Hermes bag when things are financially squeezed? If the answer is yes, you are not alone as more and more women who mortgaged fashion collection for the money.

Hermes Bags - Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

Hermes Bags - Now Could Be Pawned Hermes Bags To Pay Debt

A woman in England, Jessica Humphreys received a prize of a Hermes bag from her husband two years ago. She always wanted to wear them and never let go. Works as an interior designer, she never thought that her husband would be in financial trouble.

With school fees and charges purposes other life, she was forced to give up the bag Hermesnya mortgaged. Feel prices will fall dramatically if the bag was auctioned on the eBay site; she received information about special pagadaian luxury goods.

Not just any pawnshop, The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) launched an interesting study in Dailymail, that there was an increase of 15% since last year will pawnshops luxury goods. This is usually done to save a business or sudden debt.

An acceptable fashion goods ranging from designer dresses, accessories such as sunglasses to shoes, the number of people who opened the site is increasing given the pledge of the more number of women who need money fast.

I never consider any mortgage until I heard my friend to pawn two Chanel handbags and temporally dress. I just knew it was not just a house and a car that could be money but everything in my closet can also be the money.

Jessica only took 10 minutes to fill all the letters in the contract upscale pawnshop named Prestige Asset Finance in Weybridge, England and she immediately accepted the money needed according to the value Hermesnya bag.

Unfortunately with this upscale pawnshop, if a customer can not complete the transaction according to the applicable time period, then the fashion items will become the property of her pawnshop and sell directly to buyers who are interested in buying a suit with flowers.

American designer Diane von Furstenberg to do the same in 1971 to launch a clothing collection by way of pawn a diamond ring, Unlikely that he mortgaged the ring can make a wrap-dress fashion business was successful and became a producer of millions of dollars.

Jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

Now no longer function as a heating jacket body, Jacket look more unique and interesting, the one fashion item that makes it so the fans game mode this year.

jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

jacket is so Fashion Item Most Hunted in 2012 for Girls

Jacket with floral design blooming like Roberto Cavalli, it is precisely when paired with your plain clothes.

L’Uomo Vogue editor, Giovanna Battaglia seems to know how to make the LBD (Little Black Dress) that does not look boring. She was wearing a purple jacket with peplum detail.

In the collection of spring / summer 2012, Prabal Gurung present intersect blazer jacket with flashy colors and shiny materials, like satin.

Biker-style jacket no longer look pretty grim. Kinder Aggugini make biker-style jacket with a solid match the bright neon colors.

Metallic color is becoming a trend in the 2012 season. So do not be surprised if Giles cut blazer jacket featuring a silver color.

Detail feathers or fur can provide interesting texture on your jacket. Simple clothes can seem overwhelming at once.

Exciting addition to the appearance of a jacket accented with a touch of art deco. Green and gold jacket Gucci’s work is the right choice.

Besides being a fashion statement, the two colors of MaxMara jacket provide simple yet chic look.

Tom Ford Denies Collaboration With H & M

September 2011 and then, heard the news that Tom Ford will be collaborating with retailer H & M but recently, the American designer has denied the rumors.

Margaret Van Den Bosch, chief creative officer at H & M International had declared his intention to hold a collection of Tom Ford in his latest project. “I can say, I do not mind,” said Margaret.

At that time the Tom Ford does not give any explanation about the desirability of cooperation of H & M but a lot of speculation that H & M may not be working with Tom Ford because the 50-year-old designer was known only interested in working on projects that are ‘private’ and withdraw from mass production.

It seems that the speculation is true. Tom Ford also thinks the news is a funny thing. He also explained that until recently, he never spoke with the H & M on the collection of co-operation or any thing.

I have never had a conversation with the H & M. I am very happy doing what I do now. That makes my spirit right now is everything that is best: the stitches best fashion fabrics, best quality and unfortunately or fortunately, it all takes huge cost, “said Tom Ford, as quoted by Grazia UK.

Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot

Since the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton is more often seen with classic clothing that does not accentuate her body but lately she dared to look hot.

Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot

Kate Middleton Classic Clothing that Does Not Accentuate Her Body To Look Hot

People pay attention to any changes that make her look more daring now. First, she shows the beauty of her feet when attending a dinner party last week. At that time she wore a Roland Mouret dress that has a slit. Previously she had never dressed a like.

Kate returned to the show a little hot for the second time on Friday (5/11/2012) ago while attending the BOA Olympic Concert at Royal Albert Hall, London. She wore a Jenny Packham dress design. The dress is made from lace, showing a little back. First, if you wear similar dress, she would cover it with a cardigan or blazer.

Not only that, Packham dress also exposing her neck. V collar dress usually worn by Kate not to be too low to the chest.

One more change than she showed last week’s Kate. Duchess of Cambridge was dared to wear shoes with peeptoe models. To be present at the two events mentioned above, she wore high heels Jimmy Choo sandals. Reasons for this choice seems to violate the norms of the foot of the kingdom. So far, the Queen Elizabeth and the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, always wear closed shoes with low-heeled.

Lady GaGa – Taylor Kinney’s fiance?

Some time ago, Lady GaGa announced the shocking news about the split from Taylor Kinney but now, he faced the fact that contrary to the public instead.

Lady GaGa - Taylor Kinney's fiance

Lady GaGa - Taylor Kinney's fiance

As reported by The Sun, photographer Terry Richardson, which is actually a close friend GaGa upload a photo via twitter. In the photo, it appears the singer of song Born This Way is currently exhibiting a row of rings on her fingers.

GaGa show off the ring action may not be anything. It is more surprising is the caption written by Terry who explained that the ring is worn GaGa engagement ring.

“Gaga showing off a new engagement ring!” Terry wrote.

This picture, in the end make the public wonder about the relationship status GaGa and Taylor Kinney. Terry and GaGa itself is known to be close. Some time ago, GaGa was even upload a photo of her was showing off her chest when she was with Terry.

Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple

Kim Kardashian is already used to look hot but this time she seems a little too much in the style of clothing that she wore. Too much like what the heck?

Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple

Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple

As reported by The Sun, Kim was wearing clothes that are too thin when present in the inauguration of a new business in Canada. Despite wearing a bra but the bulge in the chest was still clearly visible.

At that Kim seemed to be wearing chocolate themed clothing. In addition to wearing a belt decorated with chocolate, Kim was also wearing a brown shirt slicked thin with a number of accessories.

Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple

Kim Kardashian Behind the Clothes Exhibition Thin Nipple

On that occasion, Kim appears accompanied by her girlfriend, Kanye West but while Kim seemed cheerful and a faint smile on the media crew, Kanye even put creepy face without a smile adorned.

Kim himself is present in Canada in order to launch a new venture opening jewelry. In addition to inaugurate her new business, Kim is also promoting her latest jewelry products in the region.

Pashmina Style With Plain Or Embroidered Pashmina Small

One of complement and complement the clothing that women are often used pashmina. Indeed pashmina just a piece of cloth shaped but if you can combine them properly then the result will make you look more beautiful and fascinating.

Pashmina Style With Plain Or Embroidered Pashmina Small

Pashmina Style With Plain Or Embroidered Pashmina Small

There are several ways you can apply for the appearance of the style, see below.

When you wish to wear a pashmina, you should pay attention to the material. Especially for those of you who are wearing Muslim clothing. Avoid pashmina is made of organdy or rigid material because it would give the impression of distance between the head and shoulders bobbing.

Pashmina is too long will give the impression of the body look even shorter. So it would be better if wearing a pashmina to suit your body shape and made of chiffon or silk.

If you want to wear patterned pashmina, you should mix with plain clothes to look more cool and stylish.

If you want to wear a sequin-studded pashmina or monte, mix with plain matching blouse to look more prominent motif.

But if you want to wear a busy patterned dress, then you can match with plain or embroidered pashmina small.

For those of you who wear glasses, you should avoid patterned pashmina too crowded. Because too many lines around the face it will give you the impression of less than perfect appearance.

Do not ever stop to express your appearance Kreasikan pashmina that has been seen worn with a new look, like made into a Moslem or a long skirt. Whatever style you show, adjust to the shape of the body.